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Chorus america social media step by step


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Chorus America 2011pre- conference seminar. Social Media Step by Step (for beginners). Creating a social media strategic plan, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tools to monitor & measure social media.

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Chorus america social media step by step

  1. 1. Interkultur.Germany Social  Media  Step  by  Stepwith  @devonvsmith #choam11 1
  2. 2. Who  am  I?devonvsmith 2
  3. 3. the  planStrategy Tac*cs Tools BonusWhy  social  media? Facebook What  to  measure Foursquare  How  to  plan  for  social TwiFer Measuring  tools YelpHow  to  spend  your  =me YouTube Listening  tools FlickrWorking  with  volunteers Resources  on  the  web BlogsIntegra=ng  w/  tradi=onal Future  of  social  media Adver=singOvercoming  challenges Fundraising Social  Plugins Q&A 3
  4. 4. My  Goals  for  You1.A rough draft of a social media strategy2.The knowledge of what other social networks exist beyond Facebook & Twitter3.A list of tools you can use to help you manage your social media
  5. 5. What  do  YOU  want  to  get   out  of  this  workshop? 5
  6. 6. 180  minutes 6
  7. 7. social  media  doesn’t  sell  Eckets 7
  8. 8. social  media  doesn’t  raise  money
  9. 9. what  sells  Eckets  &  raises  money? artistic content your directyour website mail campaigns customer service by your box office 9
  10. 10. so  why  bother?If  your  social  media  fans  will• Recommend  you  to  their  friends• Like  your  brand  more• Be  more  influenced  by  (cheap!)  social  media   than  tradi=onal  media• Spend/donate  more• Stay  with  you  longer• Cost  less  to  reach  new  audiences PS:  these  are  all  goals  you  can  measure 10
  11. 11. build  rela=onships,  not  one  night  stands**but  it’s  okay  to  be  a  li/le  promiscuous   11
  12. 12. more  than  marke+ng • Customer  service • Crowdsourcing • Planning  tours • Making  art • Professional  networking • RecruiEng  new  members 12
  13. 13. Maturity  of  Prac=ce empower community create relationshipsTechnique start conversations respond to comments syndicate your own content listen awareness gain fans customer service sell fundraise mission-centric Intent
  14. 14. Social  media  has
  15. 15. PLAN now  we  need  a  Discover Plan Test Refine 15
  16. 16. Discover Dis5nguishing  features  of  your   org Industry  Scan Challenges  your   org  is  facing Digital  Media   Audit 16
  17. 17. How  do  you  compare  to  your  peers? 17
  18. 18. plan1. Address  a  real  problem2. Have  a  meaningful  goal3. Test  several  op=ons4. Track  what  you  do,  and  what  the  results  are5. Make  decisions  with  your  data 18
  19. 19. What’s  your  goal?Learn  what  people  are  saying  about  you  online  (and  who  they  are)Increase  the  number  of  people  talking  about  you  onlineGet  new  ideas  for  future  performancesGet  feedback  about  your  past  performancesEngage  audiences  between  performancesRecruit  new  audience  members  to  performancesRecruit  new  chorus  members/guest  ar5stsIncrease  awareness  about  your  chorus  with  other  chorusesStart  a  partnership  with  a  local  businessStay  in  touch  with  alumni  of  your  chorusGive  “outsiders”  a  peek  into  your  processDevelop  a  rela5onship  with  a  key  ins5tu5onal  funderIntroduce  your  chorus  to  a  new  community  (geographically  or  otherwise)Provide  another  channel  for  customer  serviceDecrease  your  marke5ng/fundraising  budgetIncrease  communica5on  between  chorus  membersEncourage  chorus  members  to  have  fun  during  rehearsalsStay  abreast  of  the  news  in  your  industry/neighborhoodChange  the  brand  percep5on  of  your  chorus 19
