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Pasir ris pr trash to trasure form


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Pasir ris pr trash to trasure form

  1. 1. Name of the School: Pasir Ris Primary School Address : 5 Pasir Ris Street 21 School Leader: Mr Justin Pierre ( Principal) Tel.: 65822606 Email: Story Title: Trash To Treasure Mentor Teacher: Mdm Jaspal Kaur Email Address: STUDENT INFORMATION 1) Name: Alisha Lavendra, Age: 11 Grade: Primary 5 2) Name: Amirah Ishaq Ong Age: 11 Grade: Primary 5 3) Name: HurulAin Bte Mohammed Idrus Age: 11 Grade: Primary 5
  2. 2. The Team ‘Trash To Treasure’ decided to embark on an innovative social innovation project. We started our project by doing some research and analysis .We noted that for Earth Day many Green activists are involved in Social Innovation Projects. They look into environmental and social issues. In fact ‘Save the Earth’ is a popular topic these days. To many of us, it means taking shorter showers, using energy-efficient light bulbs, carrying cloth bags, buying organic -grown foods, riding public transportation, and STOP using Our main objective was To reduce waste by connecting people who are throwing away goods with others who are seeking the same goods - We realized that we can make trash to treasure for some. Moreover Freecycle is a great concept and it can keep useful stuff out of the landfill. We often see some very nice stuff destined for the landfill under our block of flats. These were our goals - To have at Many of our classmates and school mates were excited about the idea .Many of them felt our idea was interesting and innovative. We then asked if they would want to exchange items and the response was positive. Finally when asked what items they would to have and many indicated TOYS, books , costume jewellery. We were not certain of the bulky items.Our BLOG. is We would encourage our classmates to send a photo of the item to Our Email address . If they are unable to do so, then the person could bring the item to school and contact us. Our member who is in charge of publicity would handle it. Our project is on going and we would open our blog to everyone.With everyone’s support we can do wonders and change Trash to Treasure July 15 to July 22