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iPad Junior High eBook Presentation


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iPad Junior High eBook Presentation

  1. 1. How to Download eBooks on the iPad
  2. 2. Log in to Our WiFi
  3. 3. Install App
  4. 4. Create/Log in with Adobe ID Note: User agreement says you need to be 13 or have a guardian do this step. If you do not have an ID you will be able to go through all the steps of this presentation, except downloading the actual book.
  5. 5. Add a Library
  6. 6. Touch the star so it turns gold. This will save the Wells Public Library to your device, so you will not have to search again.
  7. 7. Select cancel to return to the main menu.
  8. 8. Selecting a Book Select this library
  9. 9. Search by Author, Book, or Series
  10. 10. Browse by Genre/YA Literature
  11. 11. Overdrive does audiobooks and eBooks. Audiobooksare indicated with headphones on the top right corner of the cover, while eBooks have a book. If the book is gray, it is checked out. Bold means available.
  12. 12. Placing a Hold • If an item is unavailable you may place a hold. You will receive an e-mail when the item is available. You will have 3 days to login and check out the book.
  13. 13. Select “eBook” to Change Selection to Only eBooks
  14. 14. Select “Show me only titles with copies available”
  15. 15. Select a Book and Touch “Borrow”
  16. 16. Select the Wells Public Library
  17. 17. Enter your Full Library Card Number with No Spaces
  18. 18. Change Loan Settings • Click “Settings” on the right • Change audiobook and ebook so that 14 days is in the green • You will not have to do this step again
  19. 19. Select “Bookshelf” on the Top Right
  20. 20. Download Your Book as an Adobe ePub Book
  21. 21. Select Menu
  22. 22. Select Bookshelf to View Books
  23. 23. You Can… • Adjust the font by touching the center and selecting the letters on the bottom right. • Find a chapter by swiping on the right side. • Place a bookmark at an awesome part by swiping on the right and selecting bookmark. • Return to your bookshelf by touching in the center and selecting the three lines on the top left.