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Technology in the classroom


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Published in: Education
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Technology in the classroom

  1. 1. Technology In The Classroom As a teacher I’ve seen how technology in the classroom is a benefit for my students.
  2. 2.  When using technology to facilitate K-12 instruction, teachers have to take into consideration whether students are learning concepts successfully with the use of technology rather than with only traditional instruction.
  3. 3.  Technology offers various helpful resources for all grades and subjects.
  4. 4.  Technology provides students with essential resources such as illustrations, sound, video, 3-D simulations, etc.
  5. 5.  Technology can simplify instruction for students and can be used as differentiated instruction.
  6. 6.  Technology can provide students with other types of instruction rather than teacher-led instruction. Technology can simplify a topic for a student by explaining it differently.
  7. 7.  Technology global news. can also be used to teach
  8. 8.  Unfortunately, most students are not interested in global news; however, using technology can make news interesting for students. The Internet permits free video conferencing which permits interaction in real time with sister schools in other countries.
  9. 9.  From an educational viewpoint, what could be more important than understanding other cultures through direct dialog and collaboration?
  10. 10.  Planning and integrating technology in a classroom takes time; but not including technology in the lesson plans can make the instruction less interesting or motivating to the students.