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==== ====Country music is the most enjoyable to relax and ====What will it be like? W...
worldwide and forced us to slavery and to war. The last three thousand years have been a blip inthe timeline of many milli...
As we begin to recognize the Keepers for who they really are, we can see that the academics andgovernments, in turn, refer...
communicating with clarity and focus. We the people are becoming prepared to refute authorityand take charge of our own ex...
projections of our future do not do justice to the real world so we need not behold them in ourthoughts. Questions will st...
Sometimes we will remember, when the pain body wants to feed on the old tortuous emotions,what it used to be l like this f...
planet. Studies conducted by astronomers have identified holes in this matrix, particularly (but notlimited to) the polar ...
Article Source: ====Country music is the most enjoyable to relax and dre...
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2012 - The Start of a Golden Age of Existence - The End Has Never Been So Nigh (Part Two)


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2012 - The Start of a Golden Age of Existence - The End Has Never Been So Nigh (Part Two)

  1. 1. ==== ====Country music is the most enjoyable to relax and ====What will it be like? We will still have bodies and so will everyone else.Our OriginsAs we delve ever deeper into the true origins of the Human race, we are starting realize that theestablished tales of human history are far too limiting in our exponential understanding of whatsgoing on now.History - written by cruel conquerors, is filled with detailed deceptions, mainly in terms of timewhich cannot evidence itself over eons. It is full of glaring omissions and countless errors similar tohaving no continuity or timelinein a film. We are now trying to put the real picture together from pieces we, decipher from ancienttexts and the maps of our great ancestors. Though little remains in the written record there issufficient to present a staggeringly different picture from what we have been taught.This is becoming accepted in higher scientific circles. The professional skeptics are out of date.The pieces are real. They exist. The new picture is hardly even open to debate and yes -Newtonian science is now so last millennium. Darwins snapshot in time is all it is.The losses of historical records and seriously new esoteric knowledge contained within them, isonly partly due to the natural processes or upheavals from catalytic events in Earths evolution.Just HOW was coal created? Was it sedimentation through the simple passing of time. No.No matter to the academics, established in their black robes. Why did Bruce Lipton have to quitteaching medical students after he found he was teaching dogma as though it were fact? Whatwas to stop him from teaching the truth as well as the dogma? Dont even think about it - it mattersnot.What little remained of the ante-diluvian record was systematically destroyed by invaders andcrusaders in service - directly and indirectly - to the Power the gods - essentially the rulers-by-force who controlled to deliberately suppress the human race for many millennia.Our contemporary cultures can neither imagine such expanses of time nor recognise the wisdomand knowledge that was destroyed and passed by and even kept secret until now. We haverecently found another skeleton many millions of years old. And how can they really tell?However old they are they pose the Big Question - What happened over the last 3 out of severalhundred millennia under those Romans and Egyptians who forced government upon men
  2. 2. worldwide and forced us to slavery and to war. The last three thousand years have been a blip inthe timeline of many millions of years of various forms of homo walking upright surviving throughforming societies.Countless volumes of significant material speak in detail of the true origins of our race. Also detailsof the forces that have influenced our development, are sequestered by secret societies, awayfrom common people. The Vatican has countless volumes scrolls and stones pillaged on the holycrusades amidst unspeakable treasures hoarded there.The true story of our roots is now being retrieved from the keys that have been left by the ancients,just as it is entering our consciousness in waves of energy entering Earths fields at this point inour ascension process.Although we may say it calmly, even casually the words Ascension Process are together almostmeaningless in our own experience. I mean we will still exist to get up in the morning and lie torest at night? Will we still have to clean our teeth?We are discovering ever more in these hours of change looking out to the frontiers of science andrenewal... and even much more will come in the days that lie just ahead of us.An example of one source of knowledge is the Atlantean Hall of Records - inextricably linked tothe Great Sphinx at Giza. In ways that have escaped our current curiosity, it is at the location ofthe Sphinx.Fortunately, the higher mysteries (such as Atlantean codex) remains intact, for the establishmentarcheological community is focused upon chambers filled with historical records and artifacts, butthere are far greater treasures buried there, in cool sands deep below the ancient effigy.Many ancient writings refer to The Hall which contains access codes to a multidimensional library.These were deposited by the ordained Priests of the White Brotherhood, who descended from thesafety of the highlands and migrated to the Nile River Valley of Egypt when the waters receded.They encoded the Wisdom there, entrusted for safe-keeping to the sacred guardianship of theirdirect descendents - the first Pharaohs. The Hall of Records was left as a legacy to humankind,until such time as humans are ready to re-open a window upon the no-time of human evolution.They say that everything that has happened so far happened at the same time as the big bang.We are the ones who have put a haphazard series of different time lines on events.Our UnderstandingSo in our understanding its Yeah Right so here we are slap bang in the middle of our currentunderstanding - whats for breakfast?We are all too mundane. More knowledge of this kind is buried in the tales and legends of theindigenous peoples, the Keepers of the Records, who have managed to retain their heritage, theirsacred lands and their cultural memory.
