Standard seo features


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Standard seo features

  1. 1. Standard Structural Features ● Use a logical document structure of headings and appropriate HTML elements to clearly express a page. Example: Breadcrumbs is a list of links in logical order, therefore, belong in an Ordered list <ol>, not a <ul>, span, div or whatever else. Within HTML the ordered list should be wrapped in a <nav> ● Microformats (Schema & RDFa) ○ Organization ○ Product ○ Navigation ○ Local Business (address req) ○ Offer microformats ○ Contact page microformats ○ About page microformats ○ Checkout Page microformats ○ Rating & Review microformats ● Page speed optimization ○ Image optimization ■ Progressive, 61% or better quality JPGs ■ Spritemaps when necessary ■ Replace some images with CSS ■ for transparent PNGs ○ KeepAlives Enabled ○ Specify Cache Validator ○ Enable GZIP compression / mod_deflate ○ Etags ○ Set doc type utf-8 ○ Always include external CSS before external JavaScript within the <head> (except for Javascript which is being deferred to the </body>) ○ Defer the loading of some javascript to the </body> ● Ensure the <meta charset="utf-8">character set is in the <head> of every page at the top, below the <base> tag. ● Remove CSS @imports and use <links> instead for external CSS ● Fix major HTML element errors IE: unclosed tags. ● Fix major crawl errors and bad status codes ● 301 redirects for existing 404 errors ● Voice enable search forms by adding a “x-webkit-speech” attribute to the <input> ● Accessibility through use of special attributes and elements that increase accessibility and convenience for users ● Microformats must validate in & ● Page speed must score over 85/100 on the Chrome PageSpeed extension ● All pages must not contain “unclosed tags” errors or other important HTML errors in
  2. 2. the W3C validator. ● No links to status codes other than 200 should show up on a crawl (with some exception) ● Must have 0 errors and warnings on the WAVE accessibility validator Standard Social Features ● Include Pinnacle “Scolled-to-Google+” Follow button widget ● Social Optimized Header & Footer ○ Use onsite sharing icons (instead of icons that take you to the customers social properties) that lead directly to engagement within the header. ● Social Optimized product pages ○ Use the sharing icons that lead direct to engagement ○ Embed pinterest button within the preview of the product image and within the large-view of the product image ○ Find and use opportunities to add snippets like “Love this product? Give us a +1” without cluttering. ○ Include “Think this is a good deal?” Pinnacle facebook plugin ● Social Optimized contact us pages with prominent icons leading to social properties, displaying engaged users and content when beneficial. ○ Use this Example mockup as a guide ● Email solicitation for +1 & Google Page on order completion email ○ bottom_text.html,bottom_html.html,top_html.html,top_tex.html ● Social optimized Thank You pages ○ Large and un-missable call-to-action! +1 us and/or Follow us on Google & Facebook ● Google+ Author & Publisher microformat ○ Author requires Blogging ■ All individual authors are registered and validated via Google Plus as authors on the blog. ○ All stores get the publisher microformat that validates to their Google+ page. ● Author and Publisher formats must validate in ● All social icons not in the footer must directly lead to social engagement. IE: lead to a share or +1 or tweet rather than land you on the customers facebook page. ● Priority order of social networks based on expected tangible benefit: a. Google+ b. Facebook
  3. 3. c. Pinterest d. Twitter Standard Ongoing SEO features ● Constantly improving page speed ● Updating to the latest technologies onsite, offsite and per-device. ● All local listings (address + phone number required) ● 70+ Meta Search engines submission ● High quality hand-crafted & detail-oriented-mixed link building ○ High quality directories ○ High quality social bookmarks ○ PDF files ○ 3rd Party Property generation ○ SEO Gears would do this for $100/mo per client [consider outsourcing] ● Rating & Review presence ○ Instructions for store owner to increase rating & review engagement via email, within a storefront or over the phone. ○ Find new ways to obtain positive ratings and reviews ● Stay current with latest Social APIs and page features to stay ahead of the curve ○ ■ ○ ■ ○ ■ ○ ■ ○ Include linkedin as applicable. ● Social properties must be properly linked to the website and have all basic information filled in ● Ratings and reviews must not be solicited for positive reviews, only honest reviews ● Custom widget/plugin/code developed using social API’s should be universal and extensible enough to apply to all clients carts. ● Link building and 3rd party properties(review sites, etc) must not contain duplicate content, but must contain very consistent and accurate contact details and project information.
  4. 4. Meta features ● Tracking via Analytics & Webmasters tools of ○ Web traffic ○ Google impressions and CTR’s ○ Popular & converting content ○ Paid Traffic ○ Social signals and social traffic ○ Revenue & transactions ● Reporting every 30 days