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Principal presentation


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Published in: Education, Health & Medicine
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Principal presentation

  1. 1. Tigers Inspiring Cubs to Read and Succeed! Virgil Middle School Monique Garcia Dina Zepeda
  2. 2. Goal 1) We would like to build a lasting and positive relationship between the staff, students, parents, and community of Virgil Middle School and Del Olmo Elementary School. 2) We believe this opportunity will allow for greater student achievement in literacy and an increase in positive interpersonal relationships.
  3. 3. How can we do this? Cross-age tutoring! “Peer-tutoring and cross-age tutoring could best be defined as ‘an approach in which one child instructs another child in material on which the first is an expert and the second a novice (Curran, Guin, & Marshall, 2002).’”
  4. 4. What the research says about cross-age tutoring? • Tutees benefit from: –Immediate feedback –One-on-one attention –Improvement in student motivation and attention –Assistance in a private and non- threatening manner (Robledo, 1990) –Greater positive interpersonal relationships or greater social acceptance (Hattie, 2006) –Increase in self-esteem and positive student attitudes (Curran, Guin, Marshall, 2002)
  5. 5. Proposed Logistics: • Program will occur once a week for approximately eight weeks. • Tigers will build community with their cubs the first day by means of ice breakers and getting to know you games. • For 3 weeks, tigers will teach and mentor cubs strategies to better comprehend text in order to make them successful readers and students. (Tiger Directed) • In the following 3 weeks, there will be a gradual release of responsibility. (Guided Instruction with their Cub) • The last 2 weeks, will be Tiger/Cub reversed roles.
  6. 6. Tentative Timeline • Plan and collaborate with partner Del Olmo teachers-third week of Feb. • February 24th -Virgil and Del Olmo Parent Meeting • March 15-26th -Preparation with Virgil Students • Begin Program first week of April through end of May • End of Year Presentation-Friday June 4th
  7. 7. End of the Year Presentation • Virgil students will prepare a PowerPoint presentation showcasing their cross-age tutoring experience with their Del Olmo Cubs to friends, family, and school community.
  8. 8. Questions, comments, concerns? Thank you! Monique C. Garcia Dina Zepeda