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How to Plan a Destination Wedding - INFOGRAPHIC


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Created this infographic for Couples Resort to help bride-and-groom-to-be's plan their wedding abroad.

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How to Plan a Destination Wedding - INFOGRAPHIC

  1. 1. HOW TO PLAN A Destination Wedding { PLAN IN ADVANCE } 1 Gather 6-18 Months engagement A TENTATIVE IS TYPICAL FOR AN head count of who will be attending the ceremonies CONSIDER POSSIBLE CONFLICTS: season • major holidays • family events • length to plan • Send out SAVE-THE-DATE Reserve a venue cards D ATE SAVE and large enough block of rooms for your guests ASAP to ensure that guests can make the necessary preparations Research LOCATION’S LEGAL guidelines to marriage and information on travelling to and from the area { CHOOSE A LOCATION } 2 Travel budget CHOOSE A PRACTICAL Check location flights that is not too expensive or too difficult to get to for costs, number of typical connections, accommodations to satisfy different budgets ARRIVALS DEPARTURES INTERNATIONAL • Questions yourself TO ASK Where will family and friends be flying from? • Can their number of connecting flights be limited to three or less? • Are the flights reasonably priced? Do the itineraries make sense with your planned events for the wedding? • { COMBINE WEDDING & HONEYMOON } 3 Have them both IN THE SAME • location SAVES MONEY • LESS STRESS You are already at your dream destination, why go anywhere else? { CHECK WEATHER & LOCAL CALENDAR } 4 Check local weather PATTERNS OF Avoid planning YOUR WEDDING DURING A local festival or other attractions that may bring in other tourists and in turn, raise your rates • Hurricane seasons • $$$$ Rainy seasons In case of unexpected storms, purchase travel and wedding insurance 5 { KEEP YOUR GUESTS IN MIND } Make your guests’ feel appreciated Give them all necessary travel arrangement information • Provide transportation to and from the airport and the venue • Include a list in the invitation package of local activities or places to visit • EFFORTS TO ATTEND YOUR DESTINATION WEDDING • Throw a welcome dinner party once everyone arrives { SEEK OUT PROFESSIONAL HELP } 6 Hire a wedding planner or use the wedding coordinator at your selected venue to make your life easier! THEY CAN ASSIST WITH: • language barriers • knowledge of the destinated area • selecting best vendors {florists, caterers, musicians, photographers} • event logistics Ideally, visit the location before the event and meet with the wedding planner to review their options in person so that you can make the most educated decisions. { POPULAR DESTINATION WEDDING SPOTS } Negril, Jamaica • Dubbed the “Capital of Casual” • Picturesque views, romantic sunsets, miles of immaculate beaches. Maui, Hawaii • The island of Maui can easily captivate you with the allure of a Hawaiian wedding • Unrivaled beaches, delicious food, impeccable weather Ocho Rios, Jamaica • With the famous Dunn’s River Falls, lush gardens and pristine beaches, Ocho Rios is a little piece of Heaven on Earth. Sorrento, Italy • Located along the beautiful Amalfi Coast, this is the ideal Italian wedding location • Rich history and stunning views of the Bay of Naples SOURCES: Brought to you by: