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Help me go home form


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Help me go home form

  1. 1. Name of the School: Crescent Girls’ School Address : 357 Tanglin Road, Singapore 247961 School Leader: Zoe Fan Tel.: 92370600 Email: Story Title: Project Help Me Go Home Mentor Teacher: Namita Sarbahi STUDENT INFORMATION 1) Name: Ada Ong Age: 15 Grade: Secondary 3 2) Name: Geraldine Wong Age: 15 Grade: Secondary 3 3) Name: Jacqueline Gwee Age: 15 Grade: Secondary 3 4) Name:
  2. 2. - During a visit to the hospital, we were shown a touching video about the ventilator assisted patients(VAIs) in Tan Tock Seng Hospital. VAIs patients depend on life support machines in order to survive. They are unable to go home and spend their final days in the hospital, a boring place. They would much rather go home if they could afford home care equipment, costing $16,000 each. -We felt sympathy towards them and since we are fit and able, we sincerely hope that we would be able to help them as well as contribute to the society. We thought of having street sales of four colours of hand-made straw heart pins to raise funds. This is meaningful as we can involve many people in folding the heart pins, and those who buy them will know about the cause too. We also held a charity car wash in our own school. We applied under the Citi-YMCA Youth for Causes program, for a seed funding of $1,600 to carry out the above ideas and other activities outside the week. To make our product, we had a straw heart pin making session with 150 schoolmates helping us. On 8 August 2010, we organized a street sale at Chua Chu Kang with a total of 89 volunteers from many other different schools. If each volunteer approached 100 people on the street (a very realistic estimate), there would be a total outreach of at least 8900 people! After the street sales, we held an in-school car wash. We gathered 50 volunteers from our CCA (co- curricular activities) and our classmates to help out. We standardized the procedures for every car wash. About 30 cars were washed, and many parents and teachers made an effort to donate to our cause. Everyone who got their car washed were quite happy with the results. In the end, we raised SGD$4,643.40 in the week! In the next few weeks, we had other fundraising activites and was eventually able to buy one ventilator for the patients! 9th to 15th August 2010