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3rd gesture drawing lesson

Gesture Drawing

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3rd gesture drawing lesson

  1. 1. Gesture Drawings Agenda: 1)Explore the SHAPES that make up a human form and how to draw them. 2)Practice drawing a figure (correct proportions and shapes.) 1) First with handout of figure 2) Draw mannequin 3)Activity: Gesture Drawing 1) The body in motion 2) We will be doing QUICK, timed drawings that capture the gesture (movement) of our models. Next Activity: My Shadow and Me! Create a full figure selfie and shadow of yourself in action! 
  2. 2. Gesture Drawing I Can… Study a pose, and draw what I see Use basic shapes to draw a figure Create gesture drawings using quick, loose gestures Practice observing and drawing to improve my skills
  3. 3. What is a Gesture Drawing? A non-verbal communication – can be seen on the human figure, animals and even objects, a drawing used to study the human figure Sometimes called an action drawing: the action a figure is performing Limit looking at your paper as much as possible and use the whole page – DRAW BIG! Use a continuous line and DO NOT ERASE if you make a mistake – JUST IGNORE IT!
  4. 4. Rembrandt Gesture Drawing, Preacher, 1644
  5. 5. Examples of Gesture Drawings from 17,000 B.C. Lascaux Caves located in France
  6. 6. Focus on: SHAPE! SHAPE! SHAPE!: Focus on the shape of the model – not the fine details Use your whole arm when drawing – don’t grip the pencil too tight Remember, this is an exercise – have fun with it!
  7. 7. Keep in mind… We are NOT couch potatoes… so do not draw the model like one! I am not a potato!
  8. 8. We have a torso and a pelvis! TORSO PELVIS
  9. 9. Gesture Drawing Start with Basic Shapes… Head Neck Body Arms/Hand Legs/Feet
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