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My notes from the Blood and Thunder Roller Derby bootcamp in Corpus Christi 2011...

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B&t2011 notes

  1. 1. Blood and Thunder BootCamp 2011- Notes by SockMonkeyMost classes I was not able to take notes until afterwards if at all... if something does notmake sense, it does to me, but only because I experienced it. Im happy to clarify anythingthat looks of interest to you but makes no sense... hehe.Class:Jamming by LuLu Demon(on skates)Warm-up“Marking” - positional blocking one on oneOffense wins games!!Drills:2Bb 1Bw 1Wj2black blockers form inside wall in front of 1 white blocker and white jammerjammer fakes outwhite blocker positionally blocks inside, pushing black wall towards the outside (no majorforce or hitting needed, just a push)white jammer then sprints across to new hole on inside.Class:Disaster Scenarios by Coach Ziv KrugerThe goal of each jam is to have a Zero-Zero point differential.Drills:Black- 4B, 1JWhite- 2B, 1JWhite:-Run the pack-Prevent points being scored on you-Everyone on opposing jammer-Jammer coming in hot-Blockers slow pack, then go in for kill-Do not go out of bounds (hit legal, keep inside at all costs)Black:-Get lead jammer
  2. 2. -2B man on-Trap opposing jammer-When your jammer is trapped, go in for kill-Run the clockScenarios:When you have more players on your team-Slow speeds-Spread out-When jammer is through the pack, slow/stop your pack. Control the opposing blockersspeed.Less players on your team-Fast speeds-Stick together-Do not let yourself be scored onWhen you have the advantage-Control the pack-Control the clockClass:Film Study by Coach Ziv KrugerPhili vs Rocky 09*Time of possesion/ how long can you hold the opposing jammer?Ideal outcome of a jam is 0-0 point differential.Play the game lap by lap, not jam by jam. Every time a jammer breaks through, its time toreset and change your play.25% of jammers who break into pack first actually make Lead Jammer status.Errors cost lots of points. You can control your erros.Play smartPlay as a teamDont get greedy (jammers)Keep the jammer in pack (on initial break) as long as possible. Use this in drills with a stopwatch.Its a blockers game. Blockers make Jammers superstars.Increase your threat level, be a jammer killer.
  3. 3. Jammers- do not call the jam when oppsing jammer is on initial pass out of the box. You canprobably make one more pass before she laps the pack.No negative energy, play the game, be patient, rely on your blockers for direction.(watch DNN or vids of games where Coach Cesar is announcing)Class:Stopping on a dime by Smarty PantsBreak down stops into steps to create muscle memorybubblepigeon toe walkingpigeon toe walking after plow-slowslalom 1-2-3-stop (for hockey stop training)Class:Scrimmaging with a purpose by Coach Ziv KrugerAnalyze lossMake drills harder and more exaggerated than reality3 on 3everyone jamsClass:Rules for Jammers by Teflon Donna (phili)Get Clock BOXSit with team-have senarios-ask team how they react to said senariosOffense-kill the blockers-assist jammer-jammer gets leadDefense-kill jammer-protect your point-pack speedSenarios- offense-only my jammer
  4. 4. -opposing jammer through pack/ our jammer approaching-ability to break free of goat sit-teammates have opp. Jammer trapped and my jammer approaching-my jammer behind me (tapping)-#of opposing blockers in box-my jammer ahead of me in pack (go up and help)-in Im a dead point, drop back and help (protect others points)-get lead jammer-if you fall, my jammer behind me/ hit or clar the way on the way back to your position.-my jammer is ahead, not cleared the EZ(engagement zone)Defense-pack speed (fast)-only opposing jammer-my jammer exit EZ/ opposing Jammer in EZ-my jammer trapped/ stuck-outnumbered-my jammer plays defense off line (burn clock for boxed blockers)-teammates are playing offense, opposing jammer in pack or aproaching-opposing jammer right behind me-opposing jammer in EZ (ahead or behind me)Create drills to recreate these situations.Discus afterwards.Discuss with team when to let an opposing jammer throughJammers should go through a checklist:-check penalties-check box-signal lead or not-count points then report them after the jamCome up with situation-as a team pick possible solutions-try it-pick two favorite solutions-they become team strategyBig hits have a 25% possibility of success/ possitional blocking has 75% success rate. Playsmart not hard.Practice days- 1hour endurance/1hour drills*If you are a dead point, become aware and kill opp jammer*A good defense, will make offense.