  3. 3. As we begin to recognize the Keepers for who they really are, we can see that the academics andgovernments, in turn, refer to the knowledge of the past and pass on such aspects of ancestralknowledge as suits their own purpose - keeping control. More is being widely discovered as weapproach the closing of the Mayan Calendar which, being the end of a period of several millenniais 2012.Writings say The Keepers of the Crystals will hold open the portals; Keepers of Time will help usmove through them. This has been known to the Maya since they foretold through the crystalskulls that Earth, reborn four fold, would reach the Fifth Sun at the end of 2012 AD and enter thefinal phase of ascension from the universe of matter into the fourth dimension - where time nolonger exists.Many more of us are learning to read the Akashic Record, where all is remembered andsimultaneously foreseen. Those of us with the gift of sight and a spiritual orientation understandthat what is called past and future are simply aspects of the forever, existing eternally in the no-time of all Creation.This is introduced as a concept in Dr Who who is held in a single point in time space.So it is, that although we make constant allusion to linear time (for that is a point of reference inthat is popular in our existing terminology), the linear time forever challenges us to remain acutelyaware of its illusory nature.Can we timeshift into the concept of how all events occur simultaneously? Can we begin toglimmeringly see Time, from the viewpoint of constantly, intertwined events? In other wordsshifting energy particles.It is as though a dance of consciousness, both instantaneously and imperceptibly slow, unfoldsbefore us and is ubiquitous as a part of us also. Then it is thought that we slowly ascend thecontinuum spiral of spiritual return. I cant comment - those words offer nuances only to me.It is deeply felt by mankind, as written by many ancient writings, that other forces are concernedwith our awakening and are offering assistance by helping us unravel the story of our evolution -back from the days of our seeding we have been moving through thick and thin towards now.We all want to know what the future holds do we not? It is said that we are about to pass in thevery near moment, from the third dimension. Right now we are living from moment to moment asthe clock ticks the hours for us.To live in the peace of this moment of our progression, at peace at last with ourselves asindividuals is the primary aim of all those aware of any progression at all.The basis of human intention is to free ourselves from the alchemists of power in order that wecan move forward in the light of our growing awareness. This flawed way of thinking has grippedMankind into no less than slavery.Its clear that we are already free. Indeed, as we view events happening on our planet, theawakening people amongst us are coming out of hiding, speaking our truth as never before,
  4. 4. communicating with clarity and focus. We the people are becoming prepared to refute authorityand take charge of our own experiences and realities.Never forget that our individual progression through growth and enlightenment are meant to beshared with the community if they are to affect the greater whole.Thus all humanity moves into a mindspace necessary for great changes - those that are alreadybecoming manifest at determined points of the globe - can begin to sweep the entire planet. Thisis the time of global awakening when secrets are only a part of the whole... the Truth. Its just thatwe dont conceive how and what it looks like as we dress every morning.Trying to understand it all as you go along is a pointless waste of time and much energy. A lot ofpeople indulge - bookshelves everywhere groan with unread books.Our understanding of the events that have led to our dis-empowerment assists us in this phase ofour awakening to the fact that, for millennia, a certain number of powers and forces have deterredand suppressed the human race.Our LimitationsSuppression has been shrouded in denial of the truth regarding the covert management of ourplanet. Everybody knows this - thats why its called common knowledge. We try not to talk about ittoo much in case we embarrass the oft rough enforcement armies. We dont want to do this. Wehave found that it simply prolongs and exacerbates the problem, It does not work.We dont want to irritate them - this is also a waste of energy since it is due to be ended in ourlifetimes. The very nature of our experience at this time on Planet Earth is one of awakening to allthat exists around us, reaching for the beyond and the within of all things - where Truth, soprecious and so pure, can no longer elude us.The Light Forces of the Universe have gathered to assist us in this