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Essential oil pant manufactured by Dhopeshwar Engineering Private Limited India


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Distillation of Aromatic crops (Grasses, Leaves, wood etc) to extract Essential oil. Dhopeshwar Engineering Private Limited is providing turn-key solutions for essential oil Projects Globally.

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Essential oil pant manufactured by Dhopeshwar Engineering Private Limited India

  1. 1. Quality Engineering since 1963 Fully Integrated Distillation Plants Distilling Best Quality Essential Oils
  2. 2. Essential Oils Essential Oil is the volatile Oil contained in Aromatic Raw materials such as Flowers, Leaves, Grasses, Bark, Wood etc. These raw materials are the produce of Aromatic tree or crop. Essential Oils are extracted from these materials by the process of distillation. They are used in wide variety of industries and Consumer goods such as Perfumery, Cosmetics etc. They are either used directly as raw material or used as raw material for further fractional distillation to extract its valuable constituents. They enjoy worldwide market and the market is increasing every year. Plants Suitable for Wide range of Essential oil Raw materials The raw materials for Essential Oils are derived from the Plant kingdom of nature. They are the produce of nature concealed in different parts of aromatic trees such as Flowers, Leaves or wood etc. These aromatic raw materials can be broadly classified on the basis of their physical nature as follows:- - Flowers - Wood - Gum Resins - Rhizome - Leaves - Roots - Grasses - Pods or seeds. Grasses : Gums: Rhizome: Lemongrass Citronella Palmarosa Rosemary & Etc.. Myrth Frankincense Ginger Leaves: Spices: Rose Kewda Swarnachampa Nutmeg Patchouli Cardamom Geranium Pepper Mentha Cinnanon Eucalyptus & etc. Roots: Wood: Vetiver Sandalwood Agarwood (Oud) Massoiwood Flowers: Distilling Essential Oils Essential oil is extracted by Distillation. Being volatile in nature, the Essential oil gets volatilised due to heat of steam vapours. The vapours are then condensed to get Essential Oil. The distillation process depends upon the physical nature of the raw material, the sensitivity of Oil etc. Distillation process can be either Hydro distillation or Steam distillation. In case of steam distillation, It can be either low pressure or high pressure distillation depending upon the nature of material and nature of Oil. Distillation of Aromatic crops (Grasses, Leaves, wood etc) to extract Essential oil
  3. 3. Custom-Built capacities Distillation plants are used by small farmers as field distillation units or by commercial enterprises on large scale basis. Hence we built the plant capacity based on clients specific need. The range of capacities supplied range from a small 50 kg of material per BATCH to 50,000 kgs of raw material per DAY of distillation. Fully Integrated supply Dhopeshwar Distillation Plants Distillation plants generally consists of Distillation vessels, Condensor & Oil separator. However they also require Auxilliaries like Steam Boiler, water Cooling -cum- circulation system , Material preparation section such as Pulveriser as well as material handling system etc. Our plants are fully Integrated to include all auxilliaries required for smooth functioning of plant. Dhopeshwar specialises in design & Engineering of Distillation plants for widest range of Essential Oils. The plants are engineered on the basis of raw material and Process conditions required for distillation. Dhopeshwar Distillation range of Distillation plants are reputed for following features:- Dhopeshwar supplies the FuIly integrated plants on Turn-Key basis which involves site installation, Trials & Commissioning to get Best quality of Essential oil as well as Highest yield of Oil while processing. Widest range of plants Expertise & Experience We supply distillation plants for the widest range of raw materials and adopt the process best suited for individual raw material. Advanced Design & Engineering Dhopeshwar has been engineering Process Plants & Equipment since 1963. We have one of the most advanced Fabrication shop and has been in the forefront of supplying specialised Process equipment to different sectors of Process industries since last 4 decades. The Distillation equipment are designed to meet typical process conditions and built robust to with stand years of operations.4 Quality Engineering since 1963 Supply on Turn-Key Dhopeshwar has supplied Distillation plants for widest range of Raw materials. Our plants are backed by 4 decades of Engineering experience. We specialise in Integrated supply and have exported our Process Plants to 14 countries as of June 2013.
  4. 4. Providing Turn-key solutions for essential oil Projects. A-16, Co-operative Industrial Estate, Balanagar, Hyderabad - 500 037, India T: + 91 040 2377 1579 F: +91 040 2377 2450 M: + 91 93910 58963 E: or W: