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Ashby regolamento ing_web

  1. 1. Following the exhibition “Ashby and the Abruzzo”images and memory 1901-23, The English School of L’Aquilais sponsoring a photography competition entitled“In the Footsteps of Thomas Ashby in the Abruzzo provinceof L’Aquila, Places and People 2012”. Premio fotografico Ashby In the Footsteps of Thomas Ashby in the Abruzzo aquilano, Places and People 2012. George Joseph Pfeiffer / Thomas Ashby at Carsioli, c. 1901-1903Thomas Ashby (1874-1931), a young British archaeologist with a keen interestin photography, moved to Rome in 1901. There he began using photographyin his work on archaeological sites but soon began to capture the “story” ofplaces, landscapes and people, in particular the people of the Abruzzo region.
  2. 2. Thomas Ashby / L’Aquila, 1901Anyone with Ashby’s love of photography, and who is stillunder the age of 30, is invited to go “on the road in thefootsteps of Ashby” in the province of L’Aquila in the centralItalian region of the Abruzzo, to photograph landscapes,villages, archaeological sites, houses, palazzi, faces,momentary expressions, and to send them to theAssociazione Amici dei Musei d’Abruzzo by 5 September 2012.The best pictures will be displayed from 20 September 2012 inthe ITIS school in L’Aquila (IISS Amedeo di Savoia Ducad’Aosta) before a ceremony to hand over the Ashby collectionto the city of L’Aquila by the British School at Rome.
  3. 3. The competition is organized by The English School ofL’Aquila (member of Aisli) in collaboration withAssociazione Amici dei Musei d’Abruzzo and Ad.Venture srl,with the support of the British Council Italy, The BritishSchool at Rome and the City of L’Aquila, and the technicalsupport of Black&White.A cura di Con la collaborazionePatrocinio Città dell’AquilaSponsor tecnicoThomas Ashby / L’Aquila, livestock market, 1901
  4. 4. How to send in your photographsThe photos – prints 30 x 40 cm (together with digitalback-up) should be sent by registered post between1 August and 5 September 2012 to the publisher ofAssociazione Amici dei Musei d’AbruzzoS.S. 5 bis n. 5, 67100 L’Aquila, Italy,for the attention of Germana Galli, with“PREMIO FOTOGRAFICO ASHBY” written on the envelope.Photographs arriving after the deadline will be excludedautomatically.All entrants are responsible for the contents of theirphotographs and authorize their copying, publication(also on Internet) and display by the sponsorsand supporters of the prize.The prize is non-profit making, and the name of thephotographers will always be given.The photographs and back-up material will not be returned.The decision of the jury is final.The name of the winner will appear on these websitesfrom 20 September 2012: Premiofotografico Ashby
  5. 5. The PrizeThe winner of the prize will be able to choose between aCanon EOS 7D and a Nikon D 7000 (for more details from 1 August on).The 10 best photographs will be publishedin the MU6 magazine (no 25, 2012).Thomas Ashby / Carsoli (Aq), Church of Santa Maria in Cellis, 1901 Premiofotografico Ashby
  6. 6. AshbyPhotography PrizeThe envelope with your photograph(s) should contain:1) no more than 5 pictures per entrant2) a copy of this formSurname and nameDate of birthAddressE-mailPhone number(s)Number of photosTitle (collective and/or individual)Place and date takenFile name*12345I declare that I am the owner of the image(s) and accessories,and I authorize their publication. I accept the competition rules and agreeto my personal details being used according to the D.Lgs.196 (30/6/2003).DateSignature3) a photocopy of a valid ID document4) for any under age portraits permission of parentsor guardians5) CD/DVD with copies of the photograph(s) sentin high-resolution jpeg.This material will be put on a database for use by the jury.* numbered as follows: AAABBBCD.jpg, where the As are the first 3 letters ofyour surname, the Bs the first 3 letters of your first name, C the total numberof photos, and D the number (1-5) of the individual picture.