Information Architecture for Rocketalk Web


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The information architecture document for Rocketalk web design. This was part of the brief sent to the graphic design team for mock-up design of the web interface.

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Information Architecture for Rocketalk Web

  1. 1. Information Architecture for Rocketalk.comALL PAGES WILL CONTAIN AN AREA ON WHICH WE SHOW HOW THATPARTICULAR PAGE IS SEEN ON THE MOBILE PRODUCT AS WELLRegistration page:  Username:(please enter one word only. To use multiple words, separate them with a specialcharacter. eg. Ekta_rohra)  Password:  Confirm password:  Email ID:(We use this to send you your passwords and show you offline messags when you want.)  Mobile number:(So that you can use Rocketalk on mobile as well!)  Location: [--choose your country--] [--choose a city--]  Birthday: [-day-] [-month-] [-year-]  Gender: [-choose one-]  I am: A user(will upload non-copyrighted stuff) / An artist (will upload content which i have copyright on)(The user should have the option to choose just one or choose both if he wants)  verification letters:Registration step 2:  Confirmation of registration  Invite friends o Enter email ID invite fields o Get friends from  Outlook express  Yahoo  Gmail  Hotmail  orkut  Facebook  LinkedZone  Linkedin  Etc etc.My page: We need the following Stuff for his immediate attention – My messages, My friend invites, My community invites, My wall messages Picture with a dummy (placeholder) according to gender and a clear button from where he can udpate his photo
  2. 2. Voice box: His voice profile where he can easily click and record. This is a small player with a play button, a record button and a stop button. A single row thing...not too big. This is so that the user can play his voice as well as upload it right away] [There will be a similar player and recorder for the video as well if the user has a video. Else there will be an upload video button] Profile listing o Name, age, sex, location o The option to fill his extended profile right there through interactive edit areas. the extended profile fields are:  Relationship status  Looking for  sexual orientation  Education  Occupation  Interests  Fav movies  Fav music Stats area: visitors to my profile, view for my content, comments that I have given as well as the comments which have been given on my profile Friends list Communities list Subscriptions to other people’s media…new stuff in subscriptions Navigation for the following o Upload more media o Customize my channel o Write on blog o Manage friends list o Manage communities o SettingsEdit profile state: We can actually have the options to edit individual fields by clicking onthem from the profile itself (web 2.0 format). You just have to design the same page forhow it will look when the fields are open.My Channel (as seen by other people):  All the above mentioned fields. Except personal stuff like My messages etc. & navigation links for customization  A featured display area for his media,  A navigation for all the options of social networking, bookmarking, sending friend invite, sending a message, first couple of entries of his blog if they are there, his events if hes an artist.  An area where his latest blog entries are shown as well  Latest Wall messages
  3. 3. Note: You can create separate pages for artists, non artists and both as well or one pge sothat it accommodates both states without looking funny when one is not there.... [In theregistration page, we have a section on which the user declares whether hes an artist or asimple user or both. On the backend, information of an artist is his original work and thecopyright belongs to him and for a non-artist, the infromation can come from any source.For an artist, we have other facilities as well, like events, galleries, special search etc. fora non-artist, we have other options, for both we have to provide a profile which canaccommodate both]