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Couples, technology and how they manage it in their lives -INFOGRAPHIC


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In honor of Valentines Day, I created an infographic based on an article I found on Pew Research Internet Project website about how couples manage technology in their lives. Thought it would be fun and informational to share!

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Couples, technology and how they manage it in their lives -INFOGRAPHIC

  1. 1. How married or commi ed couples in the U.S. use digital technology in their relationships. Some negotiate or quarrel over it, some find it facilitates communication and support, while others have had hurtful experiences by it. THE OVERALL IMPACT ON LONG-TERM RELATIONSHIPS 17% 10% 72% Say the internet has had a MINOR impact on their relationship Say the internet has had a MAJOR impact on their relationship Say the internet has had NO real impact at all on their relationship The good news is that most of the results were positive among the majorly impacted relationships: 74% POSITIVE 20% NEGATIVE 4% GOOD & BAD A SOURCE OF SUPPORT AND COMMUNICATION 25% Say they have texted each other when they were both home together 21% Felt closer to each other due to exchanges online or via text message 9% Resolved an arguement with their partner online or text message A SOURCE OF TENSION IN RELATIONSHIPS 25% have felt their partner was distracted by their cell phone while together 8% Have had an arguement with their partner about too much time spent online 4% Have go en upset at something they found out their partner was doing online SHARING HABITS OF COUPLES USING TECHNOLOGY 67% Share the password to one or more of their online accounts with their partner 27% Have an email account that they share with their partner 11% Of those who use social networking sites share their social media profiles with their partner YOU’VE GOT MAIL! Mr. and Mrs. Sociable R ENTEORD A S SW P Long-term couples tend to view and utilize technology quite differently compared with those who have been together for a shorter period of time. Adults who have been together longer than 10 years are more likely to share email addresses and social media profiles. SEXTING AMONG ADULTS IS UP SINCE 2012 9% Have sent a sext of themselves to someone else they know {up 6%} 20% Have received a sext of someone else they know {up 15%} 3% Have forwarded a sext to someone else they know {no change} Married and partnered adults are just as likely as singles to say they have sent sexts. BROUGHT TO YOU BY: dezinegirl creative studio - 2014 SOURCE: h p://