process, for many of us arecalling out to force we know is for the good. We can the future shining from the eyes of ourchildren. We ask for help, we pray, we do so with many others.We call out for inner knowledge, for help to move past our barriers and claim, for all men andwomen the natural estate of humankind to exist happily. We are free. Show me the walls of yourvirtual prison from which you seek release and I will show you a belief.Although we may still be unclear about our individual assignments we are now quietly rising to theoccasion and taking a significant role in the unfolding future of our species and the animals andplants and animalcules or micro organisms.As living beings of the Earth. the closer we are to nature the more our minds are opening. Justknowing that, we are starting to receive help, guides us quietly within our own humanity as we arepart of new frontier. As we become a part of it we often do not see what lies obviously in plain viewThere is no need for victory since there is no battle. There is no fight, opposition or general fightybehavour we so condemn in gangland. The established and accepted story of our past and its
  5. 5. projections of our future do not do justice to the real world so we need not behold them in ourthoughts. Questions will still go unanswered. We have no time to slosh around in the sewers ofthe past when there are so many better things to do.Our New LearningWe will be too busy increasing our ability to learn to hold resonance at higher frequencies and tofacilitate the appearance and participation of luminaries. That is worthy of our attention andenergy.We will be fascinated learning to hear frequency of such vibrational intensity that we cannot yetlink with them directly. We will seek and find filters for these unfamiliar emissions, we feel the lightwaves moving through us, for we, too, receive attunement in the process.We will discover new gifts of Spirit and experience true gratitude and humility to be able to seethem - or feel them moving through us and our thoughts and emotions. They will move alsothrough the trauma of trapped memories up into full consciousness to be cleansed and completed.This will occur at a level of awareness that is beyond words, without instruction or guidance. It willbe effortless. The process of adjustment and energy shifting will be facilitated by the interweavingof vibrational frequencies, which will be perceived and integrated in our vibrancy or fields. the fewwho experience this already do not really describe it except to say it feels good - even blissful.For many of us, this will be experienced as subtle shifting in our mental, emotional and physicalbodies, while for others it may manifest as powerful emotional reactions or physical release.Dream states may be enhanced, so that us may have conscious recollection of our astral journeysin the sleeping hours and many of us will find our perception of the spirit world is becoming moretangible.We may exalt in the experience of liberating, joyful emotions or find we are suddenly confrontedwith pent-up anger or deep resentment, as those blocked emotions move through us and away.Holding them back from passing is a common mistake because people want to talk about itafterwards and share the has been found that talking bout the joy in liberation is better for all concerned.Even the highest among us can still become stuck in survival as much as others who have not yetbegun the work of clearing, however the waves of frequencies moving through us will facilitateour attunement and further accelerate the awakening.This practice becomes natural to us the more we practice it. We are starting already to call uponour Spirit Guides to acknowledge that this process is for our highest purpose in other words - notfor ourselves - only for the greater good - the final difference between evil and good.In trust and recognition of the intention of the Light of many dimensions, we begin to allowourselves to feel. We respond naturally, effortlessly releasing buried emotions and swing into theaction zone. We can walk lightly with a spring in our step, free of the torments that bound us for solong. Then there just is no fear
