Promotional strategy of mehendi


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Promotional strategy of mehendi

  1. 1. Promotional strategy of mehendi:Promotion:promotion is communicating with the public in an attempt toinfluence them toward buying your products and/or services.: The function of promotion is to affect the customer behavior in order to close asale.Of course, it must be consistent with the buying process described in the consumeranalysis.There are three basic objectives of promotion. These are: 1. To present information to consumers as well as others. 2. To increase demand. 3. To differentiate a product.Promotion is one of the market mix elements. The specification of five promotional mix orpromotional plan. The specification of five promotional mix or promotional plan. These elements are personal selling,advertising, sales promotion, direct marketing, and publicity.Advertising:In modern marketing to make a good product and pricing it is not sufficient,the main point is to make it available to target customers. After havingdetermined the target market, companies must also communicate incontrolled direction with their customers. So we have also an advertisingstrategy for the product.Advertising Objectives:As this is a new product in the market we decide to use informativeadvertising to build primary demand. We have to inform customers aboutwhat Henna hair dye is?(we have to inform them, Henna hair dye is a
  2. 2. 100% natural product, there is no side effect by the through ofadvertisement like-TV, Newspaper, internet, road side banner, etc. ) , howcan they reach the product, what will be the benefits of using Henna hairdye. So all of these must be in the informative way to take the attraction.The Advertising Budget:We have been decided our budget higher than a normal new product as 1chore. The first factor that effect the budget is the product stage in the lifecycle. As it is a new product we have to spend more for it to giveinformation. Another factor that is important for us is our market share, asbeing a high-market sharing brand we need more advertising. In the firstmonth we will have a higher advertising frequency, so we need moremoney also for this reason.Advertising Strategy:We have a message strategy first of all. This new product must beunderstand by the customers easily and the usage must be easy too. Somessage is very important here, as we decide “We know what your hairneed, do you want to know too?” Our message is clean, and can attract thecustomer. And after the message we will briefly give information about theproduct differentiation. The message must be believable. Theadvertisements must be a slice of life, we have to show what is producedfor changing their shampoo behaviors and show how to use.Selecting Media:As we have to reach lot people but right people we have to use differentmedias. We have decided to use TV Ads, Advertorials, Radio, Magazine,Outdoor, Internet Ads also.Sales Promotion:As we mention earlier we have a promotion for initial usage. We give 50%discount when a customer uses it first. We take the demographicinformation about our customer in this way. Entice consumers to try a new
  3. 3. product. As sales promotion consist of short and medium term incentives toencourage purchase of a product or service and sales promotions aredesigned to attract new triers, reward brand loyal customers, reduce timebetween purchases, and even turn light and medium users into heavyusers we have given a 50% of discount at first buy.Personal selling:We will follow the personal selling strategy because our product is newlyenter in market and customers can not know or aware about our Hennahair dye product. By the through of personal selling our sales person will goto the customers and their houses for to aware & to promote about theproduct. We will give some demo to the target customers.Examples: Eureka fobs, Café desire.Direct marketing:Direct marketing is a channel-agnostic form of advertising that allows businesses and nonprofits tocommunicate straight to the customer, with advertising techniques such as mobile messaging, email,interactive consumer websites, online display ads, fliers, catalog distribution, promotional letters, andoutdoor advertising.Public Relations:Public relations are very important for us because the product is very new,and we have decided to construct a web site for detailed information andfeedback. People visit our web site can send suggestions or problems orthemselves. And there will also be special events to reach public, in thatevents there will be speeches about the product and facilities are beingtold.PLACE:Location is Hyderabad & AP
  4. 4. Product available in all kirana shops,supper market, modern trade-reliancefresh ect.Distribution channel:Our product Henna hair dye is a unique product. So we need to reachpeople at the time they need Hair dye. The Henna hair dye is sold at retailso our distribution channel is store retailing. The customers buy our productat shopping mostly so our fist target is supermarkets.Our product is available in online like e-cumerse site & distribution facilitiesare cash on delivery & before purchase payment.