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Welcomerulesprocedures 201516


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Welcome back, rules and procedures

Published in: Education
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Welcomerulesprocedures 201516

  1. 1. Some things I did this summer…
  2. 2. Some things I did this summer…
  3. 3. Some things I did this summer…
  4. 4. Some things I did this summer… I saw Mrs. Nixon!! 
  5. 5. Stealthy, silent, quick
  6. 6. Be Safe! It is very important to be careful with materials and procedures in the art room.
  7. 7. RRRRRRING!!!!!! Sometimes I will need to have everyone’s attention to give directions or share important information. When you hear the bell, it is time to listen for directions. Let’s practice!
  8. 8. When you hear the bell: Show me the Mona Lisa! What do you notice about the Mona Lisa and how she is sitting???  Eyes?  Mouth?  Hands?
  9. 9. Show me the Mona Lisa! EYES: Eyes on me  MOUTH: Mouth is closed HANDS: Hands are still How to be Mona-ificent!!!
  10. 10. Let’s Practice!
  11. 11. Be Treat others as you would like to be treated.
  12. 12. Make smART choices and remember the Art Room Way!
  13. 13. By working together, following directions, being our most creative selves and helping to clean up, we can earn a blob of paint until we FILL OUR PALETTES!!!
  14. 14. Our goal is to keep the A-R-T through our time in art!
  15. 15. It is a warning. How do you think we can turn it back to a “T”? If a “T” gets turned over…
  16. 16. How can we go back to “ART”? If the “R” is turned over?
  17. 17. Can we still end the day with “ART”??? YES! If the “A” gets turned over…
  18. 18. •Each class in each grade level will earn a blob of paint on their palette. •Once the palette is filled with each of the 6 colors of the rainbow, we will earn a FREE ART DAY!!  •After a class in a grade level earns a free art day, the blobs are cleared and we start again. If we end our day with “ART”
  19. 19. Work together to keep the Art Studio clean!
  20. 20. Helping Hands: We all work together to clean up and take care of our art work and materials. Each week a different table color will have a specific job to monitor in the Art Room.