  5. 5. *Coaches should use the 30 seconds between jams to make sure score board is right.Class:Writing Lines and Rotations by Coach Ziv KrugerScout your team players, place them into four categories. Front inside, front outside, backinside, back outside. Back players need to be more agile and faster. After creating the fourlists, star the players that can jam.First line up includes your 2 primary blockers and top jammer.If you have 14 players:Formula for lineup- Front Wall (2 sets)+ Back Wall(3sets) + Jammer(4)F1+B1+J1F1+B2+J2F2+B2+J3F2+B3+J4F1+B3+J1F1+B1+J2F2+B1+J3and so on...No pack has more than 2 going in cold. Substitute 3 (w/J) never all 5.Front wall regulates the pack speedBack wall has a jammer killerTrain to play together with your pair or tripletUse entire bench until the last 10 minutes then put in disaster lineupKeep all 4 jammers the same throughout the period, switch out as necessary in the secondWhen playing 3/1 blocker walls, 3 sweepers and 1 jammer killer.All points are in transitionRemember to play lap by lap, not jam by jam.There are 19-22 jams per game90 second average jam lengthHow to set up your bench:F2F2 B2B2 B3B3 J2 J3 J42nd Half- adjust lineup according to score.Line up for disaster scenarios-Create a Power Pack
  6. 6. Best 9 players on your teamF1, F2, F3, B1, B2, B3, J1, J2, J3 1. F1+F2+ B1+B2+J1 2. F3+F1+B3+B1+J2 3. F2+F3+B2+B3+J33Fresh 2blockers and 1Jammer in every jam (blockers:skate 2/sit1, J: skate1/sit 2)Bench:F B J J [_ _ _ _ _] <-subs (if other team is in box -front)writing lines- ideal and disasterWhen to use disaster-5 jams of zeroing out-then play 4 blockers on opposing jammer until you zero them out a few jamsbench- offer solutions, do not talk about mistakesDetermining a pivot-can take the cover-agile<3 Find the LOVE <3Play together with your team, love your team. They have your back.Work on every position in practice.every play lasts 3-5 seconds-play your starting position only to start and reset position.Class:Drills by Coach Ziv KrugerScrimmage3 minute jams x 10 jams x 2 periods1 jammer in for 2 minutes@1min other jammer in (switch)Huge packs (equal)Call defense or offense per colorAfter they contain- restart position3 linestake turns blocking towards the inside (quick), back blocker comes in and takes the place ofthe blocker and so on... jammer comes in quickly behind new jammer.J <- BB→
  7. 7. Class:Injury prevention by Bonnie D. Stroier2 knee fall- do not rockstarSkate LOW – almost dragging knees- then drag kneesdont fight the fall.No hands on kneesDont EVER stop completely with a fallForward motion at all timesFalling is not giving up, so dont stop!When falling out of bounds or on one knee, use head to whip you around so that you can stillsee whats going on on the track. Get UP!Have a short mental monologue with quick short messages to yourself.(knee, turn, go, go, go!)Learn how to get up without a toe stop.Get low, fall on knee, put full skate down, then the next skate, no toe stops.Learn and teach the waltz jump-start forward-transition backwards while still looking forwards on focal point, shoulder still pointing theway your head is looking.-Lift front foot (can look forward again)-point toe-swing foot back-open body up-put swung foot down-pull up other foot (point back)-swing that foot forwards as you turn shoulders-land on that foot backwards-finish it off with the foot that was on the ground behind you pointing backClass:Drills by Bonnie D. Stroier3 players#2 (eyes and anchor)#3 (moves around as swinger/wall mate behind #2, anchored to #2) Keep in mind your lines,stay behind and to the side.Jammer#3 pushes/pulls #2 out of the way
  8. 8. 2B 1J in box#2 look inside#3 look outside#3 protects #2 bc it protects box pointsSet up traps- dont always react.-Annoy jammer and positionally block-let the jammer think they r pushing you forwards-get out of way (get beside #2)-Jammer will take her chance inside (avoiding the annoying blocker and blinded from seeingthe huge hole on the outside)-then move in and own herTo own a jammer-take away speed-control her (poss block)-send her to the box!-do not knock down jammer (that gives them fire and purpose to score on you)Drill: Apex Hit** super awesome **B2 holds lineB3 traps jammer behind B2, hip checks jammer with an apex hit, pulls back B2, jammerMAJOR cuts (bye bye jammer have fun in the box! Power jam situation for your team!)Apex hit is a shove, not a hit, with hip on jammers leg just below the hip. B3 point toes intothe line, get low (very), make a circle with hips, follow through, slow your B2 w/ hips onhands.If jammer is too close to B2, create space by using shoulder bumps so you can legally putyour hands on your B2s hips.Class:Goal writing, Affirmation, and Visualization that makes magic happenby Bonnie D.StroirIndividual/ Skater/ Team/ League-Write what you wantwrite as if you already have it (in present tense).When a physical sensation happens w/ a thought- thats magic.Fact- then how it makes you feelKeep writing until it makes you more and more excited.Create w/ writing, painting, acting, what you wantHave FAITH. If you dont- start small.
