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William Gill Recommendation


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Recommendation Letter from William Gill while at NC A&T State University.

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William Gill Recommendation

  1. 1. NORTH CAROLINA AGRICULTURAL AND TECHNICAL STATE UNIVERSITY HODGIN HALL To Whom It May Concern: SCHOOL OF EDUCATIONC ENTER O F ACADEMIC E XCELLENCE I wish to present to you an outstanding candidate for your advertised position; without 1601 EAST MARKET STREET GREENSBORO , NC 27411 hesitation I recommend to you Dexter Stroman. Often I get asked to write a recommendation for my student-athletes, as they seek out internship and career opportunities within the course (336) 285-4092 PHONE of their personal and professional journey. It is not very often I get to chance to complete a (336) 334-7010 FAX recommendation for a colleague and friend. WEB WWW.NCAT.EDU Though I have known Mr. Stroman for only a year, I am confident Mr. Stroman will add value and diversity to your department by encouraging a shared vision through a commitment to integrity and leadership. Mr. Stroman possesses the rare ability to be both confident and modest, while remaining authentic in his approach towards enhancing each initiative he is involved in. Mr. Stroman’s ability to listen and consider details allows him to provide direction through connections others would miss. Mr. Stroman takes pride in adding value to the North Carolina A&T football team and university through networking and exposing all stakeholders to opportunities conducive toward achieving success both in-between the lines of play and beyond. Further, Mr. Stroman understands the importance in empowering, educating and enhancing the student-athlete experience. I firmly believe Mr. Stroman will continue to seek out opportunities to create positive change through standing for virtues that do not change. By combining Mr. Stroman’s character, discipline and experience in coaching I believe that this makes him the ideal candidate for serving our profession. I give you this recommendation with my full belief that Mr. Stroman will exceed your expectations and contribute to fostering an environment creating a positive, significant and dramatic change for any student-athlete as well as co-worker. I am more than willing to discuss further with you how Mr. Stroman will add value to your academic department, as you strive to add to the success of an already stellar program. Please feel free to contact me directly at 336/285-4092 or via email at Sincerely, William F. Gill William F. Gill, III Academic Coordinator Student-Athlete Academic Enhancement Programs University of North Carolina A&T EXPLORE DISCOVER BECOME A LAND-GRANT UNIVERSITY AND A CONSTITUENT INSTITUTION OF THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA