Army Public School and College Girls, Humayun Road, Rawalpindi


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Students at Army Public School and College Girls, Humayun Road, Rawalpindi were concerned about how students selfishly focused on what they were entitled to rather than what they could do for others. A school wide campaign through posters, surveys, brochures and role plays was launched asking people to focus on their responsibilities towards others over their own rights as individuals. 90% of the students reported that as a result of a week of self reflection, they had become more responsible human beings.

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Army Public School and College Girls, Humayun Road, Rawalpindi

  1. 1. World’s Largest “Design for Change” School Contest
  2. 2. Army Public School and College, Humayun Road, Rawalpindi
  3. 3. Week of Plan: 4th of Oct to 8th of Oct ‘10 Tools: • Chart papers • Children • Brochures • Posters • Messages • Conferences • Talks • Interviews • Pictures
  4. 4. Organizers: • Ms. Saadia Bashir • Ms. Sift Elahi • Ms. Mariam Saleem Khan
  5. 5. Participants • Esha Maqsood 6th red • Tatheer Binte Zafar 6th red • Amna Mehsood 6th blue • Minal Pervaiz 6th blue • Aliya Waqas 6th pink • Fatima Faisal 6th grey • Nawal Rehan 7th brown • Adeena Ehsan 7th brown • Summaiya Khan 7th brown • Hibba Shahid 7th red •
  6. 6. • Zainab Nasar 7th red • Misbah Sarwar 7th red • Sana Jaferey 7th red • Aimen Zahra 7th grey • Amna Mehboob 7th grey • Maryam Hasnain 7th grey • Ibtisam e fajar 7th pink • Nabeeha Batool 7th pink • Hafza Nasir 7th pink • Hira Ramay 7th pink • Asma Hameed 7th pink • Basma Shahid 7th pink • Rida Zehra 7th pink • Asma Bibi 7th maroon • Aima Mughal 7th maroon • Dania Zahid 7th maroon • Mihrtoor 7th maroon • Zainab Zia 7th blue • Aleena Khan 7th blue • Qaswa Mubarik 7th blue
  7. 7. • Talya Fuad 8th green • Laiba Abdaal Bela 8th green • Laraib Rahim 8th green • Mishal Waseem 8th green • Khujista Nadeem 8th grey • Zainab Rehman 8th grey • Izza Tipu 8th maroon • Marya Majid 8th maroon • Roshan e Alam 8th brown • Nayaab Nadeem 8th brown • Emen Asim 8th red • Fatima Tariq 8th red • Ayesha Nusrat 8th pink • Hajra Arshad 8th pink • Aimen Javaid 8th pink • Parisa Azam 8th pink • Tehreem Shahid 8th blue • Marriyam Nasir 8th blue • Rida Shahid 8th blue • Roofia Imtiaz 8th blue
  8. 8. Slogan: FOCUS More on Duties than Rights
  9. 9. Prelude Our target was the rigid perspectives and standpoints of the people of Pakistan, of all the stratums, as to the ideas of their individual Duties and Rights, within the society they dwell in. The widespread conception that actually ignited us to work was the product of the survey that we carried out randomly as to people’s general conceptions about themselves as the citizens of Pakistan.
  10. 10. Prelude……. Their feedback shared the following idea which aided us in bringing forth the reason of launching this campaign. The idea was that every other citizen of Pakistan simultaneously shares the thought of fighting for ones Rights, without paying heed to the Duties that one carries with it, as to the society.
  11. 11. Focus More on Duties than Rights
  12. 12. Children heading towards the conference room for the discussion session as to the campaign
  13. 13. Children along with their respective teachers keenly listening to the generation of ideas
  14. 14. • enthusiastic participation of the students is conspicuous in their gestures
  15. 15. Students while sharing their innovative ideas as to bring forth change in the society.
  16. 16. Two of the organizers while jotting down the feedback of the students during the brainstorming session
  17. 17. • An active group-work to plan the execution of the campaign
  18. 18. Students rendering their viewpoints with a visible interest
  19. 19. A kick-start!
  20. 20. Ready to roll the sleeves and hit the jackpot !!!
  21. 21. A role play held during the campaign week to ignite a spark in the rest
  22. 22. Students channelizing their creativity in making brochures and posters during the campaign week.
  23. 23. Students, eagerly listing their responsibilities and duties on the campaign boards.
  24. 24. One of the campaign boards depicting the joint-venture of students and teachers.
  25. 25. Surf Excel Design for Change School Contest Slogan: Focus more on duties than rights Respected Sir/madam The students of APSACS Humayun Road are asked to launch a campaign, under the banner of Surf Excel, in order to bring ‘Change’ in society. Our chosen slogan is to ‘Focus More on Duties than Rights’. You are humbly requested to take part in it by helping us in carrying out the intended change. It is a week’s plan and needs to be followed accordingly. Kindly return this check-list, after its completion, to the respective people, in a week’s span. Looking forward to your cooperation. Regards Campaign Organizers APSACS Humayun Road
  26. 26. Daily Duties Have I respected my parents today? Have I shown disrespect to anyone around? Have I thrown the litter in the dustbin? Have I thrown any litter out of the car window? Have I spoken the truth today? Have I listened to the problems of my siblings (if any)? Have I helped someone in need? Have I offered my prayers? Have I put off the extra lights? Have I passed this check-list to at least one of the members of my family?
  27. 27. To be filled by the end of the week. What change have I observed in my behavior? ------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------
  28. 28. Analysis
  29. 29. Analysis… This campaign, with its intended slogan, has certainly turned out to be a handy tool that one could get hand to, at any time, in any field of life, in order to bring forth Change.
  30. 30. Analysis… This campaign did turn out to be a workable task to initiate change in individual behavior or to at least provoke one to think. Almost 90% people were of the view that they noticed a visible change in their thought processes after becoming part of the campaign. Following were some of the responses that reflect the intended change in the behaviors of the respective people, who took part in evaluating themselves with the help of the check-list we provided to them:
  31. 31. • “It is very difficult to change ones self or to self- evaluate, in any way. This brochure gave me an opportunity to evaluate my own doings, be it on an individual level or societal.” • “It had never been my routine to gather the litter wherever I could come across, else I used to be the active participant in throwing it here and there.” • “To respect my parents was something I never considered cool.” • “To speak truth was like being a jerk amongst my fellows.”
  32. 32. • “I have always been of the opinion of giving importance to ones own self, of never helping others but turning a deaf ear to whatever need they found themselves in.” • “I used to live in my own set domain of life, not even letting my siblings cross it without my consent.” • “Even the religious obligations like offering prayers used to seem an unwanted burden to me, something that could be done if ever I could be at leisure enough.”
  33. 33. Arise and soar with the sun new born rays To breathe new life into dying nights and days (Allama Iqbal)