WOLF employee benefits management solution


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Why not let your trusted HR advisor handle your employee benefits management as well? It's FREE to you, integrates well with other HR solutions, and reduces complexity by removing a vendor.

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WOLF employee benefits management solution

  1. 1. Employee Benefits Management<br />Do you love your broker?<br />Jeffrey J. De Wolf<br />Managing Principal<br />913.219.5353<br />jdewolf@WOLFHRSolutions.com<br />www.crywolfnow.com<br />
  2. 2. Employee Benefits Management<br />A good broker should act as your consultant, advocate, and support providerfor employee benefits plans.<br />WOLF brings benefits support together with other HR support services – giving you one convenient partner <br />WOLF acts as a business partner and extension of your staff<br />WOLF provides “year round” high-touch, proactive service<br />WOLF’s annual review process incorporates employee feedback with a market scan to be sure you have the best plan for you<br />FREE of charge – All broker fees are paid by the carriers you choose!<br />2<br />Proprietary Information<br />
  3. 3. What is a benefits broker?<br />An extension of your HR staff<br />Guide employee benefits decisions<br />Handle issues with carriers<br />Employee support (enrollment, changes, questions)<br />A FREE service for you<br />A broker is paid a commission by carriers based on the premiums you pay<br />With WOLF, a partner integrated into your overall HR program <br />3<br />Proprietary Information<br />
  4. 4. What should your broker do for you?<br />Your benefits broker stay active, working with you to keep your plans relevant and cost-effective.<br />Your broker should represent you to insurance carriers to resolve any issues that arise and ensure good service.<br />Your broker should be available to support employees with enrollment, status changes, and questions.<br />4<br />Proprietary Information<br />
  5. 5. You can trust WOLF to be…<br />Your Consultant<br />Your Advocate<br />Your Support Staff<br />Your benefits broker should be active on your behalf<br /><ul><li>Staying aware of changes in insurance practices and rules
  6. 6. Regularly reviewing your policies and premiums
  7. 7. Consulting with you on changes or additions
  8. 8. Comparing your plans to other carriers to ensure you aren’t paying too much</li></ul>Your benefits broker should be an advocate and liaison for you<br /><ul><li>Direct contact with insurance carriers
  9. 9. Resolving disputes and clarifying policy terms
  10. 10. Handling all paperwork, filings, and information requests</li></ul>Your benefits broker should act as an extension of your staff to handle benefits management<br /><ul><li>Annual enrollment process support
  11. 11. New hire enrollment
  12. 12. Status changes
  13. 13. Employee questions and concerns not resolved by the carrier</li></ul>5<br />Proprietary Information<br />
  14. 14. Why choose WOLF?<br />Convenience and Broad HR Expertise<br /><ul><li>WOLF brings your benefits support together with other HR solutions into one convenient relationship
  15. 15. Only WOLF has the capabilities to support all of your other HR and organizational needs – as needed</li></ul>Dedicated Account Support<br /><ul><li>WOLF assigns a dedicated benefits administrator to your account for continuity and personalized support
  16. 16. A WOLF principal/broker oversees all efforts</li></ul>Year Round Support<br /><ul><li>WOLF will actively compare your plans at least once per year to ensure that you are on the best plans for the price
  17. 17. Incorporation of employee feedback into our annual plan review process
  18. 18. Ongoing employee question support, enrollment, change management</li></ul>Local, reachable, responsive<br /><ul><li>WOLF’s team is dedicated to the Kansas City area and values our local clients above all else</li></ul>6<br />Proprietary Information<br />
  19. 19. It’s easy to make WOLF your employee benefits broker!<br />A simple Agent of Record letter (we’ll prepare)<br />No changes to current benefits plans<br />No charges or fees<br />No need to contact current broker or insurance carriers<br />7<br />Proprietary Information<br />