  20. 20. What’s  your   What’s  your   problem? goal? 20
  21. 21. TargeEng  Your  Audience Audience PlaLorm Message 21
  22. 22. Who  are  you  trying  to  reach?Why  are  they  interested  in  what  you  have  to  say?What  do  you  want  to  learn  about  them? 22
  23. 23. if  your  reputa=on  is  at  stake,   should  you  trust  an  intern? Consider •Offering  clear  guidelines  on  do’s  &  don’ts •CollaboraEng  with  the  intern/volunteer  to  develop   social  media  goals •InviEng  someone  who  uses  their  personal  social   media  accounts  with  a  professional  manner •CreaEng  a  social  media  policy  for  your  chorus 23
  24. 24. social  media  guidelines OrganizaEonal  goals Personal  versus  professional  use Full  disclosure Content  approval  process Author  approval  process Transparency  versus  privacy Community  management Shared  usernames  &  passwords Copyright  issues Style  guide EEqueVe   Professional  development  opportuniEesh/p:// 24
  25. 25. How  much  =me  should  you  spend? 4.4 Facebook 17  hours 14  hours25  theatres,  $1m-­‐$3m,  December  2009 25
  26. 26. How  should  you  spend  your  =me?Let’s  assume  you  have  a  Facebook  Page  updated  daily  &  YouTube  channel  updated  monthly Learn   Post  &   Listen Measure about   Create Report Total Respond social 5  min.   10  min.   post  FB  update,   Daily scan  Google   respond  to   15  min. alerts  &  social   public   men=on men=ons 20  min.   15  min. Pick  3  metrics,   Scan  your   Weekly save  them  in   Google  Reader   2  hrs. excel  doc feed 2  hrs. 10  hrs. Summarize   Monthly Edit  YouTube   measurement   20  hrs. findings,  decide   video  &  upload what  to   change,  report 26
  27. 27. How  much  Eme  can  you  spend? 27
  28. 28. Challenges Overwhelmed Expecta5onsExhaus5on Making  5me Bored 28
  29. 29. integraEng  w/  tradiEonal  media 29
  30. 30. but  what  if? People  say  bad  things  about  us They  already  are.   Be  more  in  control  of  the  conversa+on  around  your  brand Social  Media  is  just  a  fad Pla;orms  may  come  and  go.  The  best  way  to  be  prepared  is  to  (though;ully)  experiment  on  the  current  one. It  won’t  sell  Eckets Build  rela+onships  with  your  fans.Unlike  tradi+onal  marke+ng,  there  is  value  in  social  media  beyond  the  message. It  takes  too  much  Eme Once  you  get  the  hang  of  it,  it  doesn’t.   Cheaper  than  most  other  marke+ng  efforts. 30
  31. 31. Whew! 31
  32. 32. I  just  want  a  million  followers 32
  33. 33. What  %  of  your  community  do  you  reach?
  34. 34. Social  Media  DemographicsPew  Internet  &  American  Life,  November  2010 34
  35. 35. Social  Media  DemographicsPew  Internet  &  American  Life,  November  2010 35
  36. 36. Social  Network  Prevalence207  arts  organiza5ons  April  2011 36
  37. 37. Average  arts  org  ac5ve  on  3  networks207  arts  organiza5ons  April  2011 37
  38. 38. Monthly  OrganizaEonal  AcEvity207  arts  organiza5ons  April  2011 38
  39. 39. Median  Network  Size207  arts  organiza5ons  April  2011 39
  40. 40. User  AcEvity207  arts  organiza5ons  April  2011 40
  41. 41. 500 million “active” users 1/2 log in daily Spend 25 minutes/day 1/2 of activity is mobileUpload 90 pieces of content/month Like 7 pages/month Have 130 friends each 41
  42. 42. Facebook  Demographicsfrom Facebook presentation June 2011 42
  43. 43. Median  Page  Updated  Daily207  arts  organiza5ons  April  2011 43
  44. 44. More  Posts                      More  Engagement207  arts  organiza5ons  April  2011 44
  45. 45. Post  2x/day  for  1  Month60 Facebook posts 360 commenters 130 friends each 4,000 Page “likes”
  46. 46. Post  1x/Month 130 friends each 500
