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How To Start A Niche IT Project Management Recruiting Staffing Agency Business Webinar


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Watch and walk this brief journey with Expert Recruitment Trainer & Coach Dee Williams to learn how to start your very own niche IT Project Management recruiting and staffing agency business.

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How To Start A Niche IT Project Management Recruiting Staffing Agency Business Webinar

  1. 1. Start a Niche IT Project Management Staffing & Recruiting Business DEFINE YOUR IT PROJECT MANAGEMENT NICHE WITHIN THE FOLLOWING INDUSTRIES: Healthcare | Information Technology | Engineering | Finance | Legal & More…
  2. 2. Twitter: @No1Networker (15k+ followers) Facebook: (11k+ likes) LinkedIn: (30k+ 1st level connects) Today’s Agenda: • An overview of the Recruiting & Staffing industry and the IT Project Management industry. • Why starting a Niche IT Project Management Recruiting & Staffing Agency business is "Hot" right now. • How to find important information about the IT Project Management Niche including: most placeable IT Project Management job titles, salaries, # of open jobs and # of professionals available within the industry. • How much money you can earn when choosing this niche using The Infamous Calculator!
  3. 3. The Recruiting & Staffing Industry Overview  A staffing agency is a service that matches the hiring and labor needs of a business with suitable job seekers.  A Staffingpreneur is a professional who owns and runs a recruiting & staffing agency business.  Staffingpreneurs hire internal recruiters and staffing specialists to find talented people for job openings!  Staffingpreneurs hire internal sales & business development professionals to find amazing companies to partner with that have open positions!  Staffingpreneurs do not get paid by job seekers. They are paid by companies (employers) to find job seekers, to fill very specific positions with very specific requirements.  Staffingpreneurs CAN find job openings for amazing talent.
  4. 4. The Recruiting & Staffing Industry Overview With your friends, family, colleagues, or build a team in an office setting… By yourself in the privacy of your own home… OR
  5. 5. A STABLE INDUSTRY The Staffing and recruiting business has been around since the days of Julius Caesar. He used to promise an award to any solider that brought another solider to join the roman army. Now, here two thousand years later this $126.8 billion industry is still booming and is stronger than ever. A GROWING INDUSTRY It’s reported that 90% of U.S. companies use recruiting and staffing services to fill jobs ranging from administrative assistants to CEOs and are available in virtually every occupation. China and India are also apart of the top three countries who are cashing in on the staffing and recruiting industry, following South Africa and Brazil. As you can see, there is a ton of opportunity for you to set your own schedule, work as hard as you like wherever you like, make all the money you want (not need), and help people every day. Are You Aware? Employers across the globe spent over $3 trillion on contingent staffing of all types in 2013. The global staffing market in 2013 was worth an estimated USD$416 billion.
  6. 6. How much money can you make in your first year if you start a recruiting and staffing business? A STAFFING AGENCY $1,600.00 per week - $20,000 per week $1,600.00 per week with 5 people constantly on billing. That can total $83,200.00 for the year. $6,400.00 per week with 20 people constantly on billing. That can total $332,800.00 for the year. These number vary based on the length of the contract, the bill rate, hourly, rate, number of people on contract, and your niche! A RECRUITING AGENCY $144,000 - $1,000,000 in your 1st year If you’re placing talent at $80K per year which is the average for professional services positions, and you place just one person per month at the lowest 15% placement fee, you can make $144K. But wait… you can make more depending on your fee, number of placements, and most importantly, your niche!
  7. 7. To Niche Or Not To Niche Are you all to everyone? OR IT PROJECT MANAGEMENT Are you the best in offering your specialty?
  8. 8. Niche Your Recruiting & Staffing Business IT PROJECT MANAGEMENT A Brief Example IT Project Managers  Entry-Level Salaries (o-5 years): up to $70K  Mid-Level Salaries (5-10 Years): $80K - $100K  Senior Level Salaries and beyond (10-20 years): $100K - $130K Salary By Geography  $53,000 - $130,000 + $0-$14K Bonus  National Average is $88,000 1. San Francisco: $104,134 2. New York: $101,637 3. Washington, DC: $101,319 4. Boston: $100,860 5. Houston: $98,070 6. Los Angeles: $97,490 Construction Project Managers IT Project Managers Healthcare Project Managers Aerospace Project Managers Financial Project Managers
  9. 9. The More Niche The Better… A IT Project Management Example 936,144 Potential IT Project Managers within the United States and beyond as of July 2015 for you to place!
  10. 10. The More Niche The Better… A IT Project Manager Example 426,082 Potential IT Project Management Job Openings within the United States and beyond as of July 2015
  11. 11. The More Niche The Better… An IT Project Manager Example Let’s take these numbers to the “The Infamous Calculator” 426,082 Potential IT Project Manager Job Openings 936,144 Potential IT Project Manager for you to place in those job openings Making this your niche, do you believe you could place 2-3 IT Project Managers per month @ a US median salary of $88,000? Or $44.00/per hour
  12. 12. So, ready to learn more? Click Here Learn How To Start a Niche Recruiting and Staffing Firm Get step-by-step instructions to help you get started today…