Benchmarking social media measurement


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Benchmarking social media measurement

  1. 1. Benchmarking Social MediaLSM Webinar # 2: June 10, 2011 @devonvsmith
  2. 2. Agenda30 minutes: Social Media Metrics Framework •what are metrics? •why bother? •how do we decide which one? •how to use them to make decisions? •how much time to spend? •how to report them?30 minutes: Social Media Tools •12 goals tied to 12 metrics •15 tools to monitor, measure & analyzeyou decided this, based on last week’s survey
  3. 3. why are we chatting today?5. Summarize what you learned about your audience from thesocial media audit, secondary or primary research, and listeningtechniques. What is your plan for ongoing monitoring andscanning during implementation?8. Describe your metrics for success. What specific data pointswill you collect and how you will collect and analyze thisinformation? How will you use it to document ROI?
  4. 4. Social Media Metrics Framework1. Why do you care about monitoring & measuring?2. What are your goals for using social media?3. How can you efficiently measure your progress?4. What is the value to your org of accomplishing those goals?5. What are alternative ways you could accomplish those goals without social media?
  5. 5. Why do you care about monitoring & measuring?Because you want to: • Prove the value of social to your boss, board, other departments • Motivate staff members in charge of doing social media • Decide whether or not to continue investing time & resources into that particular social media platform • Optimize your effort by knowing what works best • Respond to feedback in real time • Learn what others are saying about youAnswering this will help you decide: • Which possible metrics will be the most useful • How much time you should spend • Who to share metrics report with
  6. 6. Part 1: Brainstorming goal Increase  the  value  of  TBA  to  its  members frequency  of  conversa8ons,  breadth  of  conversa8on  partners,  depth  of  conversa8ons,  cons8tuents   descrip,on  of  metric ac8ons  (or  lack  of)  that  directly  demonstrate  they  value  TBA #  of  “valuable”  Facebook  posts  (on  others  pages  or  about  others),  #  of  “valuable”  tweets  (in  reply   to  others  or  about  others),  #  of  TBA  staff  using  social  media  professionally,  average  #  of  interac8ons  metric  (in  your  control) per  cons8tuent,  #  of  blog  posts,  #  of  comments  by  TBA  on  others’  blogs,  #  of  “valuable  content”   available  on  your  website metric  (out  of  your   #  of  TBA  links  bookmarked  on  delicious;  %  of  cons8tuents  using  social  media  that  engaged  with   control) TBA  this  year,  unsubscribe  rate  of  e-­‐newsleJer,  cons8tuents  percep8on  of  TBA’s  value which one do you think is the best?
  7. 7. Part 2: Deciding #  of  “valuable  content”  TBA   unsubscribe  rate  of  e-­‐newsleJer cons8tuent  percep8on  of  TBA’s   best  metric(s) posts  online value   Post  10  new  pieces  of  content   Unsubscribe  rate  below  1% 10%  increase  in  average  “value   target  metric each  week ra8ng”  from  TBA  cons8tuents Manually  track  #  of  content   Email  management  tool  (constant  tool  to  measure uploads contact  or  whatever) Pre  &  post  cons8tuent  survey frequency  of   Weekly ASer  every  e-­‐newsleJer  sent Test  2x measurement PS: I’m just making this stuff up as an example
  8. 8. What would it mean to your organization if you met your target metric? Post  10  new  pieces  of  content   Unsubscribe  rate  below  1% 10%  increase  in  average  “value   target  metric each  week ra8ng”  from  TBA  cons8tuents result Less  turnover  y2y,  increased  #  of  cons8tuent  applica8ons  next  year,  lower  marke8ng  costsIn this model, it would be important to ask unsubscribers if they found TBA’suse of social media “valuable;” & ask survey respondents what in particularthey found valuable about TBA (frequency of posting? content of posting?starting conversations? responding to conversations?)
