Axis Dance Digital Media Assessment


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For the Leveraging Social Media track 2 participants.

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Axis Dance Digital Media Assessment

  1. 1. Digital Media AssessmentApril 2011Leveraging Social Media@devonvsmith
  2. 2. Quick Stats 1,586 likes 46 uploads 12 subscribers 1 post/day 2,060 views/upload 2 posts/month6 comments/post 168 subscribers 1 comment/post 149 followers 373 photos 1 person 11% listed 0 contacts 1 check-in .5 tweets/day 114 high views/photo 2 tips .3 mentions/tweetArrows indicate if you are performing above, below, or similar to the average of your peersIn the following slides, you’ll notice black text that calls out specific recommendations for things you should change
  3. 3. What an awesome way to integrate bios, reviews, and video! Consider using a YouTube video with muted soundWebsite Great job linking to your social media presence This link structure is a little Consider a search box confusing in addition to your somewhere on your front header links. Consider page. This may give you eliminating it. insights into what users look for on your site Consider using A/B testing to eliminate one of the “Donate Now” buttons-- too many calls to action can be counter productive
  4. 4. Consider checking Open Facebook Search for the conversations happening about Axis, off of your89% of your 19 peers were active on page.You can also encourage fans to use the “@Axis”Facebook in the last month. They have an feature to tag you in their posts.average of 964 fans (max 4,941), post 2x/week (max 1.3/day), and receive 3 likes orcomments per post. Compagnie Marie Know that anChouinard’s page is one to watch. “interest” page exists for you on Facebook, which pulls in info from Wikipedia (so make sure Wikipedia stays up to date)Facebook Videos seem to be your most popular posts Consider replacing the repetitive content in the “About” and “Company Overview” sections of your page Consider adding design elements to your “Join” page and/or converting it to a landing page
  5. 5. The titles of these lists should give you some insight into what people expect you to tweet about. Consider letting Great job catching, andus know who on staff responding to a tweet about is tweeting you that didn’t include @AxisDanceCoTwitter Consider tweeting more consistently each month, at varying times of the day Consider thanking retweeters with tweets that begin with their @name (so you don’t annoy followers with the same message multiple times). 63% of your 19 peers were active on Twitter in the past 10 days. They have an average of 208 followers (max 2,804), tweeted 2x in 10 days (max 67), and got 1 mention per tweet (max 2). On average, 6% of their followers add them to a list (max 16%). @lldanceexchange is one to watch.
  6. 6. Most views to your videos come from “related videos;” keep up with the great tagging & descriptions using key words. Consider creating playlists. There are a significant number of other YouTube users with Axis Dance Co content. Consider curating/hosting a playlist of this content on your channelYouTube Great job using category, tags, and comments 53% of your 19 peers were active on YouTube in the last year. On average, they uploaded 4 videos (max 17), currently have 1,369 channel views (max 7,595), have 9,210 upload views (max 125k), and 20 subscribers (max 192). Candoco or Company C are the ones to watch.
  7. 7. Consider using “AxisDanceCo” as your profile name Consider using more descriptive tags so your photos can be found on Flickr There are over 300 photos on Flickr mentioning Axis Dance, by these groups & photographers. Consider joining the Consider tagging the photo groups and/or reaching out to thank these photographersFlickr dancers in your photos26% of your 19 peers were active on Flickr inthe past year. On average they posted 160photos (max 265), had 2 contacts (max 11),and had in the range of 69 views/photo (max776). Candoco is one to watch.
  8. 8. 58% of your 19 peers have an active venue on Yelp (only 2 have been claimed). On 26% of your 19 peers have an active average, 5 people (max 263) have checked venue on Yelp (only 1 has been in a total of 12 times (max 838) and left 0 claimed). On average, they have tips (max 7). ODC is one to watch. received 6 reviews (max 34), and have 5 stars. Creativity Explored is one to watch. May be useful to know these are the companies the public Consider claiming associates as being your venue so you have similar to you access to the venue analyticsYelp and Foursquare Consider adding a category & tags to your Foursquare venue Great job experimenting with Foursquare, and showing users you are aware of it
  9. 9. 32% of your 19 peers were active bloggers in the past 3 months. On Consider integrating average, they post 2x per month (max 9), your blog into your website have 4 subscribers (max 12), and receive for SEO benefit 0 comments per post (max .5). Candoco is one to watch. Consider adding design elements to your blog so it better matches the rest of your socialBlog media presence Are you satisfied with your audience engagement? If not, what do you think is holding you back? “We felt [our blog] would be a way to engage our audience and our current website did not allow us to post recent events/happenings. We started it as a platform to talk/share about our annual commissioning - using it as a way to share behind the scenes”
  10. 10. Other Social Media Consider monitoring these Your wikipedia page looks keywords on delicious great, but isn’t well trafficked. Consider adding new links to Axis Dance from other wiki pages, and keeping an eye on traffic stats. Consider following these delicious users to find other relevant content, or using this number as a gauge to find what content of yours users find interesting Consider keeping an Consider claiming your eye on some of theseGoogle Places page so you have access sources where you don’t have to venue analytics, and it shows up in an active social presence google searches Consider creating a company profile on LinkedIn so other dance professionals can find you Peers: 3 linked to MySpace, 4 to Vimeo, 1 each to ning,, jumo
  11. 11. Several high profile news articles link to your site with “Axis Dance” as anchor text. To rank higher on google searches of related keywords, consider integrating your blog & create keyword rich contentSearch Engine Optimization If you wanted to drive more traffic to your website, Google AdWords could be cost effective Consider adding metatag descriptions to every page of your site, adding image ALT tags, and a 301 redirect from for improved SEO Consider what keywords you want to rank for in Google, and how to create content that attracts links
  12. 12. Glossary301 redirect: shows Google that “” and “” are the same website (5 minute fix your webmaster can do)A/B Testing: a way to test 2 slightly different webpages to see which one users take action on more oftenAggregator: a website that collects and displays lots of different blogs (examples: Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Delicious)Alt-tag: keyword tags that describe an image so Google bots know how to index the image and allow others to find itAnchor text: the underlined phrase that links to a new page. Google uses this phrase to decide where your site shows up in searchBlog subscribers: I’ve shown you Google Reader subscribers, which on average accounts for about 50% of all your blog subscribersCall to action: the 1 action you want a user to take on this page (click a donate button, buy tickets link, submit email for newsletter)Category v tag: both help users find content; categories tend to be pre-defined, tags tend to be user generatedDesign elements: ensuring your digital branding (style) matches your social branding matches your off line brandingFacebook custom URL: instead of v branded search: generic search example is “dance company san francisco” branded search example “AXIS Dance”Hashtag: a phrase prefixed with # symbol, which makes searching for that particular topicIntegrated blog: a blog hosted on your own website ( or provides you valuable SEOKeyword rich content: using the generic (see above) phrases you want to rank for in Google searchesLink architecture: where internal page links appear on your website, and how sections of your site are linked togetherMeta-description: text appearing under link in a Google search that describes the page. <meta name =”description” content=”...”>New twitter: in Oct 2010, Twitter added a new windowpane on the right side of the feed, which interfered with some profile designsRSS: method by which you can subscribe to a blog via email or an RSS reader (stands for Real Simple Syndication)Referral source: how users arrive arrive at your video; could be through embedded players, related videos, searches, linksPermalinks: a unique URL for every blog post so they can be linked to foreverSEO: stands for Search Engine Optimization; process ofTag cloud: a visual depiction of keywords where the most used words are displayed larger, tags are linked to relevant site content
  13. 13. Free Resources