Foursquare and the Arts at CultureLab


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15 minute presentation at CultureLab at the University of Chicago, April 2011.

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Foursquare and the Arts at CultureLab

  1. 1. Foursquare & the Arts Culture Lab April 29, 2011 Chicago @devonvsmith
  2. 2. What’s an LBS?“an information or entertainment service that uses thegeographical position of a mobile device” -wikipedia the game the crisis map the search the business the discount cardthe check in the augmented reality the random group experience the review
  3. 3. A Million Ways to Check In always on GPS touch phone audio signal audio signal smstap your phone (NFC) via another LBS wave your phone bump your (RFID) phonesnap a photo (QR) mobile-enabled browser
  4. 4. Who? Why?
  5. 5. checking in enables all the good stuff to start happening Be rewardedLook for the venue I Get information about Check in for checking inwant to check-in to a specific venueany user can create a Businesses can offer 20% of check-ins are check-ins count towards new venue, so special discounts for shared socially mayorships (temporary) &sometimes you’ll see check-ins badges (permanent),“fake” venues like “in points count towards line for tickets” leaderboard w/ friends (rolling 7 day count)
  6. 6. the more people who use foursquare, the better it getsIf I don’t know what Recommendations based When I check-in near If friends check-in nearby,I’m looking for, I can on friends activity, venue that venue later, 4sq will notify me explore venues popularity, and my history 4sq will remind me brands can leave tipsthis is why categories, or to-dos tags, and tips matter at any venue
  7. 7. most “social networking” is between users, not with venue 1. Monitor venue analytics & tips 2. Consider offering a special 3. Link to your Foursquare confused?
  8. 8. 76 nonprofit theatres, budgets $1M - $50M+ tracked since Jan 2010*with apologies to the non-theatres in the crowd
  9. 9. 36% have been claimed by staff 97% of venues have a mayor,Average venue has 4 tips, last updated 3 months ago 55% of mayors are male
  10. 10. An average venue’s level of activity Venues w/ specials have 15% more unique visitors Claimed venues have 3x more activity*but correlation does not imply causation
  11. 11. Just because you offer a special, History doesn’t mean the crowds will come a’ runnin Channel Specials OctAverage venue has 424 check-ins from 155 people
  12. 12. Early Venues have More Check InsFoursquare rolled out in 5 stages across the US. Some cities didn’t get access until Jan 2010
  13. 13. 1 minute case studies
  14. 14. the low tech/high touch method
  15. 15. Multiple Temporary Venues
  16. 16. the check-intreasure huntMission: Edition atChristina Rey Gallery
  17. 17. using Foursquare’s API permanent record/ social proof highlight loyal customers permanent record/technical challenges to social proof working with the API give human connection to your staff
  18. 18. When Should I Visit?
  19. 19. the check-in that anticipates what you need to know
  20. 20. the check-in that makes introductions
  21. 21. the check-in that recommends how to get healthy
  22. 22. the check-in as your digital wallet
  23. 23. the check-in as a trigger for unlocking a door, starting a coffee machine
  24. 24. the check-in to a piece of content
  25. 25. Appendix
  26. 26. Google Places Facebook Places Yelp Foursquare Users 50 million + 30 million + 45 million 9 million Age 1.5 years < 1 year 6.5 years 2 years Location 42 countries 22 countries 8 countries 200 countries Boost ad, Google tag, Venues can pay for Ads Ads Badges AdWords Verify venues by phone or postcard phone or uploaded docs phone phone, postcard, or email % of activity is mobile ? 25% 35% 90% claimed venues / 6 million ? 8% 250,000 % venues classified arts Venues can offer coupons deals (beta) coupons, specials & deals specials Users with special n/a n/a elite squad super users powers Game Mechanics n/a n/a Royalty & Badges Mayor & Badges Scraped from the web & Reviews are User added comments User added reviews User added tips user added reviews Bottom line? SEO Increase Reviews Loyalty Page Likesas of April 2011
  27. 27. Foursquare compared to other LBS Foursquare = 304 Yelp = 49 Facebook = 142 Google = 822 different kinds of arts orgs from around SF:6th Street Playhouse Livermore Valley Opera Stern Grove FestivalCalifornia Shakespeare Theater Meridian Gallery The San Francisco Gay Mens ChorusChildrens Discovery Museum of San Jose Montalvo Arts Center Theatre Bay AreaCommunity School of Music and Arts (CSMA) Ross Valley Players Town Hall TheatreContemporary Jewish Museum San Francisco Opera Yerba Buena Center for the ArtsCounterPULSE San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art Z SpaceCreativity Explored SOMArts Cultural CenterKuumbwa Jazz Stanford Jazz Workshop
  28. 28. what’s this about badges? There have been over 300, many are only temporarily available to earn and then retired. Foursquare makes up its own badges, and some brands have paid to get a sponsored badgeimages from
  29. 29. Challenges skews young & male www.hunch.comA&E is small category perceptions of privacy concerns
  30. 30. Perhaps a problem is the special being offered?