  47. 47. Pages  w/  custom  URLs  tend  to  be  larger Median Likes Median Comments/PostAny page with > 30 users can set their custom URL at
  48. 48. consider  the  switchProfiles can be converted to pages at 48
  49. 49. 4% have a welcome Tab, 6% don’t land on wall Median Likes207  arts  organiza5ons  April  2011
  50. 50. Logo image is tailored toFacebook specsClear call to actionTells me benefitsof likingEach image links toa different sectionof the pageAnimated imagedraws my attentionHighlighting user contentdemonstrates they value userengagementWelcome tab hasbranded logo“About” section makesclear org mission & whythey use Facebook
  51. 51. 37%  of  theatres  don’t  link  to  Facebook   from  their  homepage476  TCG  theatres,  May  2010 51
  52. 52. Size  MaVers208  off-­‐Broadway  theatres,  October  2010 52
  53. 53. What  one  thing  are  you  going  to  stop   or  start  doing  on  Facebook? 53
  54. 54. 60  million  US  users   I’m  probably  less   knowledgeable  13%  of  online  adults  have  used  TwiVer about  “this  whole  Average  user TwiIer  thing”  than  •5  followers you  might  think•Has  tweeted  <  10  Emes•Is  in  their  30s•Has  a  college  degree 54
  55. 55. TwiVer  Vocabulary  is  a  New  Language 55
  56. 56. Stream Bio Retweet  (RT) Hashtag  (#) Shortlink  ( @men5on  (@) Tweet  (140  characters) 56
  57. 57. 57
  58. 58. • Make  (public)  lists  of  following• Make  (private)  lists  of  followers   58
  59. 59. Geeng  Started Who  to  follow:   Those  talking  to  you,  about  you,  about  your  peers,  about  your  art,  about  other  topics  you’re   interested  in,  cri5cs,  funders,  local  arts  agencies,  local  poli5cians,  local  businesses How  to  follow: Twi/er  will  recommend  people  to  follow  on  the  right  side  of  your  stream Search, Watch  who  the  pros  follow*What  to  tweet  about:Talk  to  people  about  their  interestsPoint  out  interes5ng  topics  being  discussed  in  your  industryShare  links  to  neat  thingsPromote  chorus  members’  outside-­‐of-­‐chorus  storiesAnswer  the  ques5on,  “What  has  your  a/en5on  today”Ask  a  ques5onFollow  interes5ng  people  and  RT  themProvide  useful  advice  or  5psTell  us  what  you’re  working  on  todayComment  on  what  someone  else  just  tweeted  about*inspired  by  Chris  Brogan’s  ’50  things  to  tweet  about” 59
  60. 60. 60
  61. 61. Median org tweets daily207  arts  organiza5ons  April  2011
  62. 62. More Tweets More Engagement207  arts  organiza5ons  April  2011
  63. 63. ~7% of followers will add you to a list207  arts  organiza5ons  April  2011
  64. 64. Linking Facebook to Twitter decreases engagement207  arts  organiza5ons  April  2011
  65. 65. Size  MaVers208  off-­‐Broadway  theatres 65
  66. 66. What  one  thing  are  you  going  to  stop   or  start  doing  on  TwiVer? 66
  67. 67. 6  years  old3  billion  views/day48  hours  of  video  uploaded  per  minuteAverage  user  watches  25  minutes  per  dayEvenly  split  M/FMost  popular  video  played  500  million  x 67
  68. 68. Google  for  NonprofitsUpload  longer  videos“Donate  Now”  buVon  on  your  channelEmbed  links  in  your  videosGet  featured  on  Nonprofit  Channel(also  free  adwords!) 68
  69. 69. 69
  70. 70. Median org uploads 1 video / month207  arts  organiza5ons  April  2011
  71. 71. More uploads More views207  arts  organiza5ons  April  2011
  72. 72. Viewers  engage  on   Findings  from  2  Case  Studiesa  “per  video”  basis Men  45-­‐54  are   largest   demographicRelated  videos  are  top  referral  source80%  of  views  occur  more  than  2  months   aSer  pos+ng  date 72
  73. 73. Size  doesn’t  maVer208  off-­‐Broadway  theatres 73
  74. 74. Length  of  video  doesn’t  maIer208  off-­‐Broadway  theatres 74
  75. 75. Diverse  types  of  videos  are  popular208  off-­‐Broadway  theatres 75
