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Tulisana's Brochure Presentation || Designed by Me Using MS Powerpoint


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Tulisana's Brochure Presentation || Designed by Me Using MS Powerpoint

  2. 2. The Jose Rizal Memorial State University (JRMSU) is a state university in the Philippines. It is mandated to provide higher professional, technical, special instructions for special purposes and promote research and extension services, advanced studies and progressive leadership in education, agriculture, arts and sciences, engineering and other fields. Its main campus is located in Dapitan. I t became a university in 2010 by virtue of Republic Act 9852.
  3. 3. COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES CAS Vision Envisions for academic excellence in the College of Arts and Sciences..
  4. 4. COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES CAS Mission The College of Arts and Sciences shall equip the students with knowledge, skills and values for gainful employment, keen sense of responsibility and accountability to the country and global community.
  5. 5. COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES CAS Goals 1. Prepares students to become professionals who will provide necessary leadership and expertise needed to improve the quality of life of our people.
  6. 6. COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES CAS Goals 2. Provide quality educational alterntives that are responsive to the demands of development in local, regional and international levels
  7. 7. WHY CHOOSE CRIMINOLOGY? One of the greatest social needs today is public safety and security. The increased complexity and diversity of contemporary society, its technological development and legal evolution, and its interdependence with other societies necessitate that those we entrust with our public safety be well-educated.
  8. 8. In today's world, criminologists working in criminal justice must have excellent communication skills; critical thinking and problemsolving abilities; sensitivity to those of different racial, cultural, socioeconomic, and gender groups; the ability to speak a foreign language; and computer literacy
  9. 9. Admission to the Program All students who wish to graduate with this degree must: •Acquire "waiting for" status •Meet criteria for application •Apply and gain acceptance into the major •Fulfill all of the major's requirements
  10. 10. Career Opportunities Police: victimology, criminalistics, scientific police. ENROLL NOW! Prepared by: Gerome Tulisana BSCRIM-2