Renaissance Project


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My assignment for a Renaissance and Reformation project.

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Renaissance Project

  1. 1. Group Presentation over a person from the Renaissance or Reformation: The purpose of this project is to illustrate that your group has researched the life of its assigned individual, understands why he was important and what he did that was important. You must also demonstrate that you understand how this life impacted the time in which he lived as well as subsequent history leading up to present day. To do this, each group will produce a PowerPoint presentation that it will present before the class. The presentation should be no less than five minutes and no more than 10 minutes. Everyone in the group is expected to participate in the presentation. Along with the presentation, you will also turn in a write-up that presents in narrative form the information you’ve found. You will turn in a hard copy to me as well as to (pick a representative from your group under whose name it will be submitted). This write-up should be two to three pages in length. It will be double-spaced, 1-inch margins, 12 point Times New Roman font. The heading should consist of nothing more than one line with the names of those in the group. The title will be your person’s name who you are researching. Page numbers will be in the bottom right-hand corner. Do not fill your paper with a bunch of quotes. Failure to abide by these conditions will result in a 10% deduction per violation. Along with the write-up will be a bibliography. You are required to use five different sources. At least three of them must be a hardcopy source. For internet sources, you may use either Wikipedia or sites with a .edu domain. If you want to use any other sites, you should check with me to see if I’ll accept them. I’m looking to see that your group has put time into researching your person and that you understand the above. I’m also looking for a clean, concise presentation. PowerPoint is a pretty useful tool and I recommend that you use its different capabilities. Include the important information, but also include (among the following) illustrations, videos, charts, animation, humor, etc. – anything that will help make your presentation lively as well as explanatory. I want to see that a little effort was put into it and wasn’t just thrown together. It is likely that at least one person in your group has access to PowerPoint at his/her home. If not, you have access to it at school. If you would like to know how to do something in PowerPoint, I will be happy to help you. This will count as a major grade, the same as a test. There will also be a 30 question objective test to finish out the unit, but there will be no short answer questions on this test. The grade breakdown will be thus: Group grade – 75% • PowerPoint quality – 25% • Actual group presentation – 25% • Write up – 25% Individual grade – 25% • Your participation and performance in the presentation – 15%
  2. 2. • Performing necessary work for the group (this is a gimme unless you did very little for the group or your group members inform me that you were dead weight) – 10%