  6. 6. Sometimes we will remember, when the pain body wants to feed on the old tortuous emotions,what it used to be l like this fear thing. Unhampered by fear We move through the Earth Changeswithout hurting ourselves.When we do hurt ourselves it is most often by insistent why?s always yearning pointlessly toknow where we are going and what awaits us once we arrive.Since it is already it our intention to be moved we naturally go with it so do not feel the turbulenceexperienced by those who resist.We may fly the skies of our imagination, exploring the periphery of visions that escaped us untilnow, because there is so much we want to know about us and about ourselves; about the materialrealm and the multidimensional universe; about the darkness and the light.Although we thoroughly enjoy talking about the idea that ours is the information generation -withour fingers on the pulse of the whole globe, yet we often experience isolation. This is because wehave allowed ourselves to be forcibly cut off from nature. The mass population, trained to look nofurther, still thinks it knows little of the intelligent universe.Our Help from OutsideThe material universe is bursting with life - filled with the co-existence of concepts of dark and lightforces, constantly refining its contrasting nature.It will seem that we ascend a vast spiral, reaching for full illumination, where polarity resolves toabsolute balance releasing individual units of consciousness to merge back into Source.The many signs and communications that come to our notice in part and individually are often lostto us because we are isolated.Most of the human race still operate from the subconscious beliefs that Earth is the true center ofthe universe as the British Isles are the center of the world, and that ours is the only planethospitable for life large enough to mean much.An overwhelming majority are still unable to believe, contrary to their inherent beliefs just howsmall a speck Earth is, in the body of the Cosmos. Does it matter anyway how small? or howlarge? These comparative facts flit in, briefly amaze us and are wisely re-filed under later.We have difficulty imagining how to observe such a sense of loneliness without getting drawn intothe washing machine of sin and the mangle of shame. However observe how we just do - manytimes over.Humanity has long been dominated, controlled and suppressed - inculcated with varying beliefs.Returning to the Source or ascension is the extreme opposite of isolation and that is perhaps whatthe Mayans believed was the end of time as we know it.Numerous scientific research teams have intercepted an electromagnetic grid encircling the
  7. 7. planet. Studies conducted by astronomers have identified holes in this matrix, particularly (but notlimited to) the polar regions and parts of the equatorial belt... and regions of extremethermonuclear radiation.Diverse commissions studying Earth have postulated that this energy grid is disintegrating theancient girdle of controlling frequencies around the surface. How this affects us nobody knowsthough HAARP has been blamed by the majority.It is said that off world species in the universe see the greatness of all species on the Earth - thebeauty beneath the clouds and intend that we should progress to being as one - thus returning tothe source.As we ascend out of material reality, we too will recognize the physical realm as a hologram ofthought projections crystallized in the no-time, one which we often believe serves as a trainingground for the soul. But training for what. We want to know.What Will it be Like?We can only guess what it would be like. here we are, holding to the frequency that we are onewhereas the illusion of physical reality is convincing - as we know all too well.Many people say it is like watching a movie whose characters seem very real and whose portrayalevokes mental, emotional and even physical responses... yet all the while, the viewer knows thatwhile in one vibration the other vibration seems like mere invention.Many people experience this state already and have been doing for centuries however they havebeen singled out as misfits at best and insane at worstWe have had a foretaste of this from research and our experiences with mind altered conditionsinduced from many of Earths natural substances and artificially made drugs.We will come to realise that it is the creative projection of our inspired minds that envisioned thestory, selected the cast, wrote the script, and directed the players to make the illusion appear sovery real that it is capable of evoking the primordial emotions as a response.As we are unraveling the mysteries , as we move beyond the viewing screens of our materialexperience - the illusions of our physical realm can be seen as such - and then if we want to canwe begin to take flight?Let us be inspired and move as children of the Earth. Let us receive and transmit the incredibleradiance and love from the original intelligence - the substance which is working through us,refracting light through these words and into our bodies, minds and souls.By Jackie Mackay - Author of Perfect 8 - How to Communicate. Free course and support on and welcome to the teaching group on So Act! is adynamic action network - brilliant to discuss the course and this is real added value.
  8. 8. Article Source: ====Country music is the most enjoyable to relax and ====