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My dream job ( pediatrician)

Career Path

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My dream job ( pediatrician)

  1. 1. By: DeVonn Burress
  2. 2. Major: Biology  In order for me to earn my doctors degree I will first have to complete all four years at Lincoln University to get my bachelors degree in biology. So I am currently taking a lot of science classes like biology and chemistry. Later I will have to take physics then about 3 science labs.
  3. 3. Requirements  Things needed for me to do in my first four years of college is to get a lot of experience in and out of hospitals.  Also I will have to get volunteer hours with working with children.  By my junior year I will be looking for jobs at hospitals to get experience in a hospital.
  4. 4. Long Term Goals  Have my own doctors office in my own building.  Go to one of the best medical schools in the country.  Become the best doctor I can be and never give up.  Short term goal is to complete all of the steps needed to get to my long term goals.