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Competitive Analysis of U.S. Keg Rental and Lease Providers


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Craft beverage (beer, cider, kombucha) and kegged wine reference and buyer's guide on the top U.S. stainless steel keg rental and leasing providers.

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Competitive Analysis of U.S. Keg Rental and Lease Providers

  1. 1. Competitive Analysis USA Keg Providers Devin Van Sant Van Sant Associates
  2. 2. USA Competitive Landscape Top 3 Competitors Scope of Analysis
  3. 3. USA Competitive Landscape: 30 Providers ABS Commercial Dolium (Dispack- projects N.V.) HopGistics MicroStar Logistics, LLC Petainer Manufacturing USA Inc Standard Kegs Ambrach, LLC Ecodraft – Cardiff Group Ink Kegs NDL Keg Polykeg Srl Stout Tanks & Kettles LLC American Keg Company G4 Kegs Keg Logistics LLC Ningbo Hefeng Kitchen Utensils Manufacture Co., Ltd Satellite Logistics Group-KegFleet keg leasing Taizhou Kegmaxs Brewing Equipment Co.,Ltd. Blefa Kegs, Inc. Global Kegs Kegstar Ningbo Major Draft Beer Equipment Co., Ltd. Schaefer Container Systems THIELMANN US LLC Country Malt Group- NDL Keg GW Kent Lightweight Containers Inc. - KeyKeg - UniKeg Painless Stainless Shinhan Industrial Company UBC Group Color key: Top 3 USA keg providers Top European stainless steel keg manufacturers PET plastic keg manufacturers
  4. 4. Top USA Competitors 1. MicroStar Logistics (including KegCraft) 2. Keg Logistics (including Atlas and Keg Credit) 3. Global Kegs
  5. 5. MicroStar Logistics (including KegCraft) Founded 1996 Headquarters Colorado (Corporate HQ) ● Wisconsin (Quality Services) ● Texas (Keg Washing) Business model Sell ● Rental pay-per-fill ● Lease ● Export ● Repair and maintenance (Tosca) Products MicroStar ● KegCraft Advantages • Market leader • Independent U.S. ownership • Owns the largest number of kegs in the U.S (Estimated at 4 million) • Longterm relationships with customers: >500 customers and long-term contracts • Large staff: >300 employees • Promo video: Disadvantages  Keg deposits  Lead times  Rebrands kegs for float  Focus on mid-size and large producers; less accessible to smaller producers
  6. 6. MicroStar Logistics
  7. 7. MicroStar Logistics
  8. 8. MicroStar Logistics
  9. 9. MicroStar Logistics MicroStar acquires Keg Craft
  10. 10. Keg Logistics (including Atlas and Keg Credit) Founded 2011, by Chris Sapyta, original founder of MicroStar Headquarters 9360 Station St #325, Lone Tree, CO 80124 Business model Rent pay-per-fill ● Lease To Own ● Flex Term Rental ● Export/Full Logistics Products Keg Logistics ● Atlas Kegs ● Keg Credit ● Fitzmark Freight Services Advantages • Largest U.S. market share at >2000 customers • Top quality, German kegs • Non-exclusive and no personal guarantees • Business model includes both leasing and pay-per-fill options • Service options for local distribution business models with high keg turn-rates and national distribution models. Disadvantages  Seaport Capital ownership  Minimal keg scanning/inventory management  Customers accountable to lease agreement terms  Embossing and silkscreen charges  Debranding charges  Responsibility for lost kegs
  11. 11. Keg Logistics
  12. 12. Brewbound industry trade publication marketing Keg Logistics
  13. 13. Keg Logistics
  14. 14. Keg Logistics
  15. 15. 2019 Craft Brewers Conference, Denver CO – Hospitality suite Keg Logistics
  16. 16. Date Founded 2013 Headquarters 6675 Westwood Blvd, Orlando, FL 32821 Business model Keg rental pay-per-fill ● Pallet rental ● Worldwide logistics Products SmartKeg ● SmartPallet ● SmartReturn Advantages • Large keg fleet • Fit-to-fill delivery • Single pricing • No contract or deposit requirement • No liability for lost kegs • Smart scanning technology included Disadvantages  Freight charge for delivery and reverse logistics  Not European kegs Global Keg
  17. 17. Global Keg
  18. 18. 2019 Craft Brewers Conference, Denver CO
  19. 19. Global Keg
  20. 20. Global Keg
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