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Catch the moment overview


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Our competitive pricing, flexibility, and lightning speed to market with ideas and executions
have made Catch the Moment the activation company of choice for the highest profile
event marketing agencies and brands. Our fun, innovative, and interactive photo and video
entertainment in event settings (both private and public) has generated thousands of qualified leads for
our clients and serves as a perfect companion to your marketing efforts in a social media world.

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Catch the moment overview

  1. 1. Connect, Capture & Convert!2011 Capabilities Directory CATCH THE MOMENT event photo entertainment 1.877.895.8700 |
  2. 2. THE MARKETING LANDSCAPE Traditional forms of marketing are UNDER ATTACK. Consumers are hit with 3,000-5,000 impressions daily. Clients are seeking innovative solutions that offer new and exciting ways to reach their target audience. Event Marketing brings brands to life.
  3. 3. The Power of Event Marketing52% of marketers say EVENT MARKETINGis the best way to build a relationship. Source: Event Marketing Institute
  5. 5. SPONSORSHIP ACTIVATIONis now the critical elementto break through. ACTIVATION IS OUR SPACE
  6. 6. Q: Why Photo/Video Activation?+ Fun Onsite Activity+ Generates Incentive to transition from onsite to website+ Opportunity for Onsite or Online Surveys+ Stimulates Viral Marketing A: The one thing everyone keeps is a photo or video of themselves!
  7. 7. CONNECT with your potential customers
  8. 8. connect: Create an experience within an experience to start the emotional tie to your brandStep 1: VISITORS POSE FOR A PHOTO OR VIDEO Step 2: VISITORS RECEIVE BRANDED RETRIEVAL CARD
  9. 9. connect: Green Screen Photos Love the Pictures! It was a Great Success!
  10. 10. connect: Green Screen Photos
  11. 11. connect: Green Screen Photos+ SPECIAL E FFE C T S+ ACTORS/ACT RE S S ES+ LOOK-A-L IKE S+ LI CENSE D CHA R A C T ER S
  12. 12. connect: Green Screen Video See Sample See Sample
  13. 13. connect: Roaming/Candid Photos Mobile Systems allow connections ANYWHERE!
  14. 14. connect: QR Coding STUDIES SHOW THAT 28%+ Mobile marketing OF ALL CELL PHONE USERS OWN A SMART PHONE+ Immediate data collection possible+ Onsite to online interaction+ Fun interactive possibilities QR codes make rich+ Promotional scavenger hunts and relevant interac- tions possible, and+ Checking in on foursquare they do it quickly! Microsoft Tag technology also available. Feel free to try it out. Get the free mobile app for your phone at
  15. 15. connect: Prizes & Sweepstakes+ Prizes & Sweepstakes+ Great for building a database+ Winners become lifelong brand advocates Catch the Moment partners with a third party to offer onsite prizes or sweepstakes locally, regionally or nationally.
  16. 16. connect: With PhotoPlayphoto playNEW!
  17. 17. connect: With PhotoPlay TRY IT OUT + Our newest web based application + Change background, borders & frames + Add event specific photo elements + Upload your own photos for editing
  18. 18. connect: 3D TechnologyCatch the Moment takes lead Add a New Dimensiongeneration and even activation to Event Activationto a whole new dimension.Our latest 3D Technology gives CHE OUT CK IT ONyour prospects a unique and WEB OUR SITEexciting memento they’ll keepand share with friends, and itprovides you with a whole newway to generate leads. Visit ourwebsite to see how we can helpmake your next event stand out. EMAIL INFO@CATCHTHEMOMENT.COM FOR A FREE PAIR OF 3D GLASSES
  19. 19. connect: Kiosks Custo mize your ki with Y osk O brand UR ing!
  20. 20. connect: Kiosks 100% Opt -In! 100% Fun! It’s cut down the staff, which helped financially,” says Valerie Sherman, vp-communications at Terminix, who handles the program. “It’s made the exhibit more interactive and efficient, which provides a valuable service to our guests. Now, their data can be captured quickly and easily and shared. Event Marketer, June/July 2010
  21. 21. connect: Kiosks+ Nothing else like it!+ Interactive photo/video with 100% opt-in Non-stop action in+ Photos, videos, emails the booth and the & texts on the spot photos were a+ Touch screen interface huge draw.+ Function with or without retrieval cards+ Completely self serviced or staff assisted 100%+ Easy transport Opt -In! 100%+ Custom branding Fun! available
  22. 22. connect: Facebook & Mobile Feature your event on your Facebook page. Catch the Moment can send photos of guests instantly to your Facebook page while the event is going on. Your guests can go to your page and tag themselves for an instant viral marketing opportunity!Another fun way to deliverguests photos and videoswould be directly to theirmobile phone! By using ourcustom software, Catch theMoment can deliver photoand video to mobile phonesduring your event!
  23. 23. CAPTURE
  24. 24. capture: Your PotentialPotential customers knowingthe brand (passive signage, etc.)is no longer enough! Now the brand needs to KNOW their potential customers!
  25. 25. capture: On Site OptionsBIG EVENT? Multiple data capturedevices can wirelessly transfer alldata to a central location!+ PDA’s+ Computers (including touch screen)+ Tablets+ Drivers license scanners+ Kiosks (100% Opt-in)
  26. 26. capture: RFID Technology RFID Technology is quickly becoming a hassle-free method of offering event attendees an enhanced brand experience while increasing the ease in which data can be collected about their preferences and activity while at an experiential event. The use of an RFID bracelet system at your event can certainly increase throughput with the speed, flexibility and efficiency it provides.
