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Hidden Secrets of Google Analytics

You’ve used Google Analytics for years, but how deep have you searched into its hidden, labyrinthian corners? In this advanced workshop, you’ll get introduced to the reports, dimensions, segments, and other features you never knew could be so valuable, including:

Using service provider names to identify your audience
Using site search terms to inform your content strategy
Creating meaningful dashboards and automating your emailed reports
Best practices for filtering, campaigns, and event tracking
This workshop will dive into the inner depths of this analytics tool while staying focused on what really matters to your key stakeholders.

We’ll be using case studies of Google Analytics implementations from real nonprofit websites, campaigns, and mobile apps to illustrate all these hidden secrets. You will walk out of this session with a list of immediate next steps for enhancing your Google Analytics implementation, a wealth of knowledge about how you can push this tool to help you better measure your organization’s digital goals, and new techniques for reporting website data to your stakeholders.

Presentation from the Nonprofit Technology Conference 2016

Hidden Secrets of Google Analytics

  1. 1. Hidden  Secrets  of   Google  Analy4cs #16NTCgasecrets   @devonvsmith   @JuliaCoyner
  2. 2. Devon  Smith   Strategy  Director  &  Co-­‐Founder,  Measure   @devonvsmith Julia  Robinson   CommunicaDons  Manager,  Business  for  Social   Responsibility   @JuliaCoyner #16NTCgasecrets
  3. 3. Follow  Along   Presenta4on  Slides:   Wifi:  marriot_conference  /  nten2016   Collabora4ve  Notes:  hNp://­‐16NTC   Evalua4on:  hNp:// #16NTCgasecrets
  4. 4. Agenda   Secrets   BeFer  Reports   BeFer  Data   BeFer  Process   Beyond  Google  Analy4cs   Q&A #16NTCgasecrets
  5. 5. Secrets #16NTCgasecrets
  6. 6. Secrets   1.  Ask  ques4ons  and  test  hypotheses.
  7. 7. Secrets   2.  Use  less  data.
  8. 8. Secrets   3.  Add  beFer  data.
  9. 9. Secrets   4.  Invest  up  front,  then  automate.
  10. 10. Secrets   5.  Add  insights.
  11. 11. Secrets   Reality  check  (Q&A  with  Julia).
  12. 12. BeFer  Reports #16NTCgasecrets
  13. 13.  Reports   Who  visits  our  website?
  14. 14. Add  an   advanced   segment… …to  make   this  list  more   useful
  15. 15. Segments   narrow   the  data   you  see
  16. 16. “Service   Provider”  is     the  name     of  the   organizaDon   browsing   your  site
  17. 17. That’s  great,   but  what   are  they   looking  at?
  18. 18. Secondary   Dimensions   add  more   data  to  your   report
  19. 19. Who  they   are,  and   what  they’re   reading
  20. 20. Save  your   data
  21. 21. Schedule  an   email  of  this   slice  of  data
  22. 22.  Reports   Where  did  they  come  from?
  23. 23. Add  an   advanced   segment… …to   understand   this  spike
  24. 24. What     types  of   organizaDons   send  us   traffic?
  25. 25. Social  media   #FTW But  this  is     not  helpful
  26. 26. Word  cloud Job  Seekers Media Social
  27. 27.  Reports   What  are  they  looking  for?
  28. 28. “Searchers”   have  a  specific   content  need
  29. 29. …to   make  this   list  more   useful Use   advanced   search…
  30. 30. What   quesDons   do  they   need   answered?
  31. 31. Create   content  in   response  to   these   quesDons
  32. 32. Search  Engine   OpDmizaDon   opportuniDes
  33. 33. Is  your  data   missing?
  34. 34. Go  to webmasters
  35. 35. What  can’t   they  find   on  your   website?
  36. 36. Only  some   of  these  are   useful
  37. 37. Get  rid  of   the  “usual   suspects”
  38. 38. How  do  we   make  this   content  more   apparent?
  39. 39. Is  your  data   missing?
  40. 40. Go  to  your   “AdministraDve”   sedngs
  41. 41. Turn  on     “site  search”   tracking
  42. 42. …and  put  it  here Find  your  “query   parameter”…
  43. 43.  Reports   What  did  they  do?
  44. 44. You’re  not   alone  if   you’re  not   using  goals
  45. 45. What  are   your  goals?
  46. 46. Your  goal  must   fit  one  of  these   criteria
  47. 47. Did  they   take  this   acDon?
  48. 48. Did  they   get  to  this   page?
  49. 49. Did  they   stay  a  long   Dme?
  50. 50. Did  they   look  at  a   lot  of   pages?
  51. 51. Which   channel   performs   beNer?
  52. 52.  Reports   Reality  check  (Q&A  with  Julia).
  53. 53. BeFer  Data #16NTCgasecrets
  54. 54.  Data   Custom  Dimensions.
  55. 55. “Content   Drilldown”   groups  pages   by  URL
