Gerontology Reflection


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Gerontology Reflection

  1. 1. Running Head: Gerontology Reflection 1 Gerontology Reflection Desiree Ferwalt NUR 3383: Gerontology 20 February 2012
  2. 2. Gerontology Reflection 2 Gerontology Reflection My feelings about older people are constantly changing and complex. There are olderfamily members that I love and care deeply for. I can not imagine my family without mygrandmother. It always scares me when any of my family members get sick but especially mygrandmother since she always seems to be pretty bad off. Older patients in the hospital I findcompassion for. So many of the older people are chronically ill or starting to lose there mentalfacilities. They are usually are barely living to make ends meet financially. But then there areolder ladies and gentlemen out in public that can cause me great aggravation. There are manylittle things that sometimes bug me. I sometimes find myself growing irritated at older peopledriving slowly on the road or taking up the entire sidewalk while shuffling slowly down it. Irealize that this is mostly my own issues about being to much in a hurry and expecting everyoneelse to be like that. One feeling that I have about older people is fear that one day I will be likethem. It is scary to think that as you grow older you slowly lose control of your body and minduntil one day you don’t wake up. Mattering on who I am around will determine whether I am comfortable oruncomfortable around them. Older family members are who I am most comfortable with. Theseare people I was raised with. I was surrounded by these people with every Christmas,Thanksgiving, and Easter dinners and family barbeques. My grandmothers babysat me when Iwas little. When in the hospital the most patients I care for I feel some degree of comfort aroundthem. These are people under my care and depend on me for their well being. Because of thisbeing uncomfortable with them could affect the care I give so I try to make myself ascomfortable with these older gentlemen and ladies as possible. When in public I am relativelycomfortable with the older population as long as they don’t directly affect me. Where I do get
  3. 3. Gerontology Reflection 3uncomfortable with older people when they mentally unstable or threat to myself, others, orthemselves in public. I think a Christian nurses’ view of aging and death should be viewed as a continuation oflife after death. It is a natural part of life and the only certain thing that is guaranteed to happento a person. As a Christian I know that it is God plan for a person to live, age, die and join theheavenly home set aside for us. Though I know that it is God’s plan for a person to age and toeventually leave this earth through death it is a scary thought that I have to pray over. As aChristian and a nurse it is our duty to help preserve and improve others lives as it lies within ourpower. This course has changed my perspective on nursing care for the geriatric population. Ithas better helped me understand the older population. I assessed my geriatric knowledge in weekone. This course reinforced not to use geriatric stereotypes when approaching and caring an olderperson. It is hard sometimes not to fall back onto these old stereotypes. Next in week two Ilooked and learned aging theories that affect our populations. I also learned thoroughly what it isrequired in Missouri for mandated reporting. This is an important piece of knowledge working inthe health care field. Week three was all about the biological changes that affect our elderlypopulation and how medications play a role in this. Looking at medications you can see howsometimes in treating an issue they can cause a different problem. I also interviewed an olderadult. It was interesting to here this woman’s long story. Also as nurses we sometimes only seepatients as a problem that needs fixed instead of as a human being who has complex feelings.Finally in week four I learned about health care management. The older population has a lot ofchronic conditions that aren’t just an easy fix but a continuation of care.
  4. 4. Gerontology Reflection 4 I anticipate changing my practice based on the learning in this course. This course hasgiven me a better understanding of the geriatric community. I will take this knowledge and applyit too my practice. I plan on taking care of a elderly patient’s “whole” body.