Tyranny Project


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Project assignment for investigating 20th century tyrannies.

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Tyranny Project

  1. 1. Tyranny Project Mr. Ewert’s Pre-AP World History You’re going to be researching a particular tyranny or an important aspect of a tyranny. With this research, you will build a wiki over the topic. A wiki, like Wikipedia, is a site that is easily created and edited by multiple users. You can include text, music, photos, video clips, etc. In two weeks, we will be learning how to use the wiki system itself, but for now, you need to be doing research. The following is what needs to be included in your wiki. 1. Overview a. Give a general overview and explanation of your topic. 2. Background a. Provide historical background. How was it that the tyranny came to be established? What events led up to it? Only go as far back as necessary. 3. Tyrant/Government a. Describe the tyrant or the tyrannical government. Give a little background on them and what they’re like, how they’re structured. You can’t understand a tyranny if you don’t understand the tyrant (or try to understand). 4. Life a. What is life like under the tyranny? Explain how the citizens live, what their attitudes are like, and how they’ve suffered. 5. Day in the life a. Write a first person account of somebody living under the regime and follow him or her throughout the day. What is he thinking? What does he face? What will he do? 6. (7 and 8) Three foci a. Pick three things about the tyranny that you would like to focus in on and there will be a separate section for each. For example, if you’re doing the Holocaust, you could focus in on the concentration camps or the transportation system used. Whatever you pick is up to you. If you’re unsure of what to do or if your idea qualifies, ask me for advice. 9. Bibliography b. List all your sources in MLA format. Each section should be of reasonable length to at least adequately cover the subject. Thoroughness, though, will result in better grades. I’ll be looking at your work as it progresses on the wiki and will make comments to group. I’ll also be checking up on the groups every couple of weeks to make sure that progress is being made. These checks will be reflected in your grade. Note that there will be an individual grade and a group grade. If you decide to be a lazy slug who is dead weight to the rest of your group, your individual grade will suffer for it.