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Thunderstruck by serverless


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Conall Bennett from CME Group Belfast gave this talk at DevOpsDays Galway 2017:

What's all the fuss with serverless architecture? To some, it is the future of architecture implementation and is disrupting DevOps, traditional implementation models, enterprise approaches to IT, and entry to and time to market.

This talk is an experience report on how our team fell into a serverless implementation without any real experience of the technology and how we learned about it along the way. I will give a brief overview of what serverless is and its benefits and how we went from sceptics of it initially to advocates along our journey of discovery.

I will describe our team test first mentality and the multiple functional and non-functional approaches and patterns we applied to serverless, as well as the existing challenges of testing it. That includes how we ran exploratory performance tests to determine and quantify language deficiencies on the platform in order to help drive our implementation approach.

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Thunderstruck by serverless

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  4. 4. • • • • • Source: operations-serverless-world/
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  6. 6. Amazon S3 corporate data center web app server web app server Data consumers Apache Kafka Microservice A Microservice B Microservice C Microservice D Microservice E Many simplifications aside, esp. on the consumer side, the data pipeline & flow broadly looks like this. At this point in the project, the micro service architecture is high level, we know they will be restful micro services. Main AWS VPC Message decoding Message enrichment Real time message sink
  7. 7. Of course its not simples, that would be boring! Its not really “lift and shift” either! More like “lift – architect – re-architect – shift – re- architect again – lift some more – re-architect, then shift and deliver before further re-architecting
  8. 8. Amazon S3 corporate data center web app server Consumer service Data consumers Apache Kafka So AWS Lambda’s have moved in as the micro service technology, with API Gateways exposing the endpoints. Main AWS VPC Message decoding Message enrichment Real time message sink
  9. 9. • How do we automate the deployment? • How do we know our consumers can integrate? • Does serverless really scale & perform? • Is it secure enough? •How do Lambdas work with an API Gateway? •Does it function the way we would expect a RestFul service to function? •What could possibly go wrong with a Lambda?
  10. 10. Func Unit tests in CI Mocked http tests in CI Deployment tests in CD Consumer driven contract tests Manual exploratory (lots of this) Perf Load Soak Exploratory Security Automated Fuzzing Manual exploratory Static scanning Reliabili ty Manual monkeying! • Can we integrate with the consumer(s)? • Can we run our code locally, without being on the platform, to see if it works? • Does it run properly on the platform? • Are we getting the right responses for the right data? • When do lambda containers go cold after being warm? • How much concurrent load can a single lambda container handle? • What’s the initialization time for a java lambda? • Is the lambda responsive? What is the error rate and does memory size matter? • Can we inject instability into the platform in any unexpected ways? • Our we using secure libraries with no known vulnerabilities? • Can we fuzz our way into the system and past security? • Can we find dynamic ways of getting past the platform security and injecting malicious code through requests?
  11. 11. Post-deploy - run on demand or in a CD pipelinePre-deploy - these live in CI Functional Unit Mocked http Deployment test Exploratory Performanc e Load Soak Exploratory Security Static scanning Automated fuzzing Exploratory Reliability Manual monkeying Predeployteststhatit“can” work Postdeployteststhatthe functionality“does”work
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