  76. 76. No  performance  type  dominates208  off-­‐Broadway  theatres 76
  77. 77. Viewers  tend  to  be  older  males208  off-­‐Broadway  theatres 77
  78. 78. Most  (but  not  all)  views  occur  on  YouTube208  off-­‐Broadway  theatres 78
  79. 79. What  one  thing  are  you  going  to  stop   or  start  doing  on  YouTube? 79
  80. 80. Measuring social media is hard & a little messybenrobertsabq
  81. 81. What do you measure? I begin with: Next I think about:1. Who are these people? Do I have a problem to solve?2. How did they get here? Is there an opportunity?3. What do they want? Can I test a hypothesis?4. Did they get it? Can I compare x to y5. If not, why not? Then I decide on format: Small experiments A/B testing Competitor benchmarks Customer survey Watch what others do
  82. 82. Return on Investment post show length of your discussions performance newspaper advertising joint-productions posters (including staff time) displayed in different neighborhoods in-kind sponsorships Do younumber of staff at press your box office measure the release ROI of... concessions email (by or merchandise by word count) item subscription a customer’s campaigns (by hour) lifetime value event-based fundraisers salary & benefits offered to your staff
  83. 83. what  you  measure  ma-ers what  you  measure  ma-ers but  there’s  no  secret  formula h-p:// think  about  micro  conversions li-le  steps  along  a  path  to  a  big  goal problem.  goal.  tac4c.  metric.
  84. 84. Web Reporting v Web Analysis Yes it has pretty pictures, but what do I do?image via Avinash Kaushik
  85. 85. Web Reporting v Web Analysis Specific problem you’re trying to address Explain the Big picture data in wordstrend over time ROI Tell me what to do now that I know this image via Avinash Kaushik
  86. 86. Less Useful Data dump Aggregate data One time data Old data More Useful Asking a question of your data Making decisions with your data Trends over time Comparative dataadd1sun
  87. 87. Monitoring & Measuring Tools
  88. 88. How do you get your post into the Facebook Newsfeed?1. Few friends? You won’t show up.2. Status updates without likes? You won’t show up.3. Photos & Videos > Links > Text4. Even the Most Recent News feed has an algorithm5. Stalking your friends won’t get you noticed6. Having friends who stalk you will get you noticed7. More to the algorithm than just this
  89. 89. Who are these people? How closely does this match my audience?How could I use thisto tailor advertising? Would it be useful to translate? How likely is it they are ticket buyers?
  90. 90. How did they get here? 0 User profileWhat’s missing can be as 0 Streamimportant as what’s here 0 Like Box 0 Suggestions 0 Like Button Like website referral sources, 0 Ads diversity is good
  91. 91. What do they want?Seems like people are interested in discussing Try varying this, and keeping track of differences
  92. 92. Did they get it? What happened What happened last month? this month?Look for systematic orone time spikes & dips Think of this ratio as an engagement metric
  93. 93. (Free) Facebook Research this is where the magic happenshaving a larger page can increase advertising effectiveness
  94. 94. know  how  Facebook  referrals  differ  from   other  traffic  sources  to  your  website 94
  95. 95. measuring  on  twiVer• Reach:  followers  (not  just  how  many,  but  who)• Engagement:  @menEon  and  link  click  thru• Influence:  #ff  and  listed• SenEment:  content  of  the  tweets  about/to  you 95
  96. 96. Track click thru rates on Twitter
  97. 97. Look for outliersLook for spikes Look for influencers Look for engagement
  98. 98. this video is popular 1/2 viewers are browsing off of YouTube 1/2 viewers are searching
  99. 99. What  3  metrics  are  you  going   to  start  tracking?
