Gradle(the innovation continues)


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Gradle(the innovation continues)

  1. 1. GradleThe Innovation Continues
  2. 2. About UsHans Dockter Founder Gradle, CEO Gradleware hans.dockter@gradleware.comLuke Daley Principal Engineer, Gradleware.
  3. 3. GradleBuild automation evolved.Gradle can automate the building, testing, publishing, deployment and more ofsoftware packages or other types of projects such as generated static websites,generated documentation or indeed anything else. JVM based Implemented in Java, Groovy outer layer 100% Free Open Source - Apache Standard License 2.0
  4. 4. The Road to 1.0
  5. 5. Gradle 1.0 Released 12th June 2012.
  6. 6. The innovation Releases roughly every 6 weeks continues …
  7. 7. Clickable report URLsWhenever a task that produces some kind of report fails, you get a URL to thereport file.This makes it much easier to open. Linux - directly clickable (most terminals) Mac OS - + click to open Windows - copy/pasteSmall feature, surprisingly useful.
  8. 8. Upgrade AssistanceGradle has a frequent release cycle, we want to help you keep current.The “build comparison” support facilitates testing your build with differentversions.Verify that your outputs are the same with the new Gradle version.
  9. 9. Maven conversion Convert a pom.xml to a build.gradle Gives you a staring point Incubating!
  10. 10. Test Output Detailed test information, in the console Stacktraces Events (e.g. skipped) T unable and flexible M ultiple logging levelsThere’s a very detailed forum post on this.
  11. 11. New dependency report Indicates both requested and selected versions Much better insight into version conflicts(previous version only showed selected)
  12. 12. Dependency Insight Inverse of dependencies report Shows path to a dependency Explains how/why a dependency is in the graph
  13. 13. Dependency resolution API ResolutionResult A model of the resolved dependency graph requested and selected Selection reason Basis for new dependency reports Fine grained conflict handling rules
  14. 14. Performance & Relevance depends on scenarios Memory
  15. 15. Parallel execution –parallel –parallel-threads=«num» Incubating!
  16. 16. Compiler For Java, Groovy, ScalaDaemons
  17. 17. Incremental Scala Zinc (SBT) integration Compile
  18. 18. Native A platform wonderlandintegration
  19. 19. Continue on failureLive Demo
  20. 20. Androidapply plugin android :version = 1.0android { targetandroid-16 productFlavors{ free packageName = } { paid } buildTypes custom } {}sourceSets { mai. njava.srcDir some-dir mai. nresour ces.srcDir some-resources fre.ejava. srcDir some-free-dir}
  21. 21. Looking forward Some things in the pipeline…
  22. 22. Dependency managementWe are continuing to add new dependency management features, primarily forconflict control and precision.Also working on a new model to cover: Variants Publication types (beyond single file) Context sensitive dependency consumption
  23. 23. Implicit pluginsBeing able to have plugins applied automatically. Forexample, based on the name of a requested task.That is, no need to add wrapper or compareGradleBuilds tasks.
  24. 24. JavaScriptImproving the documentation for the existing JavaScript support in Gradle. Minification/Compression St atic Analysis (e.g. JSHint) Tra nspiling (e.g. CoffeeScript) Te st Execution (e.g. Jasmine)All based on a general purpose JavaScript tool toolkit (based on Rhino).
  25. 25. C/C++
  26. 26. Plugin Developers
  27. 27. Enterprisescalability
  28. 28. More Gradle…
  29. 29. GradlewareThe company behind Gradle. Employs full time engineers Gradle consulting, support, development services etc. Training: online, public and in-house General build automation services Germany, Australia, UK, Poland, Austria, Canada and the US.
  30. 30. The Gradle Book Free HTML version online @
  31. 31. ScreencastsScreencasts about Gradle are available The Gradle Wrapper A Gentle Introduction To Gradle
  32. 32. WebinarsWe are hosting monthly webinars with Gradleware Engineers.Past webinars (recordings available via The Gradle Roadmap In-Depth 1.0 power features Standardising and administering your build environment Migrating and upgradingUpcoming: Permanently Slim - No Lean without Automation Automation Dog FoodKeep an eye on
  33. 33. More… User Guide DSL Reference API docs github.c om/gradle/gradle gradle.o rg/books s gra gradleware.c om/resourcesProfessional services available through
  34. 34. Thank You Come and talk to us at our booth.