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Submission form liiter_monsters


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Submission form liiter_monsters

  1. 1. Name of the School: Bukit Panjang Primary School Address : 109 Cashew Road, Singapore 679676 School Leader: Mdm Ng Soh Hua Tel.: 67691912 Email: Story Title: Litter Monsters! Mentor Teacher: Othman Arsan STUDENT INFORMATION 1) Name: Ean Eu Howe Yun Age: 9 Grade: Primary 3 2) Name: Jerome Age: 11 Grade: Primary 5 3) Name: Sherman Age: 11 Grade: Primary 5 4) Name: Einson
  2. 2. The rubbish bins in the school are not “glamorous” enough for pupils to notice and use! We want to highlight the positions of the rubbish bins in the school and shed the limelight on the bins. When the other pupils are attracted to the bins’ beautiful exterior, we can use this opportunity to emphasize on good rubbish disposal habits and keeping our environment clean! 1. Using and electronic device to generate music or an interesting sound whenever someone opens the bin throw litter 2. Placing scents near the bins to make litter throwing a good smelling one 3. Paint the dustbins to give them a fresh new look which will be captivating to the pupils We decided to paint the dustbins in our school. We started with one bin. We painted a rubbish bin to make it look like a monster. Many pupils were amazed by it. It naturally drew plenty of attention. We used it as a publicity stunt to encourage proper disposal of litter. We also took advantage of the ‘design a bin’ contest organized by the National Environment Agency’s (NEA). We promoted the contest by pasting posters all over the school. We also got the Primary 4 prefects to include the ‘monster bin’ in their school assembly presentations on keeping the school clean. Our ultimate aim is to paint all the bins in our school by either holding a bin painting competition at the school level or by promoting the classes to adopt dustbins. Litter Monsters( Implemented on 23rd September 2010)