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  2. 2. What is Semantic? Semantic is the study of the linguistic meaning of morphemes, words, phrases, and sentences.
  3. 3. Homonyms Different words that are pronounced the same, but may or may not be spelled the same. e.g. bank (financial institution) bank (riverside) to. Too, two flower, flour. sea, see, c sell, shell
  4. 4.  She sells sea shells by the seashore. Do you see the letter c written in sea salt. I’ve never seen such a beautiful scene. We want a site for our home that will be out of sight. The seam in the tent doesn’t seem to hold back the rain.
  5. 5. Polysemy When a word has multiple meanings that are related conceptually or historically. E.g. pupil (student) pupil (part of eyes) bear (animal) bear( to tolerate, to carry, to support)
  6. 6. Synonyms Words that sound different but have the same or nearly the same meaning. E.g. sofa, couch. handbag, purse. Garbage/Trash woman/lady stone/rock
  7. 7. Antonyms Words that are opposite in meaning. E.g. alive/dead big/small hot/coldGradable antonyms tiny, small, medium, large, big, huge, gargantuan.
  8. 8. Hyponyms a relationship between two words, in which the meaning of one of the words includes the meaning of the other word. vehicle: bus car lorry van Move: walk, run, swim, play.
  9. 9. Metonyms A word used in place of another word or expression to convey the same meaning. E.g. Crown (monarchy) Moscow (Russian) Hollywood Washington Brooklyn
  10. 10. Idioms A group of words whose meaning cannot be explained in terms of the habitual meanings of the words that make up the piece of language. For example: She washed her hands of the matter. Means “She refused to have anything more to do with the matter”. Piece of cake break a leg!
  11. 11.  "Pull the wool over someones eyes" - Trick or deceive. "Bite off more than you can chew" - Take on more than one can handle. "Fill someones shoes" - Take someone elses place. "The buck stops here." - Taking responsibility for something, instead of blaming someone else. "Strike someone funny" - To seem funny to someone.
  12. 12. Exercise Find The Homonyms 1. Due to the dry weather, we do not see any dew on the grass. 2. I knew they had a new gnu at the zoo. 3. Some people know that you add to find the sum. 4. They’re hanging their coats over there. 5. I ate the eight cakes that were on my plate. 6. How many ways can I tell him that he weighs too much? 7. They banned the crude band from playing at the concert. 8. She only won one ticket to the show. 9.We’ll find a tropical isle where I’ll walk down the aisle with my bride. 10. You’re crazy if you pierce your ankle!
  13. 13. Find the synonyms Brilliant Furious Under Sniff See