  56. 56. “But  I  only   care  about   my  blog   posts”
  57. 57. Who  was   the  author   of  this  blog   post?
  58. 58. Schedule  an   email  to  these   authors  with   only  their  data?
  59. 59. Any   structured   data  can  be  a   Custom   Dimension
  60. 60. Blog  Author   Blog  Category
  61. 61. Define   your   dimension   in  GA
  62. 62. Any  data  that  is  in   your  CMS,  or  can   be  calculated,  can   be  a  “Custom   Dimension” return { 'hitType': 'pageview', 'page': customURL, 'dimension1': contentID, 'dimension2': publishDate, 'dimension3': program, 'dimension4': socialShare, 'dimension5': wordCount, 'dimension6': imgCount, 'dimension7': author, 'dimension8': relatedTag };
  63. 63.  Data   Scroll  Depth.
  64. 64. “Events”   happen  when   the  page   doesn’t   change
  65. 65. How  far  did   they  scroll?
  66. 66. What  did   they  see?
  67. 67. Define  your   event’s  Category,   AcDon,  and  Label data-track=“{  "type" : "event”,  "category" : "Component Interaction”,  "action" : "Anchor Link”,  "label" : "Staff”  }"
  68. 68.  Data   Mul4media.
  69. 69. What  did   they  watch?
  70. 70. Video  Dtle   and  length  is   more  useful   than  a   YouTube  link
  71. 71. How  long  did   they  watch?
  72. 72. Google  recently   launched  “autotrackers” <button data-event- category="Video" data-event- action=“play">Play </button>
  73. 73.  Data   Outbound  Links.
  74. 74. When  they   leave,  where   are  they   going?
  75. 75. Are  we  a   good  partner?
  76. 76. More“autotrackers” ga('create', 'UA-XXXXX-Y', 'auto'); ga('require', 'eventTracker'); ga('require', 'outboundLinkTracker'); ga('send', 'pageview');
  77. 77.  Data   Reality  check  (Q&A  with  Julia).
  78. 78. BeFer  Process #16NTCgasecrets
  79. 79.  Process   Advanced  Segments
  80. 80. Segments   temporarily   change  your   data
  81. 81. Segments  can   be  made  from   any  data  in  GA
  82. 82. Define  a  series,   or  sequence,     of  criteria
  83. 83. Share   segments   with   colleagues Find  segments   from  others
  84. 84. Shhh…   not  so  useful
  85. 85.  Process   Filters
  86. 86. Filters   permanently   change  your   data
  87. 87. Exclude  your   own  visits  to   your  website
  88. 88. Make  your   URLs  consistent   by  taking   “www”  out
  89. 89.  Process   Custom  Alerts
  90. 90. Alerts…alert   you  if   something   happens  on   your  website
  91. 91. What  are   important,               but  rare,   events?
  92. 92.  Process   Dashboards
  93. 93. Assemble   “widgets”  into  a   “dashboard”  to   be  emailed  to   stakeholders
  94. 94. Six   types  of   widgets
  95. 95. Looks   like  this This  type   of  data Only  this   data
  96. 96. Choose  a   layout.   Answer  the   quesDons:     Who?     How  many?   From  where?   What  they  did?
  97. 97.  Process   Reality  check  (Q&A  with  Julia).
  98. 98. Beyond     Google  Analy4cs #16NTCgasecrets
  99. 99. Scale  your   reporDng  with   a  GA  Add-­‐on
  100. 100. Start  your   report
  101. 101. Choose   your  data   points
  102. 102. Google   helps  us   perform   magic!
  103. 103. Add   visuals   and   insights
  104. 104. (no  more   waiDng  on  a   developer  for   updates) Google  Tag   Manager   makes   updaDng   your  GA   code  easier
  105. 105. Videos  and   advice  from   Google
  106. 106. More  Resources
  107. 107. Property  Audit   Page  Tracking Subdomains Cross  domain  track Views Advanced  Segments Goals Dashboards Campaign  Tracking Site  Search Bots Industry  Benchmark Site  Speed  Rec’s Front  End  Code Universal  AnalyDcs Microsites Event  Tracking Outbound  Links Scroll  Depth MulDmedia Downloads Forms mailto:  links Virtual  Page  Views Custom  Variables User  IDs Social  Share  Tracking In-­‐Page  AnalyDcs Demographic  ReporDng Interest  ReporDng Linked  Accounts AdWords Google  Grant Google  Search  Console Blog AddThis Network  for  Good Kickstarter Google  Cultural   InsDtute View  Audit Filters Exclude  IP  address Exclude  Spam Internal  Site  Search Prepend  hostname Consistent  domain Eliminate  “www” Content  Grouping Channel  Grouping Search  Term  Exclusion eCommerce  Tracking Cost  Data  Import Calculated  Metrics ANribuDon  Model Experiments AnnotaDons
  108. 108. Q&A #16NTCgasecrets
  109. 109. #16NTCgasecrets Devon  Smith   Strategy  Director  &  Co-­‐Founder,  Measure   @devonvsmith Julia  Robinson   CommunicaDons  Manager,  Business  for  Social   Responsibility   @JuliaCoyner
  110. 110.   @measurecreaDve #16NTCgasecrets