Uncommon link aquisition opportunities


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Uncommon link aquisition opportunities

  1. 1. seerint eract ive.com http://www.seerinteractive.com/blog/35-local-link-opportunities-you-missed 35 Local Link Opportunities You Missed With local results a solid part of most regular SERPs, it’s necessary f or most businesses to continue to build more local link opportunities. Below are 35 you can go af ter, many through connections you’ve already made. 1. Sponsor a local animal shelter. Many of these are very city themed and link out to donors (I’ve seen as low as $10). 2. Sponsor a local meetup group. A site:meetup.com plus city should let you see the most valuable pages Google has indexed that relate to that city. Most have a link to click to provide them with an of f er. Paid links shmaid links, whatever, if you of f er them your of f ice space f or their meetings, I don’t see a problem with them putting your link under sponsors to identif y that meetings are held at your business. 3. Have anyone in the company running a marathon or race that is city specif ic and they have a “help me raise money” page? If the f undraising domain has the city name in it and the page is able to have links, why not drop one in? But then there’s the whole racing thing…..good luck with that. 4. Go speak at a local college. Whether it’s an intro to marketing course or a senior leadership class, a night class speaking engagement that takes 30 minutes give you some goodwill f rom the college community, gets your name out there, and most likely a link f rom either the course syllabus, teacher’s page, school events page, etc. All of which are probably city or state themed. 5. Is your business in a corporate park, strip mall, actual mall? Many of these places have websites that could link out to your business like www.kingof prussiamall.com linking out to Gertrude Hawk Chocolates. 6. Your local community development center probably has a business directory. It’s very likely to have the name of the city or community in the title. It’s extremely likely it’ll link out to you, like FairmountCDC.org links out to Ali’s Wagon. 7. There are plenty of local f orums with city name in title where you can post legit dof ollow f orum signature links. Is there value? Minimal. Are you getting a f ree city themed link f rom a site like http://www.philadelphiaspeaks.com/f orum/south-philadelphia/17387-i-95-history-lession.html while you’re able to talk about the history of i-95? You betcha. 8. Have you purchased anything f rom a local artist f or the business? If so, take a picture of it, shoot it over and see if they’ll link to you. Artists enjoy seeing their work hanging up. You’ll probably get a link, and if not, ask f or one. From here down, it’s all about who you’ve worked with and what has physically been done to your business. The main idea here is testimonials. 9. Have you recently had your business remodeled? What company did you use and if you provide a glowing testimonial, will they link back to you f rom their site? They should. 10. Did you hire a local SEO f irm? Ask f or that link under clients or ask if you can provide a testimonial in exchange f or a link.
  2. 2. 11. Do you use a local janitorial service f or the of f ice? Do they have a site and can you provide that testimonial f or a link? 12. Had an event catered recently? Find their site, be willing to say nice things f or a link. 13. Have you rented a limo or party bus? Site, request link in exchange f or testimonial. 14. Hired a junk removal service? Get the link. 15. Hired a local photographer, graf f iti artist? Find site, request. 16. Used a real estate agency to buy or f ind a rental? Use a title company? Find site, request. 17. Have donuts, bagels, or cof f ee delivered? Find site, testimonial f or a link. 18. Have water or groceries delivered to your business? Find site, testimonial f or a link. 19. Had a plumber, electrician, painting or window installation company service your business? Find sites, testimonial f or a link. 20. Book a trip through a local travel agency? Get the link. 21. Leased computer, construction, f urniture, or any other equipment? Get the link with a testimonial. 22. Hired a local copywriter? Provide a testimonial, or if you’re a big company, just ask them to put you in a Clients tab linked up if you’re not already there. 23. Used a moving company? Find, get. 24. Hired a band or motivational speaker, clown? Find site, link. 25. Hired company to help train your employees in advanced excel? Testimonial, link. 26. Had an inspection f rom an independent inspector (or appraiser)? Find site, link. 27. Rented out a conf erence room or consistently renting out coworking space? Get the link. 28. Hired a masseuse, chiropractor, therapist, psychologist, grief counselor, or any service specif ic to employees (even a consultant to f ire employees)? Get the link. 29. Had carpets, tile, or general contracting work done? If you like it, provide the testimonial in exchange f or a link. 30. Used a local promotional products company? Get the link. 31. Hired a landscaping company to make things pretty outside company headquarters? Testimonial & get the link. 32. Used a local IT company f or troubleshooting/outsourcing IT work? Link. 33. Purchased any type of vehicle f or the business? Testimonial to the local car dealership & get the link. 34. Had a company happy hour? Get the link 35. Hire a local design f irm? Done.
  3. 3. Almost all of the companies you would use to do all of the things above have websites. 99% of them would love a testimonial and all you have to do is ask if they’re ok with you providing a f antastic testimonial if they’ll link to your company. If you used a real estate agency (1) to f ind a rental space in a mall (2) you’re going to use a moving company (3), have electrical work f ixed to f it your needs (4), paint, (5), f ix plumbing (6), rent or buy f urniture & of f ice equipment (7), af ter you demo (8) and get rid of the junk lef t f rom construction (9). Then you put down carpet or tile (10) and take a limo (11) to a happy hour at a rented room (12) that is catered (13) to celebrate your new business. You invite your newly hired SEO (14) f irm and design agency (15). I’ll stop there. You’ll f ind a lot of local opportunities here. If they’re not local f or you, they’re still great linking opportunities f or things you’ve already paid f or, so make the most of them & get the link.