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Trump Business Presentation


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Trump Business Presentation

  1. 1. © 2010 TTN, LLC.  All Rights Reserved  THE TRUMP NETWORK and the associated crest trademarks owned by Donald J. Trump
  2. 2. © 2010 TTN, LLC.  All Rights Reserved  THE TRUMP NETWORK and the associated crest trademarks owned by Donald J. Trump © 2010 TTN, LLC.  All Rights Reserved  THE TRUMP NETWORK and the associated crest trademarks owned by Donald J. Trump
  3. 3. World’s Most Powerful Brand Unique Ground Floor Opportunity Unlimited Income Potential © 2010 TTN, LLC.  All Rights Reserved  THE TRUMP NETWORK and the associated crest trademarks owned by Donald J. Trump
  4. 4. Additional Income Time With Your Family Work From Home k Look & Feel Your Best Financial Stability © 2010 TTN, LLC.  All Rights Reserved  THE TRUMP NETWORK and the associated crest trademarks owned by Donald J. Trump
  5. 5. What Does It Mean To You? Do You Have It? Do You Have A Plan To Get It? G I? Where Do You See Yourself Five Years From Now? Fi Y F N ? Let’s Look At How Your Trump Network Business Can Help You Achieve Your Goals © 2010 TTN, LLC.  All Rights Reserved  THE TRUMP NETWORK and the associated crest trademarks owned by Donald J. Trump
  6. 6. FOUR KEY FACTORS TO CONSIDER: Company Timing & i i Leadership Unique Consumable Products Large & Growing Markets Top Compensation Plan © 2010 TTN, LLC.  All Rights Reserved  THE TRUMP NETWORK and the associated crest trademarks owned by Donald J. Trump
  7. 7. THE TRUMP NETWORK: The First Ever Branded Network Marketing Company 375% Growth In 2009 TIMING AND TRENDS: Recession, Home Business, Internet, Social Networking, Customization, Health & Wellness © 2010 TTN, LLC.  All Rights Reserved  THE TRUMP NETWORK and the associated crest trademarks owned by Donald J. Trump
  8. 8. Donald Trump’s Name Is Synonymous With Exceptional y y p Products, Winning & Making Money Over 60 Y O Years C bi d Combined Marketing Experience In The Field & Corporate Management The Trump Network Is Profitable & Debt Free © 2010 TTN, LLC.  All Rights Reserved  THE TRUMP NETWORK and the associated crest trademarks owned by Donald J. Trump
  9. 9. Preparing To Expand Into 40 Different Countries Starting With Canada, Mexico & Brazil Currently Translating Materials Into Spanish & Portuguese Imagine What Can Happen… As Your Business Expands Globally With The Trump Network? © 2010 TTN, LLC.  All Rights Reserved  THE TRUMP NETWORK and the associated crest trademarks owned by Donald J. Trump
  10. 10. Now Available To Everyone Aller, Digest, Estrogena, Fit, Stress, Osteo All Di t E t Fit St Ot © 2010 TTN, LLC.  All Rights Reserved  THE TRUMP NETWORK and the associated crest trademarks owned by Donald J. Trump
  11. 11. Nutritional Supplements ($28 Billion Dollar Industry) Healthy Eating & Weight Loss ($50 Billion Dollar Industry) Energy Drinks gy ($44 Billion Dollar Industry) Children’s Performance Line ($20 Billion Dollar Industry) Anti–Aging Skin & Personal Care ($229 Billion Dollar Industry) Much More To Come: Green Home Care Products ($50 Billion Dollar Industry) M hM T C G H C P d t Billi D ll I d t ) © 2010 TTN, LLC.  All Rights Reserved  THE TRUMP NETWORK and the associated crest trademarks owned by Donald J. Trump
  12. 12. © 2010 TTN, LLC.  All Rights Reserved  THE TRUMP NETWORK and the associated crest trademarks owned by Donald J. Trump
  13. 13. Can You Think Of PEOPLE TODAY Who Want To Be Proactive With Their Health And Wealth? © 2010 TTN, LLC.  All Rights Reserved  THE TRUMP NETWORK and the associated crest trademarks owned by Donald J. Trump