  100. 100. Adding  more  tools   to  your  tool  belt
  101. 101. Track social mentions of your name across all platforms
  102. 102. any public Facebook or Twitter account search termdate rangereport type
  103. 103. raw data people timing content
  104. 104. View multiple Twitter streams at once
  105. 105. How do I know whensomeone unfollows me?
  106. 106. How many blog subscribers do they have?
  107. 107. Tagxedo: when shape (and font! and color! matter) Wordle (for when it doesn’t)
  108. 108. What  tools  are  you  going  to  use?
  109. 109. If you remember nothing else...
  110. 110. spend  more  5me  listening  than  talking 112
  111. 111. be yourself,not your brand
  112. 112. adapt  your  content  to  each  plaLorm 114
  113. 113. Act  strategically 115
  114. 114. toss  the  planlearn  by  doing 116
  115. 115. what’s  your  vision  for   how  your  chorus         will  benefit  from   using  social  media?what  1  thing  will  you   do  next  week?
  116. 116. Resources  on  the 118
  117. 117. What  else  is  out  there? -/#*&23-$ &331-3$ #"44&7$ 1".&2#-$ #1(0(0$ )1)"0-$ 3&.(23$ 8"19$ 1&2!".$ !"#$ 1-,(-8$ 1#.2!+2$ +-/+$ &!("$ -"/%0,& 6&.(4:$ -!$ 0*&1(23$.-#*&2(0.$ 61(-2!0$ .*$%/&& !"#$%& )*"+"$ 3-%24& ()"*+& #*&+$0-1-2!()(+:$ %%$ ,(!-"$ 0"#(&4$3""!$ .-!(#&4$ .&)$ 0!"12/%*"& 6""!$ $,+"-".+& -2+-1+&(2$ -/#*&23-$ -/)-1(-2#-$ +1&,-4$ 52&2#-$ !(0#"2+$ 1-+&(4$ A$ ;-09+")$!$<"7(4-$!$=#1--20$>$?*(230@$
  118. 118. That’s  it! what  else  can  we  chat  about  today? social   Blogs adverEsing other   social  networks Flickr your   quesEons! Yelp social   fundraising FoursquareFollow:  @devonvsmithRead:  www.24UsableHours.comEmail: 120
  119. 119. Social Plugins 121
  120. 120. + =
  121. 121. 30% of orgs active on other social networks
  122. 122. 125
  123. 123. core experience is you & users can the user add photos review makeannouncements, offer coupons, check-in specials unlock your venueyou can run ads add the story you might of your org consider these venues “competitors” you can publicly respond to comments
  124. 124. Open up the Browse nearby venues Browse within Browse info Yelp app by category the category about the venue # & stars are indicativeCheck-in to Filter venues Browse by the venue by type distancesocial sharing
  125. 125. What else do you need to know about Yelp? users can earn users compete with users can yelp deals = 20 badges their entire city redeem discounts Grouponyelp events promoted in yelp will send you window cling if yelp rewards their community w/ weekly e-newsletter 3.5+ & “enough” reviews ‘elite squad’ events
  126. 126. Is there an opportunity to have a conversation with amateur reviewers about norms in critiquing art?Or do we give up that “right” in this newly social world?
