Yahoo mail technical support


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Yahoo mail technical support

  1. 1. Yahoo! is a web portal and an internet content and service provider. It is known for its manyproducts and services, such as their search engine, e-mail, instant messaging, and video, but alsocontents their products in news, weather forecasting, money and other information. Yahoo!makes money from advertisements in their services. Yahoo a name synonym with the growthof internets an American internet giant headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, UnitedStates. The company is perhaps best-known for its online web presence, search engine YahooSearch, Yahoo Directory, Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Chat, Yahoo News, Yahoo! Groups, YahooAnswers, advertising, online mapping, video sharing, and social media website and services. It isone of the largest websites in the United States and has presence in almost 200 countries acrossthe world.Yahoo! has three flavors of email services. The traditional Yahoo Mail Classic continues the availability of the original interfaceintroduced in 1997. A new version introduced in 2005 included a new Ajax interface,drag-and-drop, improved search functionality, keyboard shortcuts, addresses auto-complete, tabs, and more. In October 2010 Yahoo released a new bet aversion of Yahoo Mail, which included anew design, improved performance, improved search functionality, and improved Facebook integration. In May 2011 beta testing for the new version stopped and it became the default interfacefor Yahoo! MailYahoo! MailIt is a free service offered by Yahoo Corporation since 1997 has recently transformed it to a newavatar as Y! Mail is one of the most popular web-based email services available to usersworldwide. It is one of the highly preferred email services since its creation and with more than250 million users currently. Yahoo Mail provides unlimited storage capacity for emails andmany advanced features like Integrated Yahoo Instant Messenger, Virus & Spam Scanner.Features of yahoo mail:-Instantly Get Your Mail Anytime, Anywhere Read, responds to and organizes yourmessages quickly, whether you’re at home or on the go.Smart Search and Filters -Locate and manage your mail with powerful tools like personalfilters and advanced searching.Message with Ease-Yahoo! Mail automatically detects photos and videos in yourmessages so you can view them right from your Inbox.
  2. 2. Unlimited Storage-Reliably keep all your messages, photos, and videos. No storage limitmeans you can use your email as your personal archive.Spam Protection-Yahoo! Mail blocks over 15 billion spam messages daily. Our spamprotection works to deliver only the messages you want and block the ones you dont.Themes-Yahoo! Mail has a gallery of themes you can use to customize the look of yourinbox.Some of the issues faced by Yahoo Users:Receiving spam emails in your inboxYahoo Mail running slowYahoo mail Junk emails problemUnable to send or receive emailYahoo mail Login failure problemYahoo mail Password ProblemYahoo Account HackedUnable to configure yahoo mail on Outlook or other email clientsUnable to configure yahoo mail on smart phones or tabletsHow we can resolve yahoo mail problems:Following are some steps to resolve some yahoo problems:- Removing Spam Mails:The spam mails are quite common and hence the people across the world have been inquest of the ways of restricting it. The spam mails might contain various viruses, phishingattacks and as a result your computer’s security might be in risk. So deleting these mailsis a vital task and you can do it with the following steps:Open your spam mailbox.Click the mails which you want to delete.Now click delete and all your selected mails will be deleted. Yahoo Account Hacked and yahoo mail password problem:Forgetting password is a very simple issue and it is quite amongst the people or it maybemay be due to hacking. You may forget your password at any time but there is a veryeasy method to retrieve your yahoo mail password at any time you feel the need. Thereare some very useful processes provided by Yahoo Mail and some of them are stated anddiscussed below.To retrieve your lost password, go to the login page and enter your email address.
  3. 3. Click forgot password and a window will pop up asking you answer to yoursecurity question.Answer the question correctly with the answer you entered while signup.Now a window will pop up asking for a new password. Enter the password andconfirm it.Now you password is changed and you can use your Yahoo Mail account withyour new password. Recovering Yahoo Mail Password:Again there is another way through which you can recover your yahoo mail password andthat is through your recovery mail. The mail you entered while signing up can be used torecover Yahoo mail password.While you click at forgot password and yahoo will ask for your recovery email id.Enter your recovery email id and Click submits.Now go to your recovery email and Click password reset link sent by yahoo mail.Now you can change your yahoo mail password. Yahoo mail Junk emails problem solution:Reset your password - If your Yahoo! accounts password has beencompromised, the fastest way to stop spam from being sent is to create a new,strong password.Review your alternate email address - Its important to ensure your accountsalternate email address has not been modified. If it has been, the party responsiblefor the spamming may be able to regain access to your account even after youchanged your password. Unable to send or receive email:If you see an error indicating your account has been temporarily suspended from sendingmessages, Yahoo! Mail may have detected unusual activity on your account; or themessage you are trying to send may contain characteristics indicative of spam. This blockis temporary.If you attempted to send a message, we encourage you to consider the following items tohelp prevent your account from getting this error in the future:If youre sending a message to a large number of recipients, try sending it insmall batches of under 100 recipients.If you need to send many messages, try not to send them within a short period oftime.
  4. 4. Check the contents of your message (e.g., URLs) for something our systemsmight consider as spam. Yahoo mail Login failure problemForgetting password is a very simple issue and it is quite amongst the people. You mayforget your password at any time but there is a very easy method to retrieve your yahoomail password at any time you feel the need. There are some very useful processesprovided by Yahoo Mail and some of them are stated and discussed below. You cancheck by changing your explorer because this problem may be due to Explorer. Ifproblem is not resolved then you can try following steps:-Click forgot password and awindow will pop up asking you answer to your security question.To retrieve your lost password, go to the login page and enter your email address.Answer the question correctly with the answer you entered while signup.Now a window will pop up asking for a new password. Enter the password andconfirm it. Yahoo Mail running slow:-When Yahoo! unveiled its new email browser, some users experienced problems withslowly loading messages. According to Yahoo!, the likely culprit is a Web browser thatdoesnt have caching enabled. Internet Explorer saves caches of various Web pages sothat you dont have to download them each time you visit, but rather you can use theinformation already on your hard drive. In order to make Yahoo! Mail run faster, youllneed to make sure caching is enabled.Launch Internet Explorer.Click "Tools" then "Internet Options."Click on the "Advanced" tab.Click on the "General" tab.Click "Settings," found under the "Browsing History" heading.Click the radial button for "Automatically" under the "Check for newer versionsof stored pages" heading.Change the number in the "Amount of disc space to use" to at least 50.Click "OK," then "Apply," then "OK.How we can resolve ymail problems: