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QRazy abo ut QR Codes               There’s an endless array of programs we can customize for you using              QR co...
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QR Code Capabilities One Sheet


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Published in: Technology, Education
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QR Code Capabilities One Sheet

  1. 1. QRazy abo ut QR Codes There’s an endless array of programs we can customize for you using QR codes, all of which would give you the option to collect data and ask research questions, if you wish. Here are just a few: USE QR CODES FOR atch! SQRATCH, SCAN TM IMMEDIATE PHOTO s & WIN AND WIN!TM CARDS scan RETRIEVAL MBER RET NU SCRATC H BELOW TO REV EAL A SEC Attendees scratch off a secret Give your smartphone users , SCAN THE QR number, scan the QR code, VEALED HONE TO the option of seeing their ONCE RE CODE WI TH YOUR SMARTP U’RE A WINNER and enter their info along with SEE IF YO photo immediately by ES ARE FUN the number they just scratched QR COD RACTIVE! simply scanning a QR code AND IN TE tool for off. You can pre-program all a perfect that appears on the retrieval They’re engagin g attende their da es and ta. the secret numbers to control capturing e card they receive after ch, scan and WIN ™ cards are other QR just one code usa techniqu ges we the work; the number of winners, Our sQRat There are tons of ’ll do all having their photo taken. you can use . ize and exe cute for can custom the credit. Conta all you. We ct us to discuss you r needs. coupons, etc. The possibilities you’ll get are endless. 0 895-870 EE (877) TOLL FR hthemom www.catc QR azy Pre-plan an activity that uses QR codes to guide event attendees to different locations within an event environment for a pre-defined n ts purpose. We can customize an execution to your needs for both Scavenger Hu TM smartphone and non-smartphone users, but here are a few specific ideas: QRACK THE CODE UN-SQRAMBLE THE UN-QRUSH THE CAR variation Using QR codes to guide WORD OR PHRASE Display a crushed car in full forattendees to various locations Instead of receiving a digit view of your attendees. un-QRush within the event, attendees at each location, attendees Instead of receving a digit, idea participate in various activi- receive a letter or word. The letter, or word, attendees ties. Upon completing each, collective letters form a secret receive a clue. The series of the attendee receives a digit. word or phrase. After clues are designed to help theAfter all have been collected, attendees have successfully attendee determine the year, they try to “Qrack the Code” hunted down all the letters make, and model of the assembling the digits in the or words, they un-sQRamble After finding all the clues, they correct order for a chance to them to form the secret word try to un-QRush the car by win a great prize. or phrase which they submit guessing the year, make, and for a chance to win. model for a chance to win.QRazy scavenger hunts can have guaranteed winners and/or we can otherdesign a program that involves a large, insured prize that will excite your prize ideasattendee and serve as an even greater incentive for them to participate inthe on-site activities, like a chance to live free for a year! 8850 Jameel Road, Suite 170A | Houston, TX 77040 DIRECT 713.255.4500 FAX 713.895.9136 TOLL FREE 877.895.8700 TOLL FREE FAX 800.823.2859 | Contact Devon Mikeska: