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An introduction to DevOps targeted at Recruitment Consultants that are trying to understand the DevOps market and how to screen candidates

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  • Or to put it more bluntly…
  • We want to break down the silos… but don’t attack the silos directly… or you’ll get resistance
  • Before we go any further into DevOps it’s worth quickly looking at some of the influences that you might be familiar with…Agile Software DevelopmentLean Manufacturing (and Eric Ries Lean Startup movement)Demming and the Wheel – Plan Do Check ActToyota Production SystemGoldratt’s Theory of Constraints – drum, buffer, ropeThe main objectives of the TPS are to design out overburden (muri) and inconsistency (mura), and to eliminate waste (muda). The most significant effects on process value delivery are achieved by designing a process capable of delivering the required results smoothly; by designing out "mura" (inconsistency). It is also crucial to ensure that the process is as flexible as necessary without stress or "muri" (overburden) since this generates "muda" (waste). Finally the tactical improvements of waste reduction or the elimination of muda are very valuable.  (Wikipedia)Kaizen (We improve our business operations continuously, always driving for innovation and evolution.)
  • John Allspaw, one of the Founders of the O’Reilly Velocity Conference and Dev Lead @ EtsyJesse Robbins, formerly @ Amazon and now at OpsCodeGene Kim, founder of TripWireEtcetc
  • Devopsguys DevOps 101 for recruiters

    1. DevOpsGuys Devops 101 for Recruiters What is DevOps, why is it important and how to hire the correct candidates? DevOpsGuys 1
    2. Agenda • • • • • DevOps on the Job Boards Why DevOps? What is DevOps? What does this mean for Recruiters? Q&A DevOpsGuys
    3. DevOps on the job boards DevOpsGuys
    4. DevOps Job Board Keywords DevOpsGuys
    5. Why does IT need to change? WHY DEVOPS? DevOpsGuys 2
    6. Companies are Changing DevOpsGuys
    7. Who needs IT Depts? “Gartner predicts that in less than three years, 35% of enterprise IT expenditures will happen outside of the corporate IT budget.” “results of PricewaterhouseCoopers' Digital IQ Survey indicate that at 100 of the companies PwC ranks as "top performers," IT controls less than 50% of corporate technology expenditures.” DevOpsGuys
    8. Development HAS changed DevOpsGuys
    9. Focus shifted to Service (and Speed) DevOpsGuys
    10. The Best are reaping the Rewards DevOpsGuys 4
    11. And why should you care? WHAT IS DEVOPS? DevOpsGuys 2
    12. Defining Devops I “The term “DevOps” typically refers to the emerging professional movement that advocates a collaborative working relationship between Development and IT Operations, resulting in the fast flow of planned work (i.e., high deploy rates), while simultaneously increasing the reliability, stability, resilience and security of the production environment.” – Gene Kim DevOpsGuys
    13. He goes on to say “…while simultaneously increasing the reliability, stability, resilience and security of the production environment.” – Gene Kim DevOpsGuys
    14. Defining Devops II “I’ll tell you EXACTLY what DevOps means. DevOps means giving a sh*t about your job enough to not pass the buck. DevOps means giving a sh*t about your job enough to want to learn all the parts and not just your little world. Developers need to understand infrastructure. Operations people need to understand code. People need to f**king work with each other and not just occupy space next to each other.” - John E. Vincent (@Lusis) DevOpsGuys
    15. Breaking down Silos DevOpsGuys
    16. Products not Projects "Delivery teams run software products - not projects – that run from inception to retirement“ – Jez Humble, (Thoughtworks) DevOpsGuys
    17. DevOps influences Deming Toyota (TPS) • • • • Lean Agile DevOps DevOpsGuys Muri Mura Mudi Kaizen Goldratt ToC
    18. Some Key Thinkers Patrick DuBois (@patrickdubois) Andrew Schafer (@littleidea) Gene Kim (@realgenekim) Jez Humble (@jezhumble) Jesse Robbins (@jesserobins) John Allspaw (@Allspaw) John Willis (@botchagalupe) DevOps DevOpsGuys Damon Edwards (@damonedwards)
    19. CALMS Model Culture Automation Lean • Hearts & Minds • Embrace Change • CI/CD/ • “Infrastructure as Code” • Focus on producing value for the end-user • Small batch sizes Metrics • Measure everything • Show the improvement Sharing • Open information sharing • Collaboration DevOpsGuys
    20. Don’t fight Stupid… DevOpsGuys
    21. Embrace Chaos! “One of the first systems our engineers built in AWS is called the Chaos Monkey. The Chaos Monkey’s job is to randomly kill instances and services within our architecture. If we aren’t constantly testing our ability to succeed despite failure, then it isn’t likely to work when it matters most – in the event of an unexpected outage.” DevOpsGuys
    22. DevOps Transformation • Don’t attack the Silos – “Make more awesome” • Use the CAMS framework & the 3 Ways as guiding principles • Start small & iterate • Standard change management practices… but remember culture, culture, culture! DevOpsGuys
    23. What DevOps ISN’T • Not a “free-for-all” • Not a return to the “pre-ITIL cowboys days” • “Developers managing Production” – • 12 DevOps Anti-Patterns – DevOpsGuys
    24. A difference in emphasis? DEVOPS & RECRUITERS DevOpsGuys
    25. DevOps Job Board Keywords DevOpsGuys
    26. “DevOps” Whitewashing • Most of the job ads aren’t really “DevOps” jobs – It’s a SysAdmin job that someone’s stuck a DevOps label on… • Challenge the customer’s requirements – Puppet and Chef on the same advert? • DevOps isn’t a synonym for Automation (remember C.A.L.M.S!) DevOpsGuys
    27. Understand the Big Picture • “DevOps” Transformation • Digital Transformation • Cloud Migration DevOpsGuys
    28. Read “The Phoenix Project” DevOpsGuys
    29. DevOpsGuys Thank You operations | availability | performance | scalability | migration | strategy DevOpsGuys 12
    30. What We Do DevOpsGuys provide development & operations support (DevOps) services for your online applications. You run your business. We run your website. It’s as simple as that. DevOpsGuys 3
    31. Our service portfolio • 24 x 7 Application-Centric web operations • DevOps Transformation & Training • Continuous Delivery implementation • Infrastructure Automation & “Infrastructure as Code” • Application Performance Management • AppDynamics Implementation & Consultancy • Web Performance consulting • Web monitoring • Load Testing • Test Automation and scripting • JetBrains Product Implementation & Consultancy • Octopus Deploy implementation DevOpsGuys
    32. Our Team James Smith (@TheDevMgr) Steve Thair (@TheOpsMgr) • 16 years of software delivery experience. • Proven track record • 25 years of IT Operations experience. • Proven track record – – – – – – – Pizza Hut KFC Dell RAC Aviva Fujitsu Siemens Whitbread – – – – – – – DevOpsGuys Vodafone Credit Suisse Group IBM BNP Paribas Zurich Financial Services Totaljobs Group TSL Education 14
    33. Contact Us Visit us at Call our team on +44 (0)20 8798 3079 Email our engineers at DevOpsGuys 13