Achievement assembly


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  • A moment of silence to reflect on the following words……. May your faith support you.
  • Achievement assembly

    1. 1. Michael JordanAfter being cut from his high schoolbasket ball team, he went home,locked himself in his room andcried.Steve JobsAt 30 years old, he was leftdevastated and depressed afterbeing unceremoniously removedfrom the company he started.Oprah WinfreyShe was demoted from her job as anews anchor because she “wasn’tfit for television.”
    2. 2. Walt DisneyHe was fired from a newspaper for“lacking imagination” and “havingno original ideas.”The BeatlesWere rejected by Decca Recordingstudios, who said, "we don’t liketheir sound” and “They have nofuture in show business.”Albert EinsteinHe wasn’t able to speak until hewas 4 years old, and his teacherssaid he would never amount tomuch.
    3. 3. The men who try to do something andfail are infinitely better than thosewhotry to do nothing and succeed!
    4. 4.  Wales had a poor autumn test. A loss against Ireland in the first game of the six nations. DETERMINATION, PRIDE, SUPPORT, ACHIEVEMENT contributed to Wales retaining the six nations trophy.
    5. 5. Amie-Leigh Jarvis BR-EGHannah McGee BR-JWMohammed Khan BR-MJTGeorgia Stephenson BR-MWH
    6. 6. Jordan Johnson BR-JWThomas Dixon BR-KMAllysha Hawes BR-MJTCaitlin Monaghan BR-MWHGeorgia Stephenson BR-MWH
    7. 7. Jordan Aldoescu BR-EGChelsea Forrester (Hultberg) BR-EGKane Hone BR-EGAmie-Leigh Jarvis BR-EGAngelina Rovaretti BR-EGAlex Gale BR-JW Lauren Ellis BR-MJTCharles Griffiths BR-JW Jade Guyton BR-MJTConnor Holmes BR-JW Emma Knight BR-MJTAlysha Hurley BR-JW Chloe Williams BR-MJTHannah McGee BR-JW Thomas Bates BR-MWHRobert Meade BR-JW Kyle Brittan, BR-MWHEleanor Watt BR-JW Neil Davies BR-MWHRoss Buxton BR-KM Caitlin Martin BR-MWHTyler Green BR-KM Cameron McDougall BR-MWHJames Hislop BR-KM Corey Oliver BR-MWHMaria Morgan BR-KM Georgia Stephenson BR-MWHJay Nocivelli BR-KM Kay Travers BR-MWHScott Osborne BR-KM Joanna Turnbull BR-MWHEthan Smith BR-KM Kameron Weston BR-MWHMelissa Stone BR-KMRebecca Thomas BR-KMBaneen Bhootal BR-MJT
    8. 8. Jordan Aldoescu, BR-EGChloe Pearson, BR-EGLeah Smith, BR-EGHoney Taylor, BR-EGConnor Holmes, BR-JWSophie Holyoake, BR-JW Joshua Berry, BR-MJTLydia Jennings, BR-JW Jackson, Kraig BR-MJTJordan Johnson, BR-JW Tia Lloyd, BR-MJTGeorgia Lagden, BR-JW Daniel Ryan, BR-MJTHannah McGee, BR-JW Courtney Tanner, BR-MJTRobert Meade, BR-JW Annalise Truman, BR-MJTJessica White, BR-JW Emily Waller, BR-MJTCourteney Williams, BR-JW Chloe Williams, BR-MJTThomas Dixon, BR-KM Thomas Bates, BR-MWHBen Donovan, BR-KM Kyle Brittan, BR-MWHConor Donovan, BR-KM Annalyse Llewellyn, BR-MWHTyler Green, BR-KM Cameron McDougall, BR-MWHScott Osborne, BR-KM Georgia Stephenson, BR-MWHAbigail Scrivens, BR-KM Iestyn Stephenson, BR-MWHEthan Smith, BR-KM Kameron Weston, BR-MWHKirsty-Louise Warman, BR-KM Ieuan Williams, BR-MWHStephen Williams, BR-KM
    9. 9.  Help me to always try my best. Help me to appreciate that success comes in many forms. Help me to discover what my personal talents are and use them wisely to support and inspire others.