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~~Putting~~ Convincing the Ops in DevOps by Jamie Jones


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DevOpsDays Baltimore 2017.

As organizations begin the path towards Dev-ops, I often run across development teams who are ready to start the transition, but don't yet have their operations counterparts on board.

This talk is about the experiences and techniques that I have seen work (and not work) in my time supporting customers as a Solutions Engineer for GitHub, as well as being a development team lead in an Organization whose Operations-side was reluctant to pursue DevOps.

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~~Putting~~ Convincing the Ops in DevOps by Jamie Jones

  1. 1. the best way to build and ship software Putting Convincing the Ops (to be) in DevOps
  2. 2. Jamie Jones • Government Implementation Specialist • Version Control Enthusiast • Recovering Government technologist ! jbjonesjr jbjonesjr
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