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Natalia-Sir Francis Drake


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Natalia-Sir Francis Drake

  1. 1. Sir Francis Drake By: Natalia OToole
  2. 2. Birth and DeathSir Francis Drake was born in 1540 and diedin 1596. Sir Francis Drake was born in acottage.
  3. 3. Time Line Part One1549- Drake was apprenticed to the masterof a ship that said the parts of englishchannel, and in mouth of the river Thames.
  4. 4. Time Line Part Two1567- In 1567 Drake commanded the Judithon the second of the expedition organized.
  5. 5. Time Line Part ThreeIn 1570 he returned to the Spanish Main toget revenge, and for 3 years he made himself a hated person there.
  6. 6. Timeline Part FourIn December 1577, he set of to the goldenhind and started his adventure around theworld. He had the best equippedexpedition ever launched by England 5stout well armed men,
  7. 7. Timelineand a crew of 150 men. They reached thecost In April 1578. On May twenty first theyentered straits of magellan at the southerntip of south america.
  8. 8. Exploration InformationSir Francis Drake and his crew sailed up thecoast of Chile and Peru attacking anddestroying Spanish ships. They continuednorth along the coastline, exploringVancouver, Canada.
  9. 9. Exploration InformationThen they sailed across the Pacific Oceanto the Celebes and Java. They crossed theequator in July and sailed into PlymouthHarbor in September of 1580. Theyreturned with one
  10. 10. Exploration Informationship and a half-starved crew of 58 men whohad not set foot on a populated shore for 6months.The ship carried the richest cargoever to reach an English port. There werespices,
  11. 11. English port. There were spices, preciousmetals, jewels, silks, fine porcelains, andirreplaceable maps
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