G Ross Elementary School -Design for Change USA


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Kids on the Move-- G Ross Elementary School (Lancaster, PA) 5th Graders worked on 'Creating Bike Paths' to address Childhood obesity problem

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G Ross Elementary School -Design for Change USA

  1. 1. Creating Bike Paths in Lancaster, PA Design for Change Kids on the Move G Ross Elementary School November, 2010
  2. 2. “One act of real usefulness, is worth all the abstract sentiment in the world.” - Ann Radcliffe Design For Change Contest USA
  3. 3. Simple Step Process4 The Challenge
  4. 4. Challenge Accepted! Fifth Graders at G Ross Elementary School in Lancaster, Pennsylvania
  5. 5. Why Bike Paths? • Childhood obesity is a problem. – Fifth graders felt Michelle Obama’s initiative needed support. – Students agreed kids need more exercise. Step 1: Feel
  6. 6. Why Bike Paths? • While activity can take many forms, most city kids love to bike ride – a great way to exercise! – The problem: No safe place to ride. Step 1: Feel
  7. 7. Problem: • Busy streets allow no room for kids to negotiate riding safely. • Most kids ride in alleys and sidewalks. Step 1: Feel
  8. 8. Why Bike Paths? • We feel there are not enough places for kids to ride their bikes safely in Lancaster City. Step 1: Feel
  9. 9. Step 2: Imagine Question: What would it be like for kids to be able to ride their bicycles safely in the city of Lancaster? Brainstorming our project ideas
  10. 10. Step 2: Imagine
  11. 11. Putting our ideas together was a lot of fun!! Step 2: Imagine
  12. 12. • We met with city officials and leaders! Step 2: Imagine Students with Rick Gray, Lancaster City Mayor Students with James Street Improvement District Program Director Ms. Nauman
  13. 13. We talked with Mayor Gray about: • green space; • designating streets for bike riding. And, we suggested a schedule for bikes just like there is for street cleaning. Step 2: Imagine
  14. 14. • Ms. Nauman showed us plans for an urban parkway that nearby Franklin and Marshall College is creating in our neighborhood. • They hope to connect the existing three-mile-long Farmingdale Trail with the new Brickyard site to create a labyrinth of trails for hiking and biking. Step 2: Imagine
  15. 15. • We discussed our goals: – To promote bike safety in our community. – To support – and encourage others to support – creating bike paths in the new urban parkway. – To show kids where they can ride for fun. – To share with parents how important exercise is for kids and how much fun we have riding our bikes in the city. Step 2: Imagine
  16. 16. We had ideas… Step 2: Imagine
  17. 17. …and more ideas! (We had a lot of ideas!) … Step 2: Imagine
  18. 18. …but what could we DO? • We decided: • To write a letter and to start a petition to support creating bike paths in the new urban parkway. • To sponsor a community event at our school to raise awareness of our cause, with help from the: • Local police department • James Street Improvement District (JSID) bike patrol • Cycle Smart Kid’s Program • Gretna Bike Shop Step 3: Do
  19. 19. • We wrote a letter to Mr. Keith Orris, vice president at F&M, to show our support. Step 3: Do
  20. 20. • We created a petition for Ross students to sign. Step 3: Do
  21. 21. • We met with Mike, manager of the Gretna bike shop – one block from our school… Step 3: Do
  22. 22. …he was excited to help us out! Step 3: Do
  23. 23. • But, we needed to reach more people… Step 3: Do
  24. 24. • Our principal, Mrs. Hopkins, agreed. • So, we worked with the local Department of Transportation to plan an event... Step 3: Do
  25. 25. …A Bike Rodeo! • Who: Lancaster City Community • What: A Bike Rodeo and Safety Program • When: May 2011 • Where: G Ross Elementary School Playground and Parking Lot Step 3: Do
  26. 26. Step 4: Share There’s no stopping us now! Our plan is in place! We did it! “What a cool idea!” – Officer Ted Makauskas “We will be there to share Bike Safety.” –Trooper Thomas, Our State Police Community Rep.
  27. 27. Step 4: Share …And, we aren’t finished yet! • By the time our event takes place we will have touched our community of: 55,129 people!
  28. 28. Challenge Conquered! We really can change our world!
  29. 29. Thank you for the opportunity to share our story!