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Devoteecare 2011


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Published in: Spiritual
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Devoteecare 2011

  1. 1. Juhu October, 2011
  2. 2. “Give them all facility to perfect their lives by protecting them and instructing them nicely, that is now the duty of my senior disciples.” - Letter to Karandhara - Delhi, 3 December, 1971.
  3. 3. The Devotee Care initiativeis a manifestation of theGBC`s will to create aholistic culture of care inISKCON, that will keepdevotees happy and bringmore devotees !
  4. 4. Social (Community) Physical (Body) Emotional (Mind, Intelligence & Ego) Spiritual (Soul)Devotee Care – a definite need!
  5. 5. Vaishnavis Brahmachari & Sannyasi Elderly & Children & Health Care Youth Grhastha & Vanaprastha CaregiversThe committee, based on the unique needs, has identified the above sectionsof our society that would receive the different levels of care.
  6. 6. STRUCTURE AGENCIES ED Preaching Temples Centers DD ZS Congregational Farm Directorates Communities DR Ministries Affiliates TR
  7. 7.  AWARENESS  Regularly speaking about Devotee Care INSPIRATION  Setting the Example, Caring from the Front FACILITATION  Providing Resources EMPOWERMENT  Empower Devotees To Act
  8. 8. BOOK DISTRIBUTION DEVOTEE CARE RESPONSIBILITYAWARENESS Srila Prabhupad GBC and present Zonal Secretaries / himself Leaders/Gurus based DC Representatives on Srila Prabhupad’s by conducting teachings & example seminars & anecdotesINSPIRATION SP pushing publication Leaders spend time, DCC – Provide & distribution, energy & channelize various Resources – spending sleepless funds to have like Guidebook / nights for translation tangible inspiration Manual, Journal, & himself distributing Ezine, Website etc. the booksFACILITATION SP got TPs to allocate DCC can guide local DCC – DC Kits men and money for temples to book distribution administer DC by providing guidance and DC Kits
  9. 9. The system will also include monitoring and continuous improvement of quality of caring for devotees at various levels. To enthuse the temples /communities, Certifications andStar * ratings would be awarded.
  10. 10. Invest in Care Krishna is Happy Pleased Devotees(More Lakshmi) More Books More (Distributed) Devotees
  11. 11. We request you to give your valuable suggestions, revisions of plans, course correction if need be, and a formal sanction of the plans, so we can continue to work with confidence.
  12. 12. Hare KrishnaSamaveta bhakta-vrinda ki jai!Srila Prabhupada ki jai ! Help us serve