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Rahul Singodiya - BCA Second Year


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Rahul Singodiya is a student of Dezyne E'cole College from BCA Department. This is a Project Created by him during his studies.

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Rahul Singodiya - BCA Second Year

  1. 1. _______________________________ Smart Learning Web Multimedia ______________________________________ Presented By Rahul Singodiya Bachelors of Computer Application Dezyne E’cole College, Ajmer
  2. 2. Project report on Smart Learning Web - Multimedia Submitted To Dezyne E’cole College Towards The Partial Fulfilment Of 2017 Year, Bachelor of Computer Application By Rahul Singodiya Dezyne E’cole College 106/10, Civil Line Ajmer
  3. 3. Acknowledgment I Am Rahul Singodiya , Student of Bachelor Of Computer Applicaion Dezyne E’cole College Would Like To Express My Gratitude to Each And Every Person Who Has Contributed In Stimulating Suggestions And Encouragement Which Really Helped Me to Coordinate My Project. I Also Thank Dezyne E’cole College Who Provided Insight And Expertise That Greatly Assisted the Project. Also, a Special Thanks To My Teachers, Parents and Colleagues Who Have Supported Me At Every Step. Not To Forget, the Almighty Who Blessed Me With Good Health Because of Which I Worked More Efficiently And Better.
  4. 4. PROJECT ABSTRACT I Am Rahul Singodiya Student Of 2nd Year Doing My Bachelor Degree In Computer Application. This Project Has Been Created At Dezyne E’cole College And We Have Made This Project Using HTML And CSS Language. The Website Developed Is Small Idea Generation Of E-Learning. I Am A Fresher And I Have Used My Skills Here To Create Best Possible Design According To Me.
  5. 5. 1 | P a g e In the following pages I am showcasing my work: Front page
  6. 6. 2 | P a g e Click On Content Menu
  7. 7. 3 | P a g e Open Content
  8. 8. 4 | P a g e Click On Introduction Of Multimedia
  9. 9. 5 | P a g e Open introduction
  10. 10. 6 | P a g e Click On Gallery Menu
  11. 11. 7 | P a g e Click On Gallery picture
  12. 12. 8 | P a g e Click On Contact Us Menu
  13. 13. 9 | P a g e Click On About Us Menu
  14. 14. 10 | P a g e Thank You Presented By Rahul Singodiya Bachelor Of Computer Application Dezyne E’cole College,Ajmer