Journal For Nur 3393


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Journal For Nur 3393

  1. 1. Transcutural Nursing 1Journal for NUR 3393: Transcutural Nursing Desiree Ferwalt NUR3393 16 December 2011
  2. 2. Transcutural Nursing 2 Journal for NUR 3393: Transcutural Nursing This class was a very busy class full of many assignments. I found that this class onTranscutural Nursing was about cultural desire, awareness, knowledge, skills, and encounters. In Chapter 4 of A Biblically Based Model of Cultural Competence by J. Campinha-Bacote PhD focuses on our journey of cultural awareness and competence development. Thereare seven questions on p. 27-28 in this chapter to help answer the question, “Where are you onyour journey of cultural awareness and development of cultural competency?” The cultural/ethnic group, socio- economic class, religion, age, and community I belongto is Caucasian middle class, in my early twenties. I belong to Untied Methodist Presbyterianchurch. I live in mid-western, small farming community. I have not had very many experiences with other people of cultural groups, socio-economic classes, religions, age group, or communities that are very different than myself. Thisis mostly due to where I live and work. Through work I have some experience through Amish,Fed. Med. and Spanish speaking patients. I first felt nervous dealing with cultures other than my own now I find it interesting towork with people with different view than my own. It gives me the opportunity to learn newthings about the different cultures around me. When I was growing up, my parents use to tell me not to bring up differences about otherpeople to their face. I could ask my mom in private about other people and their differences formme but I would get in trouble if I ever asked any one else or asked cultural differences in public.My mom told me to treat people courteously know matter what they look like because I mightalso be judge by my culture by others.
  3. 3. Transcutural Nursing 3 My cultural/ethnic group, socio- economic class, religion, age, and community that I firstfelt embarrassed or unsure of is treating a Fed.Med. patient. It was intimidating to go in and donursing interventions on the man for the first time. Personal qualities I have that will help establish interpersonal relations with persons ofother cultures are my abilities to listen to others and observe another person’s nonverbalcommunication. Personal qualities that could be detrimental is that I do have a habit of thinking everyonecan relate to my culture and that there culture is similar to mine. I believe this is because I liveand work in an area where cultures don’t really vary to much form my own. I am on journey of cultural awareness and development of cultural competency. I feellike that I am farther down this road than I was before this class. Before this class I was unawareof the varying differences between the many cultures that surround us in our day to day lives.With this class I have become more aware of the diverse cultures around me and I am moreinterested in researching the different cultures. This class has finally drawn to a close. In the first week we discussed cultural awarenessand cultural desire. I realized that you had to want to learn about other cultures for this class tobe affective. I also used two cultural tools to figure out where I was as cultural competent adult. Ialso read Prayer: Folk Home Remedy vs. Spiritual Practice by Linda R. Easom which looks atCaucasians, African-American, and Hispanic populations and their use of prayer in folk homeremedy and spiritual practice. During the second week it was all about cultural knowledge. Thiswas the week I did a power point on Mexican Americans and learned about their health careneeds. This is also the week of the first test where it I was tested on communication, space, socialorganization, time, environmental control, and biologic variation of cultures. The third week was
  4. 4. Transcutural Nursing 4all about cultural skill. I discussed my cultural assessment on a Canadian friend. I also read anarticle called Cultural Aspects of American Indian HIV/AIDS Prevention by Mcintosh andEschiti is about the Native American culture living in Oklahoma and how to educate them in theprevention of contracting HIV/AIDS. Exam two I studied the cultures of African Americans,Mexicans Americans, American Indians, Appalachian Americans, American Eskimos, JapaneseAmericans, Afghan American, Russian Americans, and Chinese Americans. Next was week fourwhich was themed with cultural encounters. I wrote a research paper on person belonging to theCanadian culture and did a culture assessment tool on them. Also I discussed tools that can beused for communication including nonverbal tools. During this discussion board I went intodisparities in health care. On exam three the cultures I was tested on was Filipino Americans,Vietnamese Americans, East Indian Americans, Haitian Americans, Jewish Americans, KoreanAmericans, Puerto Rican American, and Canadian Americans. Finally on week five it was allabout where I stood on culturally competent continuum. In the final discussion board was aboutconflict and latent workplace conflict. I answered the question involving B-ASKED. The finalexam was on Nigerian Americans, Ugandan Americans, Jordanian Americans, Arab Americans,Amish Americans, and Irish Americans. The most significant information I have learned is about all the variances among culturesand how people of these cultures differ from each other. This will assist me in my nursingpractice because I will be more aware of cultural expectations and what is expected of me as thehealthcare provider. The assignments that facilitated learning was the different discussion boards because theyrequire you to do reading out side the required text but also cause you to think critically about thesubject of that week.
  5. 5. Transcutural Nursing 5 There was no one a assignment that hindered the learning process for me. My biggestissue was the time constraints and the amount of work due by the schedule. Transcutural Nursing helped expand my cultural desire, awareness, knowledge, skills,and encounters.