  14. 14. CONSUME Products For G t R lt P d t F Great Results SHARE The Opportunity With Others INVITE Others To Join The Trump Network © 2010 TTN, LLC.  All Rights Reserved  THE TRUMP NETWORK and the associated crest trademarks owned by Donald J. Trump
  15. 15. Who Tweets with a friend in Montana Say you know someone in New York… Who has a Facebook friend in Chicago Who knows a couple in Colorado Who’s Linked In to someone in California Because We’re All Connected Who has a cousin in Florida Do You See How Fast This Can Grow? © 2010 TTN, LLC.  All Rights Reserved  THE TRUMP NETWORK and the associated crest trademarks owned by Donald J. Trump
  16. 16. Receive Weekly FastStart Bonuses & Commissions Communication Program Personalized Website Automatic Monthly BUSINESS STARTER KIT AutoShip Enrollment Only $497 ($700 Value) © 2010 TTN, LLC.  All Rights Reserved  THE TRUMP NETWORK and the associated crest trademarks owned by Donald J. Trump
  17. 17. Income As Your Business Grows You Enroll 3: 3 X $100 = $300 1 $100 Who Enroll 3: 9 X $25 = $225 2 $25 Who Enroll 3: 27 X $20 = $540 3 $20 Who Enroll 3: Wh E ll 3 81 X $20 = $1 620 $1,620 4 $20 Who Enroll 3: 243 X $20 = $4,860 5 $20 Who Enroll 3: 729 X $20 = $14,580 6 $20 Who Enroll 3: 2,187 X $20 = $43,740 7 $20 Total $65,865 The example depicts an organization filling out fully & systematically because it makes the example easier to understand In reality organizations never fill out completely understand. reality, or uniformly, and you should not expect your organizations to fill out as depicted in the example. The Trump Network does not guarantee you will earn an income. © 2010 TTN, LLC.  All Rights Reserved  THE TRUMP NETWORK and the associated crest trademarks owned by Donald J. Trump
  18. 18. Goal: $20,000 + Get To Gold As Fast As Possible, monthly And Help Others Get To Gold $5,000-$20,000 $5,000 $20,000 monthly E i Executive CV = commissionable volume $500-$5,000 Diamond monthly Diamond $100-$500 $100 $500 Car & Platinum Car & Larger monthly Profit Profit FASTSTART Gold Sharingg Sharing $497 1,000 CV 5,000 CV 50,000 CV 275,000 CV 3 Legs 3 Legs 3 Legs 3 Legs The Trump Network does not guarantee you will earn an income. © 2010 TTN, LLC.  All Rights Reserved  THE TRUMP NETWORK and the associated crest trademarks owned by Donald J. Trump
  19. 19. Earn Per Month Use Volume For FastStart Platinum Enter The Lead Program 1000 CGV Required © 2010 TTN, LLC.  All Rights Reserved  THE TRUMP NETWORK and the associated crest trademarks owned by Donald J. Trump
  20. 20. Your Business Builder Sets Allow You To Place Product In Your Prospect’s Hands Immediately. Then Your Prospect Can Share Their New Business With Others The Next Day, And Leave A Set With Those Who Sign In The Same Way. © 2010 TTN, LLC.  All Rights Reserved  THE TRUMP NETWORK and the associated crest trademarks owned by Donald J. Trump
  21. 21. FastStart Way For Your Personal Use + Business Builder Sets 1 Set 2 Sets 3 Sets CV – 300 COST - $397 “ YOU + 2” CV – 600 CV – 110 COST - $794 COST - $497 “ YOU + 1” “ YOU + 9” CV – 900 COST - $1191 “ YOU” FastStart + 3 Business Builder Sets = $1688 © 2010 TTN, LLC.  All Rights Reserved  THE TRUMP NETWORK and the associated crest trademarks owned by Donald J. Trump
  22. 22. et The Person Who Invited You Know, How You’d Like To Start Become A Customer Become A Marketer OR & Have Better Health & Make More Money Make A Difference In Your Life, For Your Health & Your Wealth , © 2010 TTN, LLC.  All Rights Reserved  THE TRUMP NETWORK and the associated crest trademarks owned by Donald J. Trump
  23. 23. Become Part Of The Movement That’s Destined To Change Our World Forever B P t Th M t Th t’ D ti d T Ch O W ld F © 2010 TTN, LLC.  All Rights Reserved  THE TRUMP NETWORK and the associated crest trademarks owned by Donald J. Trump