  127. 127. Ask: Are reviews important to your audience? respond consider (as necessary) discounts to reviews monitor activity link to your reviews and/or add a Facebook appweekly email sent to you yelp user demographics
  128. 128. Only 5% of venues have less than 4 starsVenues with more reviews have fewer starsVenues that have been claimed have 4x more reviews
  129. 129. Flickr tibchris
  130. 130. Median org uploads 20 photos / month**but not evenly distributed
  131. 131. More uploads More views
  132. 132. Theatres  have  used  Flickr  to:•Ask  fans  to  contribute  photos  of  themselves•Send  fans  on  a  photo  scavenger  hunt•Sell  or  rent  costume/set  pieces•Promote  gala  auc5on  items  to  donors•Ask  fans  to  provide  insight  on  design  images•Staff  to  share  lives  outside  the  theatre•Give  fans  tour  of  the  theatre  &  offices 135
  133. 133. Blogs
  134. 134. Median org has 7 subscribers*Google Reader accounts for ~50% of all RSS subscribers
  135. 135. More Posts More EngagementOn average 1 comment per post
  136. 136. tends to have more subscribers & engagement
  137. 137. Why  else  might  you  blog?•Archive  of  your  history•Permanent  link  to  send  informa5on•Thought  leadership  in  the  field•Schools/universi5es—student/intern  life•Value  of  SEO/recency  to  your  website 141
  138. 138. Digital  &  Social  AdverEsing 143
  139. 139. AdverEsing  Budget 144
  140. 140. Traffic  to  Website 145
  141. 141. Value  of  Exposure 146
  142. 142. Value  of  AcEonNote:  NYMag  and  Flavorpill  not  shown  bc  too  few  data  points 147
  143. 143. 1/4  of  Facebook  clicks  age  45+ 148
  144. 144. Digital  &  Social  Fundraising 149
  145. 145. Small  donaEons  dominate 150
  146. 146. Middle  of  the  campaign  struggles 151
  147. 147. Shorter  campaigns  provide  urgency 152
  148. 148. Foursquare Foursquare  tripled   Evidence  of  high   Tips,  tags,  and   in  size  in  past  6   engagement  among   categories  don’t   months users  &  theatre   seem  to  maIer Having  a  special   isn’t  enough  to   Longevity  maIers drive  check  insData  from  April,  2011;  76  LORT  theatres 153
  149. 149. “makes the world easier to use” enables serendipitous motivates records interactions behavior historydiscovers encourages new loyalty placesimage from
  150. 150. checking in enables all the good stuff to start happening Be rewarded forLook for the venue I Get information about a Check in checking inwant to check-in to specific venueany user can create a Businesses can offer 20% of check-ins are check-ins count towards new venue, so special discounts for shared socially mayorships (temporary) &sometimes you’ll see check-ins badges (permanent),“fake” venues like “in points count towards line for tickets” leaderboard w/ friends (rolling 7 day count)
  151. 151. the more people who use foursquare, the better it getsIf I don’t know what I’m Recommendations based When I check-in near If friends check-in nearby, looking for, I can on friends activity, venue a venue with a tip, 4sq will notify me explore venues popularity, and my history 4sq will inform me brands can leave tips or this is why categories, to-dos tags, and tips matter at any venue
  152. 152. most “social networking” is between users, not with venue 1. Monitor venue analytics & tips 2. Consider offering a special 3. Link to your Foursquare confused?
  153. 153. Median venue has 21 check-insVenues that have been claimed have 3x more check-ins
  154. 154. 16% of claimed venues offered a specialMedian check-ins per person = 1.7
  155. 155. 76 nonprofit theatres, budgets $1M - $50M+ tracked since Jan 2010*with apologies to the non-theatres in the crowd
  156. 156. 97% of venues have a mayor, 36% have been claimed by staffAverage venue has 4 tips, last updated 3 months ago 55% of mayors are male
  157. 157. An average venue’s level of activity Venues w/ specials have 15% more unique visitors Claimed venues have 3x more activity*but correlation does not imply causation
  158. 158. Just because you offer a special, History doesn’t mean the crowds will come a’ runnin Channel Specials OctAverage venue has 424 check-ins from 155 people
  159. 159. Early Venues have More Check InsFoursquare rolled out in 5 stages across the US. Some cities didn’t get access until Jan 2010
  160. 160. Gives you some measure of impressions How similar are these demographics to your audience?