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I Have Learned Many Things During This Class Professional Nursing Practice

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I Have Learned Many Things During This Class Professional Nursing Practice

  1. 1. Running Head: What I Learned in College 1 What I Learned in College: Refective Journal Desiree Ferwalt NUR 3373: Professional Nursing Practice
  2. 2. What I Learned in College 2 What I Learned in College: Reflective Journal The class Professional Nursing Practice is about furthering your career and advancingyour knowledge base to improve your nursing practice. This class was beneficial for me formany reasons. With this reflective journal I will discuss what I learn in the class, then how I willuse what I learned in my day to day practice, and the changes I will make as I transition from astudent to a ASN to a BSN. I have learned many things during this class Professional Nursing Practice. One of themost important things reinforced with this class is that with nursing is a continuing learningprocess. We can never quit learning in this career because the field is continually changing,improvements are being made, old procedures are found unnecessary and fall out of practice andnew evidence based practices are going to be implemented. If we don’t take chances to improveour practice by embracing change in the healthcare system we are not giving the best patient carewe can. In the Political and Leadership Activity I learned who my state representatives are andtheir contact information. With some of the discussion boards I learned more about laws thataffect the healthcare system and how they affect me individually. When I did the ProfessionalNursing Organization paper I picked the group American Society of PeriAnsesthesia Nurses(ASPAN). I learned many basic facts about this organization including history, membership, andeducational opportunities. I also learned about other organizations by reading fellow class matespapers. It has given me a few ideas of health care areas I would be interested in learning moreabout. I know that with the things that I have learned in class I will use in my own nursingpractice.
  3. 3. What I Learned in College 3 There was a lot that was discussed and read in this class seminar. I will use what Idiscovered in NUR3373 in my own nursing practice. I will take more opportunities to learn whengiven the chance because in this class I have learn that you keep learning no matter what age youare or what field you are in. In the healthcare field you can only improve your practice with moreknowledge. I learn how to improve my communication skills to increase my effectiveness withmy nursing career. In the chapter Healthy Initiatives for At-Risk Populations I have picked upskills on which groups to be more concerned for when they are in a patient setting. I learnedabout laws that will affect my practice and how I can affect laws by contacting my staterepresentatives and putting my opinions out there. I learned of organizations that I could seekhelp from on patient issues. Now that I have examined some concepts of professional nursing practice I can seechanges I will make to my nursing practice. Since I am still an ASN student I have yet to get outand start my nursing career but I can use information learned in this class to help me as a studentand improve my experience as a student. Before I was used to working more as an individual butwith this class I learned ways to become a more effective leader and ways to improve my groupinvolvement. I found that reading the evidence-based practice chapter helped improve myunderstanding of the subject which has led to improving my ASN education. In this reflective journal I have discussed the many beneficial reasons for this class. Someof these reasons are different learning aspects that I have picked up in this class, and now theywill be used in my health care practice, and the changes it will make in my career. ProfessionalNursing Practice will help further your career and advance your knowledge base to improve yournursing practice.