  9. 9. -Visualize (daydream) use your downtime to visualize what you wantMy goal for this season is …use the future date you want it completed by, use as many in depth descriptions as you can.Emotions are your strengthsCreate emotional reactions to your goalsYour brain does not know the difference between real and imagined in respect to emotionalexperiences.Mind- body connection is POWERFUL!Make mental pictures all the timemake magicI cannot ever contradict my goal- writtenmake visual goals-send a consistant messege-think about it before I go to sleep-praise yourself for accomplishing that goal-take compliments-yay! For everyone- no Boo!-bring good energy into your life-uptalk your goalSecrets:-if your goal is too big, too far, dont talk about it-not until you are ready and wont get bummed-if the goal is fragile, dont talk about it-dong engage in bad energy or words-hang out w/ possitive peopleOnce you wrote it, leave it.When you actually meet your goal, it will only be the icing, in your mind- you alreadyachieved it.Keep possitive, no matter what happens in your day.If you what you want, you have not seen before- find it. Make sure you know its possible.Make a picture with a date.Tell everyonetake action with Faith.Teach the Magic
  10. 10. Class:Jammer Checklist: What you need to win by LuLuDemonJam Smart- Think DifferentBench/Deck-penalties- track after jam- know before you go out (jammers never go out w/ 3 minors)minimize risk, stay out of the box!-on deck- talk to your blockers, find out whats going on (sit J next to B)-how many players in box? (both teams)-how much time on clock?-score?Line-whos the jam ref? (yours)-how many fingers up for you? (minors)-how many opposing jammer (minors)-whos on the line for the opp team? How do they skate? What do they do?-How are they setting up on the line? What are they doing?-Make eye contact with at least one teammate, especially your blocker.-Look at the box. Anyone standing?-Know how much time box peeps have left.Exiting the pack (10-20ft out of the pack, get out of danger first)-get to the inside-look at jam ref, are you lead?-find other jammer-look at bench coach (are they telling you anything?)-look at clock (½ way round)-find jammer-look at coach (¾ way round)Exiting and Coming back in cont-Figure out what you are going to do (by looking at coach/your blocker)-whats my pack doing? (go or patient jammer?)-whos in the box or about to be out of the box?What to think about IN THE PACK-how many points do you want?-wheres the opp jammer?-be aware of minors called on you (call it off if you incur a 3rd Minor in the pack or pass thestar to your pivot)-how many minors-pivot?
  11. 11. Do this in a drill- mimic w/ someone in the middle.[create a jammer support group on the bench. Foster Jamnesia- learn and forget]Plan + PositiveBefore bout- visualization 2 weeks before 30 min/day-imagine every step of going into your home until your mind is clear-good nutrition-everyone hugs-relax-game day warm up, same as every time, dont try anything newDrill:for jammers and blockers, everyone keeps track of their points.counting dead points- use colors/numberscount live points***We really need to talk as a league/team about getting a coach and a bench manager.When you are on the bench, do not watch the game. Mostly on Deck. Talk about whats goingto happen. Check the box. Because watching distracts and drains your energy. Practice andkeep a quiet bench. SHHHHH!!!!Class:Getting the most out of practice by Teflon DonnaIf you are not getting better, you are getting worse.Brain... checkWhen you go to practice, transition from daily life to ATHLETE.Put on your superman outfit...Give time to accomplish a to do list in your day. Not during practice.Body... checkEnergy level- low? -music -food -run around -visualize high? - music – chill -lay down -imagine something mondaneMuscles- loose? -squeeze muscles -flex tight? -stretch – shakeCreate a purpose for each practice (whoever is leading practice, and individuals)-write it down-vocalize it during stretchingPurpose categories: task, skill, emotion, intensity, teqnique
  12. 12. [book: Its a Mental Thing]Goal Setting:keep skater journals -make team goals/ - make personal goals to support team goalsoutcome goal- dont have control over itperformance goal- measured (based on prior experience)process goal- purpose individual do every timeSkater evaluations- anonymous (google docs?)Skill/LevelSelf evaluation and evaluate all other skatersQuestions about what motivates you/ distractsClass:Backwards Blocking and more by Bonnie D.StroierEvery awesome thing starts as a hot mess. :o)Jumps are controlled fallsknees are steering wheels (watch others and your own) Drill??Trippy practice Drill??When you fall, keep moving.Stuck? Move your Feet!!!Parallel feet = jammer deathDont power struggle – move your feet/shoulders/body, get out of it!Blocking backwards (find footage of LA RIOTS VLEE)transitional- strike/ hit/ guide (yellow light then red)positional- skate backwards with hip or butt then front areaStrike: come up from behind, turn in, squat and pop them with your butt or shoulder checkPivot backwardsyou can see and tell your teammates where to go, impending danger.Turn sideways and hit shoulder to chest or shoulder to shoulderSide positional block then flip and hit shoulder to chest** show team muscle test **Class:Leadership among Alphas: Coaching, refing, league leadership by Bonnie D.StroirStart hard- get softer.
  13. 13. Speak in a language they can hear.Integrity- be genuine= passion management (hold, reflect, address issues)-emotional honesty(dont talk like a corporate robot)Address the situation- not the person (most people are good in their core)Online: Use the draft buttonSet up a meeting- coffeeDont talk about anyone!!Intermingle- put on your pads in a different areaStart Lil-sister programtalk directly to the sourceTime managementhave derby days (and non derby days)allow time for mental injury recoverycreate boundaries- dont be accessible all the timeprevent the snap!Decide how long you want to do derby and why you would leave. Then set boundaries anddont quit unless youve pre-decided it was a good reason.Do not dominate, lead.Delegate and let people fail.