Submission form feel their pain,make a pledge


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Submission form feel their pain,make a pledge

  1. 1. Name of the School: Bukit Panjang Primary School Address : 109 Cashew Road, Singapore 679676 School Leader: Mdm Ng Soh Hua Tel.: 67691912 Email: Story Title: Feel their Pain , Make a Pledge! Mentor Teacher: Ms Guat Keow STUDENT INFORMATION 1) Name: Joy Cheng Age: 11 Grade: Primary 5 2) Name: Tan Yi Ning Age: 11 Grade: Primary 5 3) Name: Ding Wan Ying Age: 11 Grade: Primary 5 4) Name: Nur Syahindah
  2. 2. Students felt very sad when they read news of people abusing and abandoning animals. The team decided to create awareness among fellow students on abused and abandoned animals. To make a pledge to be kind and responsible pet owner. 1) do volunteer work or fund raising for SPCA and other animal shelter homes. 2) Design posters for pet shops to give to new pet owners as pledge to be responsible owner. 3) Doing a presentation to kindergarten children (good to start young) 4) Walking mascot in school 5) Exbibition and pledge booth. Address To create and elicit strong response , the group decided to approach SPCA to get photographs of abused and abandoned animals to showcase the plight. As such the photo exhibition is themed as :”Feel their pain! Make a Pledge today” and displayed prominently outside school canteen during the period 1 Oct – 8 Oct. Students are asked to view the exhibition before making a pledge or penned down their thoughts on a cat or dog “origami” papers. Marketing of this event include the A3 posters, assembly presentations to lower Primary (1 & 2) during the Children’s Day Celebrations and recess assembly presentations to upper Primary level. There were close to 30 willing helpers to help fold the origami animals and promote the events. The exhibition garnered a lot of unexpected curious onlookers reaching out to canteen staff, book vendors, parents and our school security guards too. They felt is pity to see animal being abused! Students swamped into the booth and at times when we cant manned the booth, students are encouraged to drop in the origami pledge into a box. Close to 700 paper origami pledges were made and as days progress, the exhibition panel were filled with origami pledges made from students, teachers and even our Vice Principal drop-by and made a pledge despite her busy schedule with PSLE exam period round the corner. The impact created was encouraging, the assembly to lower Primary reached out to 540 pupils who all stood up to recite a pledge prepared by the team. We also managed to get nice giveaways – small postcards and badges from SPCA to give to students to remind them about this event. We received feedback from positive feedback from parents too. The team members have also grown more aware of the duties and responsibilities of being a pet owner and felt great to make an impact on others on worthy cause. Feel their pain, Make a pledge