  9. 9. As you ponder ROI, ask yourself...How else could you arrive at this result other than through social media?Is social media the most effective alternative?Does social media have some long term value beyond its efficacy?result Less  turnover  y2y,  increased  #  of  cons8tuent  applica8ons  next  year,  lower  marke8ng  costs
  10. 10. Primary Survey Data Raw Data Data & Analysis Analysis OnlyDon’t forget the importance of keywords:•variations of spellings•acronyms•titles of your productions
  11. 11. Secondary Data
  12. 12. How  much  )me  can  you  spend? Monitor Measure Analyze  &  Report Total 10  min.   Daily scan  Google  alerts  &  social   10  min. men2on.  engage  as   necessary  to  men2ons 30  min.                                 Weekly Pick  3  metrics;  measure   1.5  hrs &  save  results 2  hrs. Monthly Summarize  measurement   8  hrs. findings,  decide  what  to   change,  report It’s  different  for  everyone,   in  every  situa<on 12
  13. 13. Web Reporting v Web Analysis Yes it has pretty pictures, but what do I do?image via Avinash Kaushik
  14. 14. Web Reporting v Web Analysis Specific problem you’re trying to address Explain the Big picture data in wordstrend over time ROI Tell me what to do now that I know thisimage via Avinash Kaushik
  15. 15. 12  sample  goals  &  tools 15
  16. 16. Increase local Facebook followers in San Francisco and Oakland by 50% by January 1, 2012Suggestion: how does this % compare to your website’s visitors?
  17. 17. Activate artist networks on Facebook and Twitter who will pass on opportunities Search encourage artists to use “tagging” feature in facebook posts use public search to find thosetalking about you off of your Page
  18. 18. Diversify [social media] audience;build relationships reflective of a wide range of constituent types Create private lists to keep track of constituent types
  19. 19. Increase our month to month Post Feedback on Facebook by 25% on average.Impressions depend on post date, time, and type (photo, video, link, text,etc), # of current fans, previous level of post feedback. So look for outliers, andsee if any of those factors could be contributors.Feedback depends on quality of your content. Much harder to figure out“why” a post is engaging. So make a hypothesis (“fans like hearing about whatwe’re doing in the office”) and test it.You can also ask your fans what theywant to hear from you about.
  20. 20. Increase Call-for-entries applications by 30% through social media channels. Sept/Oct 2011Suggestion: consider a special website landing page for social media links
  21. 21. [Increase] live tweeting during Auditions, at Festival intermission any public Facebook or Twitter account search termdate rangereport type
  22. 22. raw data people timing content
  23. 23. Create and monitor adwords campaign to direct inquiries to the web page Lowest average CPC, while maximizing # Clicks Test several ads at once, use CTR as success metric Let Google help youSuggestion: link AdWords to Google Analytics to see how SEM traffic differs from average user
  24. 24. Leverage social media channels as a conduit for receiving critical feedback and media assets
  25. 25. Increase online and print media mentions by %X by June 30, 2012.Beware that neither Social Mention or Google Alerts will capture every mention.
  26. 26. Increase website traffic by 25% by adding social media content starting posting by 11.1.2012Suggestion: use Advanced Segments to combine sources,also consider looking at how the behavior of this trafficsource differs from the average user
  27. 27. By December 2011 we will have a cross-functional team of 5 members producing at least 2 pieces of content per month for our social media channels. examples at You copy & paste into Excel =importxml(A2,"//span[@id=update_count]") or ‘following_count’ or ‘follower_count’You type or ‘lists_count’ this Google docs finds this data via these formulas (updated in real time)
  28. 28. Employ listening and outreach techniques to engage influential bloggers and journalists and track online conversations about the Festival Go to a blog you On Twitter, add them to atrust, see who they private list of “bloggers”recommend reading On that blog, find (and start tweeting!) social media contact info also use
  29. 29. 5 More Tools
  30. 30. Daily Email Summary View & respond to mentions across lots of social media platforms Post to lots of social media platforms from the same place
  31. 31. View multiple streams at onceimport reports add multiple accounts schedule tweetsassign staff members tasks
  32. 32. Look for outliersLook for spikes Look for influencers Look for engagement
  33. 33. WP-Stats Plugin When but what about comments?How WhatWhy Who
  34. 34. When you have only a few blogsubscribers, easy to keep track ofwho EXACTLY they are
  35. 35. questions?sign up for your coaching sessions at