  27. 27. capture: RFID Technology Create an experience withinFaster Lead Retrieval an experience to start the emotional tie to your productTrack Attendance+ Event-wide+ Section-by-sectionName Recognition+ computer and video when RFID badge approachesCheck in – Check outRFID Coverage Area+ Guest tracked within designated areaData Collection+ Track attendance+ Popularity of activities+ Response to products
  28. 28. capture: Online Options ELECTRONIC FILE SHARING+ Visitors go to website Wallpaper Background Add to Mobile to retrieve photo Buy Photo Prints Add to Myspace or video Email Photo Add to Picasa+ Visitors answer Add to Twitter Edit Photo customized survey to determine buying Add to Facebook Print Photo preferences for clients’ Add to Flicker Save Photo product or service+ Visitors forward and share photo/video online—generate more impressions
  29. 29. capture: Online Options+ After photo taken get photo code card TRY IT OUT! USE+ Paper vs. Plastic ACCESS CODE: 41801010000+ Drive web traffic+ Client landing page+ Our landing page PHOTO R E T R I E VA L+ Collect name, email SEE HOW IT WORKS! and zip code USE ACCESS CODE:+ Client ‘look and feel’ 10401010000+ Client survey (Mandatory / Non-mandatory) CLICK TO VIEW+ Opt-in THESE OTHER SAMPLES
  30. 30. post event: Robust Reporting CliCK HERE fOR A DEmOUSER NAME: reports demoPASSWORD: Ctmreports123
  31. 31. post event: Robust ReportingDetailed Statistics: Export Data: External Clicks: Survey Results: Retrieval Timeline:Provides a look at the Allows you to export Allows you to view the Allows you to view the Allows you to view thesame group of statistics data captured through number of times each of number of times or ways rate of photo or videofrom the snapshot page, the online interface into the external link-backs respondents answered redemption on a per-daybut breaks down numbers a document that you can were clicked. your survey questions. basis after each event date. insert into your own event follow up analysis. Photo Gallery: Allows you to look at all event photos from any given event date.ROI Calculator: Graphs By Date: Event Group Report:Allows you to monetize Allows you to construct Allows you to go a stepevents by placing values visual aid graphs to reflect further than the detailednext to measurable statis- the statistics collected statistics page by grouping Totally impressed!tics of not only the photo/video activation at your through Catch the Mo- ment reporting to use in several event dates togeth- er for a collective analysis Catch the Momentevent but ALL activation follow up analysis of of all events in one mar- made my job easiermeasurables. your own. ket. IE, all three days of activation at a NASCAR than it’s ever been.lOgIN: roiuser race combined instead of – Genesco Sports EnterprisesPASSwORd: CTMroi$ individually by day.
  32. 32. post event: Robust Reporting ROi ENT Em mEASUR T OOl Monetize events by placing values next to measurable statistics of not only the photo/video activation at your event but ALL activation measurables.
  33. 33. CONVERTKeep YOUR brand at the top of thecustomer’s mind!
  34. 34. convert: New CustomersBASED ONSURVEYANSWERS+ Target your message+ Coupons can be OfferedFOLLOW UP+ Custom email campaign+ Direct mail+ PhoneVISITORBECOMESCUSTOMER
  35. 35. Connectwith your guests through fun andentertaining photo and video activation.Captureguests’ information with a variety ofdata collection tools.Convertthe lead to a sale!
  36. 36. Have an idea? We’re ready to help you take your activation to the next level!Our staff includes Software/Web Developers as well as Manufacturing/Assembly. TOYOTA: Custom photo booth installed in a car with photo printer in trunk US CELLULAR: Green screen photography using mobile phones TNT: Sweepstakes offer without MAXIM: photography Video Tunnel The biggest event at the Superbowl
  37. 37. turnkey or lease equipmentTURNKEY(we execute)+ Set up and tear down+ Stay for duration of event+ Professional PhotographersLEASE EQUIPMENT(you execute)+ Formal training+ On site training+ User friendly software+ Cell phone access to 24/7 tech support
  38. 38. Locations OVE 12,0 EVEN 0 0 R TS SINC E 1998 !Catch the Moment averages 18 IONS LOCAT Dthree events per day... AROU N S!365 days a year! THE U
  39. 39. Some of our clients
  40. 40. CTM Innovations: The FactsOver the years... Catch the Moment currently...2002 Popularized green screen for photo + has the world’s largest green screen activation. background library!2004 Introduced Proprietary ChromaView™ Software Suite Series: Mobile: for roving + is listed on Inc. 5000 fastest growing photography, Pro: green screen application, companies (2007,2008,2009) Uploader: uploading photo to website, Video: for video activation, and the + has successfully executed over 12,000 patented CTM Backlitt® Technology events worldwide2005 Introduced green screen video for + has locations in 18 major U.S. cities photo activation2007 Introduced cell phone photo delivery2009 Introduced new self-service photo/data capture kiosk2010 Introduced PhotoPlay
  41. 41. We invite youto download ourWhite Paper.Do YOU have clientsthat can benefit fromthese services?How can WEbe of service?
  42. 42. We can also just ENTERTAINOne Off’sGreen Screen Photo/Video+ Print on site+ 100 Per hourCandid Photography+ CD of all images+ Online – PhotoPlusTMStationary+ Client BackdropPhoto BoothOther Options+ Flip Book+ Lenticular+ Photo Buttons
  43. 43. Call or email ustoday for moreinformation. CATCH THE MOMENT event photo entertainment 1.877.895.8700 | catchthemoment.comATLANTA | AUSTIN | BOSTON | ChARLOTTE | ChICAGO | DALLAS | hOUSTON | LAS VEGAS | LOS ANGELES | NAShVILLE NEW ORLEANS | NEW YORK | ORLANDO | PITTSBURGh | SAN ANTONIO | SAN FRANCISCO | SEATTLE | WAShINGTON, D.C.